What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 17, 2024 3 Comments
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Chapter 62

Thinking for a moment, Xu Nian added, “I’ll wait for you on the couch.” She felt like the most considerate and empathetic bed-warming snake.

Unexpectedly, Ji Yuebai, deviating from her usual routine, declined Xu Nian’s offer: “No need, I’m going to cultivate tonight. You should sleep by yourself.”

Xu Nian’s eyelashes fluttered in disbelief. Unlike her, who practiced cultivation in unpredictable bursts, Ji Yuebai’s routine was incredibly disciplined, deviating only for significant reasons. Usually, after her evening bath, she would retire for the night. Why the sudden urge to cultivate tonight?

In a flash, many thoughts raced through Xu Nian’s mind, connecting to Ji Yuebai’s earlier departure. Could it be…

She had a breakthrough?

The more Xu Nian thought about it, the more it made sense. Last time, she had a breakthrough while walking around the perimeter of the Tian Yuan Sect. A coincidental change in her mindset had led to a surge in spiritual energy, triggering her transformation tribulation. But since then, she hadn’t experienced any such cultivation breakthroughs.

But for a genius like Ji Yuebai, such spontaneous insights were probably as routine as eating and drinking.

Realizing that Ji Yuebai might need to focus on consolidating her newfound understanding, Xu Nian nodded understandingly, “Okay, I won’t disturb you then.”

Just as she was about to leave quietly, Ji Yuebai’s voice, cool and detached, suggested, “If you’re bored, you can go sleep with Mu Yanyu.”

Blinking in surprise, Xu Nian questioned, “Really? Can I?”

Ji Yuebai didn’t look at her, just coldly repeated, “Go.”

It seemed like she was being sent away.

Xu Nian wondered if she had somehow upset Ji Yuebai. Was it because of the matter regarding the Youth-Preserving Pill? But Ji Yuebai was always magnanimous. She didn’t seem like someone who would get angry over such a small matter.

After racking her brain, Xu Nian concluded it was because she had been overly clingy lately. Just like a pet sent away when its owner is busy, or left with a friend – it made perfect sense.

“I’ll leave then, see you tomorrow,” Xu Nian resolved to be an obedient pet.

Carrying her soft pillow and tiptoeing to avoid disturbing Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian left the room with the utmost care.

Mu Yanyu, opening the door to Xu Nian’s knock, was visibly startled.

There stood Xu Nian, holding her pillow, looking stunningly beautiful in the dim night, resembling an ethereal spirit, beguiling and enchanting.

As she blinked her mesmerizing eyes and stepped in, even her voice carried an unintentional allure, “Yanyu, can I stay with you tonight?”

“Heavens, what’s this situation?”

After a brief moment of shock, Mu Yanyu hurriedly pushed her out, joking to herself. If Ji Yuebai found out about this, would she even see tomorrow’s sun? Although she admired beauty, she valued her life more. Without life, everything else was meaningless.

“Why don’t you go back to your own room to sleep?” Mu Yanyu asked, her voice tinged with urgency.

Pouting, Xu Nian replied in a pitiful tone, “I’m not a disciple of Tian Yuan Sect. How could I have my own room?”

Mu Yanyu, blocking the door with her body, clarified, “I mean Ji Yuebai’s room. Isn’t her room basically yours?”

Xu Nian explained, “This is a special case. Yuebai is in seclusion tonight, and I can’t disturb her. That’s why I came to you. I even told Ji Yuebai I would come here. Yanyu, do you really have the heart to see me sleeping on the streets?”

Actually, sleeping on the streets wasn’t a big deal for her, as she had lived as a snake for over sixty years. But once accustomed to luxury, it’s hard to return to a simpler life. Given the choice, she preferred a warm, soft bed over a cold, hard straw nest.

She had thought about using spirit stones to rent a courtyard for the night, but this was Fanyin Pavilion’s territory, with high-ranking disciples and dozens of Nascent Soul Elders from the Eight Great Sects gathered here. There was no guarantee that among them, there wouldn’t be someone who could see through her disguise and recognize her as a demonic beast.

Being cautious had been her secret to survival. Staying in the accommodations for Tian Yuan Sect disciples was safer.

Even if someone did recognize her as a demon beast, they wouldn’t dare accuse her in front of Tian Yuan Sect’s desciples, for it would tarnish the sect’s reputation. Even Elder Qiu, who harbored ill intentions towards her, would likely protect the sect’s image by denying any such allegations.

Mu Yanyu hesitated, surprised, “So, Ji Yuebai consented to this?”

Seizing the opportunity, Xu Nian squeezed into the room, helping Mu Yanyu close the door, and nodded obediently, “Ji Yuebai told me to come.”

Mu Yanyu was speechless, unable to comprehend why Ji Yuebai would willingly let her come here.

She vividly remembered Ji Yuebai’s possessiveness towards Xu Nian, even when she was still a snake. Now that Xu Nian had transformed into such a captivating beauty, it seemed even less likely that Ji Yuebai would feel secure.

Why then would Ji Yuebai push Xu Nian towards her now? Wasn’t she worried she might lure Xu Nian away?

A bold and peculiar thought suddenly dawned on Mu Yanyu: Could it be that Ji Yuebai’s preference is for snakes… not humans?

That couldn’t be called being kicked out. It was more like a reasonable suggestion.

Xu Nian shook her head in denial, “Not at all. Yuebai said she needed to cultivate and mentioned that if I was bored, I could come sleep with you.”

This… it sounded like a case of saying one thing but meaning another.

Mu Yanyu, initially engulfed in the disappointment of not acquiring the Youth-Preserving Pill, found herself unexpectedly feeling a bit of sympathy for Ji Yuebai upon hearing Xu Nian’s words.

She hesitated for a long time, the words already on the tip of her tongue, but couldn’t bring herself to speak them. She thought that if she had misunderstood, and their behavior was actually normal, she didn’t want to make things awkward by bringing it up.

If she were in Ji Yuebai’s shoes, she definitely wouldn’t allow Xu Nian to sleep at her place, especially considering her blatant past attempts to woo Xu Nian away from Ji Yuebai. Mu Yanyu racked her brain but couldn’t fathom what Ji Yuebai was truly thinking.

She watched Xu Nian, who lay unguarded with her pillow on the couch in her room, her side-lying posture seductively alluring The captivating curve of her waist, dipping and then rising, was breathtaking. The hem of her dress fell casually, revealing her slender, fair legs tantalizingly through the fabric…

A bold thought suddenly struck her: Could it be that Ji Yuebai was willing to give Xu Nian up?

Water droplets fell, creating ripples upon ripples. Gradually, a disturbance grew in her heart.

If she couldn’t possess or control her feelings, it would be better to distance herself. Perhaps by completely cutting off these thoughts, her mind would be free from such disgraceful ideas.

That was what Ji Yuebai initially thought.

However, her gaze uncontrollably drifted to the hourglass in the corner, marking the time for rest. Usually, at this time, Xu Nian would already be lying in bed for a while. Her body, though not very warm due to her snake origin, still lent a slight warmth to the bed, creating a gentle and comforting presence.

Was she now lying on Mu Yanyu’s bed, warming it for her as she used to do for Ji Yuebai?

The pool water had cooled slightly as Ji Yuebai stepped out, her body instantly dried by her internal energy, leaving her clothing and every strand of hair soft and dry.

If Xu Nian saw this, she would be greatly surprised. Previously, Ji Yuebai always appeared after bathing with her body and hair slightly damp, and Xu Nian, thinking it was due to the limitations of the cleansing spell, would eagerly help dry her off. She had no idea that there was such a shortcut as drying with spiritual energy.

Ji Yuebai’s fingers landed on the soft bed, only to be greeted by an icy coldness. A deeper chill settled in her heart. Despite her conscious efforts to avoid certain thoughts, her mind uncontrollably conjured images of Xu Nian cuddling into another woman’s embrace, contentedly drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

The blood in her veins seemed to freeze, her body stiffening beyond her control. This bone-chilling coldness could not be dispelled by her spiritual energy.

She was aware, though, that Mu Yanyu wouldn’t dare make a move on Xu Nian.

She wouldn’t dare, right?

Ji Yuebai settled on the meditation cushion in the hall, trying to meditate, but her mind refused to be still. Restlessness rampaged through her, a turbulent force she couldn’t tame. She tried to convince herself it was merely a normal reaction to withdrawal – she had grown too accustomed to Xu Nian’s presence, falling deeper without realizing it.

It’s not too late to withdraw now, and naturally, it will be hard to adapt at first.

But in a day, two days, three days… over time, her heart would return to tranquility. Time would fade these unworthy desires.

She knew forcing herself into a meditative state amidst such turmoil could lead to complications, understanding the delicate balance well. Silently, she lay down on the bed.

Habit was a fearsome thing. The bed felt empty without another person beside her, and so did her heart.

Forcing herself to sleep, her eyes closed only to reveal a realm of passion in her dreams – a tangle of soft and fragrant limbs in the flush of spring night. But this time, she was merely an onlooker, watching Xu Nian embrace Mu Yanyu, their lips meeting.

Ji Yuebai abruptly sat up, her body aching from the tension. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that this was just a normal reaction to withdrawal.

Enduring it was the key.

Table of Contents
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