What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 49

In the heat of the previous battle, Xu Nian, with no time to spare, had transformed into her larger form and charged headlong into the fray. This resulted in her beautiful water-green dress being tragically torn apart by her massive body. The pitiful remains of the dress, now just a “dress corpse” of fabric, hung on the somewhat battered deck, fluttering in the wind.

At this moment, though Xu Nian was coiled around Ji Yuebai’s wrist, her thoughts were not on her achievements in battle or the friendly and admiring glances of the surrounding disciples.

Her gaze was filled with sadness as she looked at the shimmering, beautiful fabric. This dress, which she had specially commissioned from the finest tailor in Qingshui County, held a special place in her heart. It might not have stood out among her collection of pretty dresses, but it was the one Ji Yuebai had complimented, a dress that showcased the aesthetic of a righteous cultivator.

After transforming into human form, Xu Nian secretly felt dissatisfied with her appearance. She had imagined herself to be as ethereally beautiful, aloof, and powerful as Ji Yuebai, effortlessly defeating numerous enemies with a flick of her sword, exuding an aura of noble elegance.

Instead, she found herself embodying the image of a seductive, alluring ‘bad woman’, as if she were about to play a villain in a drama.

Ji Yuebai, noticing her gaze, comforted her softly as they entered the inner cabin, “Once we reach the territory of the Fanyin Pavilion, I’ll accompany you to buy new ones.”

Xu Nian flicked her tail, expressing her sadness, “But I only had a hundred sets of that dress. Now that I’ve lost one, I only have ninety-nine left. You even said it looked good on me. Just thinking about its loss makes my heart ache so much that I can barely breathe.”

Ji Yuebai was about to console her, her comforting hand pausing in mid-air. She then curiously asked, “How many other dresses do you have?”

This question hit right at Xu Nian’s interest. Immediately, she darted to a spacious couch, enthusiastically showcasing her treasured collection.

“This set is designed after Mu Yanyu’s style,” she explained excitedly. “Red silk fabric with gold thread embellishments, and strategically placed golden ornaments at the waist and ankles to accentuate the slender snake waist. I love it so much, I had two hundred sets made.”

Looking at the outfit resembling an improved version of Mu Yanyu’s style, Ji Yuebai commented simply, “Not bad.”

Encouraged by Ji Yuebai’s praise, Xu Nian eagerly presented the next dress.

“This one was inspired by you,” she said to Ji Yuebai. The white gown, flowing and graceful, was a refined version of the original celestial style. It featured silver patterns embroidered on the hem and sleeves, and a broadened belt adorned with white jade tassels, lending her seductive face an air of unassailable dignity.

Xu Nian twirled happily in front of Ji Yuebai, showing off her design creation. “Do you like this set? I designed it with you as my inspiration,” she exclaimed with a sparkle in her eye.

Ji Yuebai watched Xu Nian’s radiant smile, her voice cool and measured: “How many of these have you made?”

With a modest cough, Xu Nian answered, “Five hundred sets.”

In reality, Xu Nian knew she might not wear all these dresses even if she lived a thousand years, but to her, they were more than just attire. They were a psychological crutch, helping her through her challenging transformation, and she could never have too many.

Xu Nian, having adjusted her waistband and dress hem, wore a dress that encapsulated the ethereal feel of Ji Yuebai’s style. Her hair fluttered like butterflies as she dashed towards the door.

As she hurried out, she didn’t forget to explain to Ji Yuebai, “I’m going to find Mu Yanyu to style my hair to match the dress.”

Although she could manage simple hairstyles herself, the desire for novelty and change wasn’t exclusive to humans; even a serpent like her enjoyed it.

Just as she reached the door, she heard Ji Yuebai’s clear voice: “Wait a moment.”

Xu Nian paused gracefully at the doorway, turning back with her charming, deep eyes to look at Ji Yuebai. “What is it? Is there anything else?”

Ji Yuebai then said, “This time, when repairing the automaton, I had Gong Lian add a makeup feature. You might want to try it.”

On Qianji Peak, when she had voiced her request to Gong Lian, his expression was as if he had seen a ghost.

The idea that this ruthless warrior would ask him for a makeup and dressing feature on a puppet seemed unthinkable. It was like a once-in-a-thousand-years bloom – Gong Lian couldn’t help but wonder which unfortunate cultivator had caught her eye. With Ji Yuebai’s martial prowess, that person would likely struggle to turn the tables even after ascension.

Ji Yuebai was aware of his internal musings but chose not to explain.

Xu Nian, eager to try, activated the automaton. Liu Liu and Yi Yi, now back in their normal forms, stood charmingly by her sides.

She tried to operate the automaton with her spiritual energy, envisioning a hairstyle in her mind. Liu Liu and Yi Yi then began to move according to her thoughts.

As Xu Nian watched in the mirror, she saw their fingers move with agility and precision, their seriousness evident in their meticulous work. They combed and styled her black hair perfectly, turning Xu Nian’s abstract idea into a beautifully realized hairstyle.

Her black hair was elegantly coiled atop her head into a smooth and beautiful bun. The dignified hairstyle balanced the striking colors around her eyebrows and eyes perfectly. Liu Liu selected a fine eyebrow pencil and carefully sketched the peaks and clean tails of her eyebrows.

Xu Nian gazed in surprise at her reflection in the mirror. It seemed as though nothing had changed, yet at the same time, everything appeared transformed. The alterations to her eyebrows subtly added a hint of integrity to her otherwise seductive face.

To put it more specifically, if her previous look made her seem like a mischievous fox spirit, often vilified in TV dramas, she now could pass for a respectable, virtuous secondary female character.

Xu Nian, delighted, stood up and affectionately kissed Liu Liu and Yi Yi on their cheeks, exclaiming, “You really are Mommy’s precious darlings~”

She then turned and leaped towards Ji Yuebai, who was waiting nearby. After a moment’s hesitation, she decided not to replicate the kiss on Ji Yuebai’s cheek. Instead, she nestled her face in Ji Yuebai’s embrace and said gratefully, “Yuebai, thank you~”

Without any reservations, Xu Nian had kissed the cheeks of the two automatons, which looked almost indistinguishable from real humans, before approaching Ji Yuebai.

Ji Yuebai’s eyes involuntarily lingered on Xu Nian’s lush, tempting lips, her mind involuntarily imagining their soft, gentle touch. However, in the next moment, Xu Nian had thrown herself into her arms, wrapping around her waist and offering a delicate thank you.

And that was all.

Ji Yuebai’s eyelashes fluttered downward, a complex mix of emotions, perhaps disappointment or something else, surfacing in her heart.

Her fingers gently picked up a strand of Xu Nian’s hair, which fell like silk down her back. The hair was glossy and smooth, slipping effortlessly through her fingers as she loosened her grip.

Xu Nian guessed that Ji Yuebai might have been lost in thought, noticing that the hand on her waist did not loosen, but instead, gripped tighter. So, Xu Nian mirrored the action, holding Ji Yuebai tightly in return.

Ji Yuebai always carried a cool, crisp fragrance, reminiscent of moonlight over icy plains, the sound of water in mountain streams, and the stunning, fleeting beauty of night-blooming flower. It was a scent Xu Nian found indescribably pleasant. Ji Yuebai’s embrace was soft, her slender waist easily encircled by an arm. Her white clothes seemed to add a celestial aura in Xu Nian’s mind… these were the reasons why Xu Nian always liked to snuggle and nuzzle against Ji Yuebai.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the cabin door.

Like waking from a dream, Ji Yuebai quickly let go of Xu Nian.

Although Xu Nian hadn’t had her fill of cuddling, she knew there would be plenty of opportunities in the future. So, without much thought, she left Ji Yuebai and went to open the door, wondering, “Is that Mu Yanyu?”

She cheerfully opened the cabin door, only to find Xue Ling standing there, her head hung as if she had committed some mistake. Upon seeing Xu Nian, she lowered her head even further.

Xu Nian blinked, understanding the mind of a young admirer. She said knowingly, “Are you here for Ji Shishu? She’s inside. Let me take you to her.”

Just as she was about to turn around, Xue Ling caught hold of the hem of her clothing.

Xue Ling’s voice, usually tinged with a hint of arrogance, now sounded timid: “I didn’t come for Ji Shishu. I came to see you.”

Xu Nian pointed to herself in disbelief, “Me?”

Xue Ling looked up at her, then gave a small nod.

Xu Nian paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and then invited, “Come in and talk.”

But Xue Ling shook her head, her voice even softer, “Can we talk somewhere else, just the two of us?”

Xu Nian, puzzled about her intentions but confident in her superior cultivation level and thus unafraid of any trickery, boldly agreed and led Xue Ling to an open area on the deck.

Xu Nian had thought this through; an open space like this would prevent any ambush, and the clear daylight would make any suspicious movements easily noticeable. More importantly, she positioned herself midway between the two entrances to the cabin, ready for either offense or defense.

She released her spiritual sense, vigilantly scanning the surroundings while calmly observing Xue Ling in front of her.

It was then that Xue Ling finally raised her eyes, her big apricot eyes staring unblinkingly at Xu Nian, and blurted out, “Xu Nian, you are really beautiful.”

Xu Nian’s charming black eyes widened for a moment.

Realizing her abruptness, Xue Ling hastily explained, stammering, “No, no… I mean… thank you for saving me.”

Xu Nian smiled and replied, “No need to thank me. Mainly, I couldn’t bear to see such a pretty girl like you fall into the clutches of a beast. I didn’t mean to deceive you before. Now, let’s call it even and forget any grudges.”

As she spoke, the pale golden sunlight filtered through the clouds, casting a light over her fluttering hair. Her elegant white dress danced in the wind on the deck, making her appear graceful and almost celestial.

Xue Ling was momentarily stunned, then said, “It’s okay, I’ve long since stopped minding.”

“I’ve always admired Ji Shishu. As a powerful and noble sword cultivator, she’s someone the younger generation, like myself, look up to. In the past, when Ji Shishu saw my lack of progress in cultivation, she spoke to me a few times on Danjun Peak, offering guidance. I foolishly thought Ji Shishu had a special regard for me.”

Xu Nian expressed her uncertainty, “Well… Ji Shishu has always been known for her aloof nature. The fact that she offered you guidance is, in a way, already quite special.”

Xue Ling’s gaze, unblinking and intense, fixed on her. “No, Ji Shishu is different with you. I’ve never seen her show such a tender expression to anyone else.”

Remembering how Ji Yuebai had recently lifted Xu Nian up with a look that could almost be described as doting, Xue Ling questioned whether she was hallucinating from extreme shock. The moment of tenderness in Ji Shishu’s eyes was so overwhelming, one could willingly drown in it.

After a moment of reflection, Xu Nian crisply denied it, “I think there’s some misunderstanding in your view.”

Confused, Xue Ling asked, “What misunderstanding?”

Xu Nian explained earnestly, “Imagine you are a noble and unapproachable woman who owns a cute little cat, dog, or some other adorable spirit beast. Would the way you look at your beloved pet be the same as how you look at the people around you?”

Xue Ling, taken aback by the analogy, admitted, “Well, that’s different, of course.”

Xu Nian continued, “When you’re outside, you maintain your noble and cold attitude, but when you return to your private sanctuary, can you resist cuddling and pampering your adorable little spirit beast?”

Hearing this, Xue Ling gasped in realization, “That makes sense. How did I not think of that?”

Xu Nian nodded emphatically, sure of her point. No one can resist their own adorably fluffy Hachimi, no one!

Wait a second, she didn’t have a fluffy body.

Never mind, she decided, she would be Ji Yuebai’s most adorable Hachimi, ready to bite anyone who disagreed.

At this moment, Xue Ling’s mind had already taken numerous turns, and her gaze towards Xu Nian carried a subtle hint of disappointment.

After what seemed like an intense internal struggle, Xue Ling finally blurted out, “Xu Nian, actually, I don’t mind that you’re a snake.”

Xu Nian immediately and firmly refused, “Sorry, I mind that you’re human.”

Xue Ling looked at her wistfully, “Do you have to be a snake?”

Xu Nian, who was resolute in her decision to follow Ji Yuebai through tribulation and ascension as a snake, was unshakably determined, even adding, “I like snakes with beautiful, smooth scales, a magnificent and sturdy body, a sharp and agile tail, sharp and dangerous fangs, and preferably, a tongue that’s the same pink color as mine.”

Xue Ling’s budding feelings were ruthlessly crushed by Xu Nian. She handed Xu Nian an unidentified object, leaving behind the words, “This is to repay you for saving my life,” before hastily leaving, her face covered.

Xu Nian, holding the small object that resembled both a lotus and a cloud, pondered over it and decided to consult Ji Yuebai later. As she walked into the inner cabin’s corridor, she saw Ji Yuebai leaning against the cabin with her sword.

In the dimly lit cabin, Ji Yuebai’s gaze, obscure and unfocused, was faintly directed at Xu Nian.

—  “I like snakes with beautiful, smooth scales, a magnificent and sturdy body, a sharp and agile tail, sharp and dangerous fangs, and a tongue the same pink color as mine.”

Ji Yuebai heard Xu Nian say this.

Translation note:

Hachimi – A meme originating from the anime ‘Uma Musume,’ where the character Tokai Teio is seen repeatedly singing “Hachimi, Hachimi, etc.” This term has since been adopted to refer to all cute animals, or is used more broadly to express or sell cuteness. 哈吉米|はちみ|Hachimi Song (

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