What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 63

Mu Yanyu shook her head, dismissing her earlier speculation as improbable. She rationalized that Ji Yuebai probably had some urgent matters to attend to and had temporarily entrusted Xu Nian to her care. Being a cultivator herself, Mu Yanyu understood the critical importance of uninterrupted focus during key moments in cultivation. Even the slightest disturbance could lead to dire consequences, from minor injuries caused by misdirected energy flow to catastrophic outcomes like deviating from one’s cultivation path and being beyond redemption.

Especially for a high-level cultivator like Ji Yuebai, the stakes were even higher, like walking on a tightrope. The margin for error was virtually nonexistent.

Approaching Xu Nian, she tugged at her clothes, “Get up, go sleep on the bed.”

Xu Nian rolled over, bashfully responding, , “How could I? It’s already a disturbance that I came over in the middle of the night.”

Mu Yanyu clicked her tongue in amusement, “Stop pretending. When you slept over at my place before, you piled up the bedding so high you nearly buried yourself in cotton. Can you really get a good night’s sleep on this small couch?”

Xu Nian blinked, “Should we sleep together then?”

Mu Yanyu waved her hand, “No, I’m afraid your jealous one at home might flip out.”

Jealous one? Could she be referring to Ji Yuebai?

Xu Nian was incredulous, “Yanyu, don’t talk nonsense. How could that be possible? Ji Yuebai wouldn’t…”

In her heart, Ji Yuebai was like a bright moon, untainted by the mortal world. How could she possibly act like an ordinary person, showing jealousy?

Mu Yanyu’s expression grew more complex as she pondered whether Xu Nian truly understood the exte nt of Ji Yuebai’s feelings for her.

Then again, she thought, given Ji Yuebai’s exceptional talent in cultivation and combat but her subtlety and restraint in expressing emotions, it was no wonder the situation was misunderstood.

In some ways, Xu Nian’s obliviousness couldn’t entirely be blamed.

After all, the idea of a genius sword cultivator falling in love with someone like her is something that typically only appears in the most clichéd stories of the cultivation world. It’s something one might fantasize about, but when actually confronted with the possibility, it’s hard to even dare to imagine it. Even she was shocked when she began to see hints of it, finding it utterly unbelievable.

Yet, upon further reflection, she couldn’t help but find it strangely fitting.

Mu Yanyu initially found herself drawn to Xu Nian’s beautiful appearance, but she soon discovered that despite being a demon, Xu Nian was refreshingly straightforward, grateful, and even meticulous with a bold spirit. Xu Nian’s unconditional trust and support for her business propositions only deepened Mu Yanyu’s admiration.

Such an understanding, gentle, and amiable snake – Mu Yanyu thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to share half of her earnings with her. If Xu Nian stayed by her side, willing to have anything she desired, even if it meant Mu Yanyu had to spend all her wealth for a single smile from Xu Nian, it seemed a worthwhile expense.

Suddenly, a knock at the door disrupted her thoughts.

Who could it be at this late hour?

Mu Yanyu turned to look at Xu Nian, who was rolling playfully in the bed with her blanket, and thought, “Could it be Ji Yuebai?” She suspected Ji Yuebai would never let Xu Nian spend the night with someone like her, who was always looking for an opportunity.

Mu Yanyu walked from the bed to the door, tidying up her clothes to make sure she looked proper. She quickly thought up a courteous reply and, adopting an air of noble self-sacrifice, opened the door.

However, she was taken aback to see the person standing there. Her amber eyes narrowed slightly as she regarded the woman at her doorstep: “You? What brings you here at this hour?”

Xue Ling glared at her defiantly, “What, I can’t visit you if there’s nothing wrong? I haven’t even settled the score with you for leading me into that trap before.” As she spoke, she tried to squeeze into the room, imitating Xu Nian’s previous behavior.

She had seen Xu Nian slipping into Mu Yanyu’s room while walking through the gardens. Rubbing her eyes in disbelief, she was sure she hadn’t mistaken the person. Xu Nian’s figure was too distinctive to be confused with anyone else.

Xue Ling felt there was nothing wrong about Xu Nian and Ji Shishu sharing a room. In her mind, if anything was to happen, it would have happened long ago, and she couldn’t imagine the cold and dedicated Ji Shishu easily developing romantic feelings.

But Mu Yanyu was a different story. She was a cunning woman with a deceptive appearance – seemingly bright and well-mannered but actually sly and untrustworthy. She was not as straightforward as Xu Nian, who, despite her seductive beauty, was much more sincere.

Previously, she had been tricked by Mu Yanyu into opening a “surprise gift” and later, when trying to experience a scene straight out of a romantic story, she had again fallen victim to Mu Yanyu’s interference, ruining her plans.

Now, having caught Mu Yanyu in the act, she was determined not to let this opportunity slip. The fact that Xu Nian, whom she admired, was involved only fueled her resolve.

Fueled by resolve, Xue Ling pushed through the door, her dignity as the Sect Leader’s daughter forgotten in her quest for justice.

Mu Yanyu was utterly confused by the evening’s events. Why were people suddenly barging into her room? She had some unfinished business with Xue Ling, and judging by her determination, this was no mere visit. Mu Yanyu couldn’t let her enter so easily, especially given the tense nature of their relationship.

Having honed her resistance skills in dealing with Xu Nian, Mu Yanyu managed to prevent Xue Ling from entering.

Xue Ling, not one to give up easily, grew more suspicious, “I’m going to tell Ji Shishu that you’ve lured Xu Nian into your room.”

Mu Yanyu looked disdainful, “Go ahead and tell. It was Ji Shishu who sent her to me.”

Xue Ling paused, her eyes widening. Could it be that Ji Yuebai intended to match Xu Nian with Mu Yanyu? That seemed impossible. But then she thought, if it were her, she wouldn’t mind at all. Therefore, Mu Yanyu probably wouldn’t either.

Thinking of Xu Nian’s previous rejection, Xue Ling felt increasingly stifled and frustrated.

“No, this is unacceptable. Why is Mu Yanyu allowed, but not me?”

Xue Ling’s agitation grew uncontrollable. In a moment of unbridled emotion, she unintentionally channeled her spiritual energy into her push, sending Mu Yanyu, who was about to close the door, staggering backward. Although Xue Ling’s Foundation Building cultivation was artificially bolstered by pills and treasures and not as profound, Mu Yanyu’s mere tenth level Qi-Training stage was no match for her Foundation Building strength.

Mu Yanyu, weaker in cultivation, couldn’t withstand the force imbued with spiritual energy and stumbled backward, falling uncontrollably.

Xue Ling, realizing her mistake in using spiritual energy, attempted to retract her force and grab Mu Yanyu. However, the sudden decrease in force, coupled with Mu Yanyu’s backward momentum, resulted in both tumbling to the floor with a muffled thud.

Xu Nian had already heard the noise at the door but was too lazy to check it out from her comfortable position on the soft couch. Only when she heard the two thuds did curiosity get the better of her. She got up from behind the screen and was shocked by what she saw.

Mu Yanyu lay disheveled on the floor, with another strikingly attractive woman sprawled atop her. Though their hair obscured much of their faces, the posture suggested an intimate embrace, perhaps even a kiss.

“Wow, is Mu Yanyu really this wild behind closed doors?” Xu Nian marveled internally at the unexpected revelation.

No wonder Mu Yanyu was so adamant about not letting her in earlier, worried about being caught by a lover.

Realizing she unwittingly played the third wheel, Xu Nian covered her face in a gesture of modesty, peeking through her fingers. “I’m so sorry, Yanyu, I had no idea you had such company. I didn’t mean to intrude. Don’t worry, I’m not the nosy type. I’ll just take my things and leave you to your romantic evening,” she said, picking up her pillow and heading for the door.

Mu Yanyu, recovering from her initial shock, pushed Xue Ling away and removed her hand from her mouth. Before she could clarify the situation, Xu Nian had already turned to leave.

“You, you, you…” Xue Ling’s eyes widened, completely taken aback by the turn of events. She had wanted to blame Mu Yanyu, but recalling that it was she who had pushed her down, she felt somewhat guilty.

What angered Xue Ling even more was that Mu Yanyu, in the moment of falling, had covered her lips with her hand, resulting in Xue Ling kissing the back of her hand instead. She was infuriated by Mu Yanyu’s apparent disdain.

Although she didn’t want to kiss Mu Yanyu either, this subconscious act of Mu Yanyu had deeply wounded her pride.

Xu Nian, having reluctantly stowed her pillow in her storage bag, was preparing to leave, resigned to spending the night elsewhere. After all, it was a matter of her sisters’ lifelong happiness; sleeping in a straw nest for one night was nothing.

As she tried to slip out discreetly, lowering her head to minimize her presence, she felt her sleeve tugged by two different forces. Turning with a puzzled expression, she asked, “Is there anything else…?”

At that moment, she suddenly realized that the woman whose hair bun had come undone and was sprawled on Mu Yanyu was actually Xue Ling.

She held her breath for a moment, then turned her head to stare at Mu Yanyu with an extremely gossipy look:

— “Sisters, when did this happen? You moved so fast!”

Mu Yanyu immediately caught the implication in Xu Nian’s gaze and, with a facepalm, clarified, “It’s not what you think.”

But Xu Nian, misinterpreting her response, nodded understandingly, “No need to explain. Love is like a tornado, sudden and intense. I get it. I won’t disturb you. See you tomorrow.”

She even cast a sympathetic glance at Xue Ling, “Don’t be fooled by Mu Yanyu’s appearance; she’s actually a reliable and good woman.”

Xue Ling, infuriated by this remark, thought to herself, “Mu Yanyu, a reliable good woman? That’s a joke.”

As Xu Nian prepared to leave, taking their reputations with her, both Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling simultaneously grabbed her sleeve, almost in unison, “Don’t go (Come back).”

After saying this, they glanced at each other and then disdainfully turned their heads away.

Confused, Xu Nian asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yanyu took a deep breath, “Stay here for the night. Don’t leave.”

“Right, stay. The three of us,” Xue Ling echoed, realizing the need to clarify the misunderstanding with Xu Nian.

All three of them? The idea sent Xu Nian’s mind reeling with scandalous thoughts: “Wait, are you playing at that level?”

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