What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 47

The Fanyin Pavilion was located above the Eastern Sea, and reaching it by flying boat would take about three days.

The flying boat, a treasured asset of the Tian Yuan Sect, was impressively large, reserved typically for grand sect events. As it soared into the sky, driven by a surge of spiritual energy, it presented a majestic sight. Upon takeoff, the boat proudly unfurled a gigantic flag emblazoned with the Tian Yuan Sect’s insignia. On each side, expansive mechanical wings unfurled, harnessing the air currents with a thunderous roar, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Despite its bulky appearance and slower speed compared to flying swords, the flying boat boasted stability and a high safety factor. Its interior resembled a modern luxury cruise ship, furnished with lavish cultivator-style suites. However, these opulent accommodations were exclusive to a few Nascent Soul stage Elders and the top-ranking disciples of the sect. The ordinary disciples and members of the logistics team were relegated to four-person rooms or larger shared sleeping areas.

As for Ji Yuebai, being the top disciple, was granted the luxury of a suite’s main room. It featured a front hall, backyard, bathhouse, and even a rock garden, all maximized by the ingenious use of space-folding spell. Xu Nian, after discussing with Ji Yuebai, had intended to invite Mu Yanyu to share this space, but she politely declined.

Mu Yanyu, busy with both cultivation and business affairs, found herself stretched thin. She employed several assistants, paying them with spirit stones for help and as part of her training strategy. These assistants bustling in and out of Ji Yuebai’s quarters would be inconvenient. Besides, Mu Yanyu needed peace for her meticulous accounting work, making it unsuitable to share the space with Xu Nian.

Money has its influence. Given Mu Yanyu’s role as an alchemist and her generous donation of spirit stones, the logistics manager gave her a spacious single room with a reception area. While not as luxurious as Ji Yuebai’s suite, it was still a step up in comfort and privacy compared to the standard accommodations for other disciples.

Xu Nian, experiencing her first flying boat journey, was naturally curious. She wandered around, touching and inspecting everything, wondering if there were miniaturized versions of this craft that she could use for travel.

Upon turning around, she saw Ji Yuebai returning from the Elders’ quarters and instinctively rushed to her with affection, cooing warmly, “Yuebai.”

Ji Yuebai gently patted her head, advising, “When we meet outsiders, you mustn’t behave like this.”

Xu Nian was aware of this, yet she pretended to be hurt, biting her lip and looking up at Ji Yuebai with wide, blinking eyes, “Yuebai, have you grown tired of me?”

Ji Yuebai gazed steadily at her, remaining silent.

Feeling a bit guilty under her gaze, Xu Nian playfully took Ji Yuebai’s hand and shook it, saying, “Okay, okay, I get it. I’m not a child, after all. You need to keep up your dignity in public, and I can’t always be hanging onto you.”

Just as Xu Nian was about to pull her fingers back, she felt Ji Yuebai warmly grasp and hold them in her own palm.

Ji Yuebai, a seasoned sword practitioner, had palms that weren’t as soft and delicate as those of an ordinary woman. Her strong hold on Xu Nian radiated a clear sense of confidence.

Looking down, Xu Nian saw Ji Yuebai carefully placing an antique but stylish jade ring on her finger. The ring’s antique beauty made a striking contrast with Xu Nian’s slender, fair fingers, highlighting their graceful beauty.

Xu Nian, enamored with the ring, admired it as it twirled around her finger. “Is this for me? It’s so beautiful,” she said, her eyes gleaming with delight.

Ji Yuebai warned her, “Be cautious when we get to the Fanyin Pavilion. The leaders or Elders of the Eight Great Sects will be there, and even the weakest among them has reached the early Nascent Soul stage. If you cause any trouble, I might not be able to protect you. This ring will hide your demon beast aura, so make sure you never remove it.”

Xu Nian listened intently and nodded solemnly in agreement. “I understand. I will not remove it under any circumstances.”

Seeing her so well-behaved and understanding, Ji Yuebai felt a bit more at ease.

However, in the next moment, Xu Nian embraced Ji Yuebai’s waist and nuzzled against her back, cooing, “Yuebai, you are so good to me.”

Just then, the flying boat jolted violently.

They heard urgent footsteps outside the room, and a voice exclaimed, “Ji Shishu, a demon beast is attacking the flying boat!”

Xu Nian quickly released Ji Yuebai and followed her out of the room with a serious expression.

In this critical moment, the disciple didn’t even glance at Xu Nian but earnestly implored Ji Yuebai, “The other disciples have already gone to seek help from Elder Qiu. Please, Ji Shishu, assist us on the flank.”

As Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai rushed to the flank, they found the outermost disciples engaged in a fierce battle. The attackers were a large group of bird-like demon beasts, each with a wingspan of five to six meters and mouths filled with sharp, dense teeth.

These creatures, renowned for their aggressiveness and strong sense of territory, lived in groups. They were demon beasts that didn’t just attack with claws and teeth; they could also breathe fire and use their wide wings to spread and intensify the flames.

Several sections of the flying boat’s mechanical wings on the side had been damaged by concentrated fire attacks from the group of Flame-Toothed Birds. The sheer number of these birds overwhelmed the disciples on the deck, each having to fend off three or four of them. It was a strenuous task, especially with many more birds perched on the railings, watching for any opening to attack from a blind spot.

Ji Yuebai unsheathed her sword, and in just a moment, she had slain several of the Flame-Toothed Birds blocking their path. The remaining ones, initially poised to attack, retreated upon witnessing her prowess. They let out sharp cries before turning to assault other disciples further away.

With a cold voice, she inquired of the disciple who had initially brought the news, “Where is the advance team?”

Given the flying boat’s size and lack of agility compared to flying swords, it was especially vulnerable during travel. If it were to fall, the loss would be immense. Therefore, a team of flying sword scouts usually preceded the boat on its journey, warning of any dangers ahead to allow the boat to either prepare for an encounter or change course to avoid it.

The disciple trembled slightly as he responded, “The advance team was supposed to be under Elder Qiu’s supervision. But after the first team’s shift ended, something happened, and the second team did not arrive in time. As a result, we accidentally entered the territory of the Flame-Toothed Birds, provoking their mass attack.”

Ji Yuebai’s eyes turned even colder, “Inform Elder Qiu that I will report this incident truthfully to the sect leader, and I hope he can provide a reasonable explanation when the time comes.”

At that moment, Xu Nian also understood the situation. Elder Qiu was deliberately targeting Ji Yuebai. By not showing up himself and sending disciples instead, he forced Ji Yuebai to handle the crisis alone while he conveniently stayed back. If Ji Yuebai managed to resolve the situation, he could appear at the last moment to deliver a powerful move, taking credit without any blame.

However, if Ji Yuebai failed to save the disciples or protect the boat, then he could emerge as a savior at the last critical moment, playing the hero. The disciples wouldn’t dare to blame a Nascent Soul Elder for rescuing them late; they might even be grateful for his ‘noble’ act. As for Ji Yuebai, her long-standing revered image among the disciples could be greatly diminished by this incident.

Just as Xu Nian suspected, Elder Qiu had ulterior motives against Ji Yuebai.

The longstanding feud between Elder Bodhi and Elder Xuanjun dated back to their Golden Core stage. Now, having reached the Immortalization stage, it wasn’t appropriate for them to continue their rivalry openly, so the conflict had trickled down to their juniors. Originally, Elder Bodhi had taken Ji Yuebai as his direct disciple, while Elder Xuanjun had Pang Tianlong, a disciple with high potential but a bit arrogant, rare to find in a hundred years.

Unexpectedly, Ji Yuebai returned from her training and crippled Pang Tianlong in the Life and Death Stage. Although Pang Tianlong had initiated the duel, her merciless approach was inexcusable.

On the day of the incident, Elder Xuanjun, infuriated, had sought an explanation from Elder Bodhi, only to be mocked with taunts about karma and fate, deepening the feud between Danjun Peak and Wushang Peak.

As a core desciple of Danjun Peak, Elder Qiu couldn’t directly harm Ji Yuebai, Elder Bodhi’s direct disciple, but he could still make things difficult for her.

The Flame-Toothed Birds had a penchant for snakes, and Elder Qiu wouldn’t mind if they also took the opportunity to snatch away the serpent demon accompanying Ji Yuebai.

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