What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 48

Ji Yuebai stood suspended in the air, her snow-white robe fluttering and dancing with the wind. She unleashed the Boundless Sword Formation, striking the attacking Flame-Toothed Birds with a barrage of arrows, sending them plummeting from the sky in agonizing screams.

The leader of the Flame-Toothed Birds, a mutated variant, was enraged by this and called its followers to swarm Ji Yuebai. They spat out a barrage of fireballs, attempting to engulf Ji Yuebai in a sea of flames.

Xu Nian was about to offer her help when she noticed a disciple nearby, overwhelmed and pinned to the ground by the iron-hook-like claws of a Flame-Toothed Bird. His body was torn and bloody, and with the beast’s massive size, a human cultivator seemed like a mere snack to it. The bird opened its beak, filled with sharp teeth, and aimed to peck at the disciple’s head.

These carnivorous, bird-like demon beasts favored using their strong beaks to break open their prey’s skulls and devour the brain, resulting in a horrifically violent scene. Imagining his own gruesome demise, the disciple was overwhelmed with fear and helplessness, lying motionless on the ground as he braced for his grim fate.

In a dire moment, Xu Nian transformed into her serpent form. Using her size and speed, she swiftly knocked the preoccupied Flame-Toothed Bird unconscious with her tail, leaving it sprawled on the deck. Simultaneously, she summoned hundreds of Titan Pythons, comparable in size to her, to aid the embattled disciples.

The disciple, bracing for his imminent death, heard a loud thud followed by the bird’s anguished cries. Trembling, he opened his eyes to find a giant green serpent standing before him, its black eyes glinting with a menacing aura. Escaping the bird’s beak only to face the serpent’s maw, he was so terrified that he nearly fainted.

As his consciousness wavered, he heard the serpent speak in human language, “If you can still move, go to the back and get treated. Don’t just lie here and be in the way.”

Though the serpent’s tone was stern, its voice was surprisingly pleasant.

Jolted back to reality, the disciple realized this was the snake demon Ji Shishu had brought back, and it had actually come to help. In his fear and confusion, he heeded its words, clutching his wounds as he got up. Under the protection of the Titan Pythons, he stumbled and rolled towards the cabin.

When Xu Nian looked to find Ji Yuebai again, she discovered Ji Yuebai already above the flank in the air. The sword in Ji Yuebai’s hand unleashed turbulent sword energy, transforming into a frigid ice blade storm over a dozen meters wide.

The ferocious sword energy descended like an icy tundra, instantly freezing the Flame-Toothed Birds that couldn’t evade into ice columns, which were then shattered into countless fragments and fell from the sky.

Swallowing hard, Xu Nian realized the magnitude of Ji Yuebai’s power. These were rank-eight demon beasts, and moreover, a whole flock of them. If she had charged in, she might not have fared well, let alone withstand their ferocious attacks, which could easily tear her apart for a roasted snake feast. Yet Ji Yuebai effortlessly eliminated over a dozen of them with a single sword strike.

Indeed, the gap between Golden Core cultivators could sometimes be even greater than that between humans and dogs. Xu Nian had thought her current cultivation level, comparable to the early stage of a human Golden Core cultivator, might be helpful. However, she now realized that if she truly charged in, she might end up being more of a hindrance than a help.

With Ji Yuebai and Xu Nian joining the battle, the pressure on the disciples was significantly reduced.

The moment the disciples caught sight of the Titan Pythons advancing towards them, a wave of dread swept through them. While already entangled in a fight with the ferocious Flame-Toothed Birds, they suddenly faced a group of towering Titan Pythons, each standing several meters tall. This daunting sight convinced them they were about to meet their end on their flying boat. Yet, to their surprise, they discovered that these intimidating pythons were actually allies, coming to their aid in the battle against the Flame-Toothed Birds.

The Titan Pythons summoned by Xu Nian were not of high level, but their sheer numbers, size, and robust defenses made them crucial for frontline defense in the chaos. The disciples, who were previously cornered on the wide, open deck by the relentless assault of the Flame-Toothed Birds, saw no way out. Attempting to flee into the sky with flying swords would have placed them directly in the birds’ domain, essentially inviting their own demise.

With the support of the Titan Pythons, their massive bodies provided cover and defense for the disciples on the deck, giving those suddenly attacked a chance to breathe. In this brief respite, they quickly assigned roles: some used flying swords and talismans for aerial attacks, some engaged in close combat to take down the Flame-Toothed Birds that fell on the deck, and a few handled logistics, mainly using rain and ice talismans to extinguish the flaming fireballs on their bodies or on the deck.

Since these Titan Pythons were summoned by Xu Nian, they followed her commands and fought to the death. Any Flame-Toothed Bird daring enough to swoop down for an attack was firmly grasped and bitten by the pythons on the deck, losing their aerial advantage and becoming vulnerable to the disciples’ counterattacks.

Xu Nian also summoned Liu Liu and Yi Yi to join the battle. Their bodies transformed into sharp blades as they plunged into the grounded Flame-Toothed Birds, swiftly slicing through their hardened flesh and severing their steel-like neck bones.

The battle’s course began to clear. With Xu Nian’s intervention, victory for the disciples on the deck became a matter of time. The Flame-Toothed Birds at the sides of the flying boat had been significantly diminished by Ji Yuebai, leaving only a small remnant of the once formidable flock circling high in the sky, emitting mournful and resentful cries.

Xu Nian originally thought that the birds would disperse after failing to gain an advantage, but suddenly, a giant Flame-Toothed Bird, twice the size of the others and with a wingspan of over ten meters, let out a sky-piercing shriek. The other birds around it, as if hearing a command, flapped their wings and dived down at incredible speed towards Xu Nian.

Xu Nian shivered. She had just seen several defensively strong Titan Pythons on the deck being grievously wounded by the beaks of the dying Flame-Toothed Birds, leaving deep bloody holes. Although a ninth-rank demon beast, defense was not her strong suit. Her scales were only slightly stronger than those of the Titan Pythons. If she were to be struck by these high-speed diving birds, she feared her she would likely be fatally wounded.

On the exposed deck, under the watchful eyes of all, Xu Nian naturally couldn’t retreat into the safety of her black box to avoid danger.

In a moment of urgency, she had no choice but to shrink her body to its smallest possible size, becoming as thin as a finger, and then quickly hid beneath the bodies of several Titan Pythons.

Her once massive serpentine form suddenly vanished from sight, leaving the diving Flame-Toothed Birds momentarily disoriented and without a target. This confusion allowed the disciples on the deck to use their spells and flying swords to swiftly bring down the majority of the attackers, leaving only a few stubborn and enraged birds to change their target and launch an assault towards the center of the deck.

Xu Nian had just escaped one calamity when she heard a fearful cry: “Ah, Elder Qiu, save me!”

Elder Qiu in the inner cabin was leisurely sipping tea, amused by the scene unfolding. He was indifferent to the plight of the lower-level disciples; there were plenty of them, and any lost could be easily replaced.

“What, they’re disciples in the grand competition? So what? It’s absurd to think I, a Nascent Soul Elder, would bother intervening on their behalf is ridiculous.”

Suddenly, his smug expression froze as he caught sight of a familiar figure being snatched into the air by a Flame-Toothed Bird.

“Damn, isn’t that the sect leader’s precious daughter? When did she end up on this flying boat? If Xue Zhengping learns that his treasured daughter, whom he dotes on as if she were the apple of his eye, died right under my nose, he’ll fight me to the death.”

In a flash, Elder Qiu burst through a window of the flying vessel and charged straight at the Flame-Toothed Bird.

Meanwhile, Xu Nian, already at the epicenter of the chaos, recognized the young girl as Xue Ling, who often came to play with her. Without a moment’s hesitation, she transformed her body into a spring-like shape and launched herself at the Flame-Toothed Bird holding Xue Ling.

The disciples on the deck hesitated to attack the bird clutching Xue Ling, fearing they might injure her. This hesitation allowed Xu Nian to attack without reservation. To hasten her assault, she slapped dozens of swift wind talismans onto herself and, at the last moment of her launch, bit into the Flame-Toothed Bird with her venomous fangs.

Instead of releasing Xue Ling, the Flame-Toothed Bird, sensing its impending doom, struggled and rolled frantically in the air, trying to shake off Xu Nian. Xue Ling, gripped by its talons, was dizzied by the motion, unable to move.

As Xu Nian quickly increased the infusion of her venom and swiftly sent spiritual snakes under her control into the bird’s flesh, she quickly disabled the bird’s control over its nerves. The bird became motionless and started to fall towards the ground.

Xu Nian wrapped her tail around Xue Ling’s waist and slapped a few feather fall talismans on herself, gracefully descending towards the deck. Unexpectedly, the uncontrollable bird, falling alongside them, was suddenly slashed into pieces by a sword light, spraying blood and flesh everywhere.

A white-haired old man in black and gold robes hovered in the air, shouting sternly, “Demon, release her immediately!”

Xu Nian turned to see the remaining Flame-Toothed Birds on the deck and her summoned Titan Pythons reduced to bits by the sword light.

So, he was calling her the demon?

“Damn, this shameless old man must be Elder Qiu. Not only does he show up late to steal the spotlight and kills, but he also turns the situation against me. Time hasn’t improved his morals, just thickened his skin.”

Xu Nian was about to confront him when she heard Xue Ling, who had recovered her strength, innocently yet incisively ask, “Elder Qiu, why did you only arrive now? We’ve been fighting these beasts for a long time.”

Her question echoed the sentiments of the many disciples. Indeed, why had Elder Qiu only just arrived? Many disciples on the deck, wiping the blood and sweat from their faces, looked up at Elder Qiu floating above.

Even Xu Nian couldn’t help but wonder if Xue Ling was genuinely naive or subtly cunning with her words.

If an ordinary disciple dared to challenge him like this, they wouldn’t see the next day’s sun. But unfortunately for Elder Qiu, this person was the only daughter of Xue Zhengping, the peak of Nascent Soul stage sect leader, cherished like a treasure. She was pampered with countless protective charms like Soul Lamps and Heart-Locking Locks. If Elder Qiu dared to harm her, Xue Zhengping would probably abandon the sect to seek revenge.

Elder Qiu’s facade of arrogance began to crack ever so slightly as he forced a twitch at the corner of his mouth, saying, “I was merely handling some confidential matters that are not meant for your ears.”

But as soon as these words left his lips, Xue Ling blinked her almond-shaped eyes and retorted, “Really? Then I’ll send a message to ask my father about it.”

“Do as you please,” Elder Qiu, clearly annoyed and with his beard in disarray, tossed these words over his shoulder with a flick of his sleeve as he withdrew into the inner cabin.

At this, Xu Nian was certain: Xue Ling was undoubtedly a natural at playing the innocent schemer.

Inside the cabin, the two newly advanced Nascent Soul stage Elders exchanged glances and communicated quietly through telepathy.

Elder Zhou whispered, “It was Elder Qiu who forbade us to go out. He claimed it was to temper the disciples’ cultivation and character.”

Elder Li replied, “Talk about tempering cultivation, but what he’s really thinking is obvious. He’s just afraid of losing face and is using it as an excuse.”

Elder Zhou couldn’t help but sigh, recalling the recent thunderous wrath of Grandmaster Xuanjun from Danjun Peak.

At that moment, Ji Yuebai had finished off the last of the Flame-Toothed Birds on the flank.

She landed elegantly on the deck, her black hair fluttering in the wind, her white robe stained with blood, and her blood-drenched sword still humming relentlessly.

The disciples on the deck gazed at her with admiration. When the Elders had abandoned them, it was Ji Shishu who stepped forward. With just herself and her sword, she had held back the horde of flying demon beasts.

They, facing just a few of the Flame-Toothed Birds that landed on the deck, were already at their wits’ end, struggling to cope. Yet, Ji Shishu alone had contended with hundreds of these demon birds, not only holding her own but annihilating them in their own territory.

Her beautiful yet stern face, her unmatched, dazzling aura, and the still-lingering fierce killing intent after the bloody battle, filled the disciples with immense admiration and aspiration.

Indeed, this was the true essence of a sword cultivator – turning the tide in the face of danger, saving all beings from peril.

Everyone waited for Ji Shishu to speak, hoping for words of encouragement after surviving such an ordeal or to leave them with some profound enlightenment.

They believed that her words would guide them through the fog and lead them in the right direction should they face such dangers again.

Dozens of eyes, unwavering and full of hope, were fixed on Ji Yuebai.

Yet, their noble, aloof, powerful, and beautiful Ji Shishu walked straight to the sect leader’s daughter, Xue Ling, causing a ripple of disappointment among the disciples. It seemed that even a lofty sword cultivator like Ji Shishu was not immune to worldly affairs.

Facing Ji Shishu whom she had long admired, even though Xue Ling had let go of certain feelings, she couldn’t help but harbor some expectations.

Her snow-white robe, stained with fresh blood, gracefully fell as she leaned over. Xue Ling couldn’t help but become captivated by the beautiful yet indifferent face before her.

Her slender and beautiful fingers gently came to rest beside Xue Ling, causing her to involuntarily swallow.

Yet, those fingers deftly avoided touching her and instead retrieved a small green snake from beside her body.

Xue Ling was left stunned.

The onlooking disciples were equally dumbstruck.

Only the little green snake familiarly wound itself around Ji Shishu’s wrist, affectionately nuzzling her palm.

In the middle of Xue Ling’s daze and the petrified disciples, Ji Shishu, cradling the little green snake soon departed.

It took a while for the disciples to come back to their senses. Suddenly, one of them remarked, “Actually, that snake demon doesn’t seem to be evil at all.”

They remembered the events as they unfolded, how the snake demon not only rushed to the forefront to save people but also revealed her abilities by summoning many Titan Pythons, which shielded them from most of the harm. Indeed, without the assistance of her summoned creatures, they could have suffered far more than just minor injuries and a few severe ones.

Elder Qiu’s reputation within the sect was already dubious. Known for leaving disciples to fend for themselves under the guise of trials and indifferent to human life, his lofty attitude suggested he would never come to their rescue unless it was an absolute last resort.

Several disciples who had previously followed Pang Tianlong to attack Xu Nian felt a deep sense of guilt and regret, wishing they hadn’t blindly joined the campaign against her.

After surviving this ordeal, many thoughts ran through the disciples’ minds, leading them to silently revise their opinion of Xu Nian.

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