What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 8

Ji Yuebai, on her descent from the mountains, bore a secret mission entrusted by her sect: to locate the Xian Yuan Sword, a sacred relic once carried by the previous sect leader when he fell, hidden within the newly opened Cangli Secret Realm.

After parting with Xu Nian, she propelled her flying sword, speeding towards her destination. Now unburdened by Xu Nian’s presence, Ji Yuebai’s pace quickened significantly. Guided by a sensing stone provided by her sect, she took a different path at a fork, heading straight for the location of the Xian Yuan Sword.

She became an unstoppable force, easily defeating every demon beast and trap in her way. Alone, with her long sword, she cut through everything, pushing deep into the heart of the realm.

The legendary Xian Yuan Sword was just there, lodged diagonally on a rock in the depths of the secret realm. The sword’s intricate patterns and the ice-blue light coursing through it were striking. Even from a distance, one could feel the sharp, chilling aura it emitted.

Ji Yuebai came closer, her dark eyes locked on the glowing sword, as if mesmerized by its beauty.

For over a thousand years, the sword had absorbed spiritual energy and gained awareness. It turned into a ball of light and playfully circled Ji Yuebai, examining her with the curiosity of a child.

This sword spirit had only recently gained consciousness and couldn’t talk yet, expressing itself in simple emotions. It felt a long-lost familiar aura on Ji Yuebai and affectionately rubbed against her shoulder.

When Ji Yuebai’s fingers wrapped around the sword, channeling her spiritual energy, the blade slowly slid out from the rock, revealing its original brilliance. A surge of dense golden spiritual energy shot up into the sky, spreading a powerful spiritual pressure far and wide.

At that moment, the clear blue sky darkened, and ominous golden clouds began to brew, rumbling thunderously, transforming the sky into a terrifying spectacle.

The birth of a spirit within a divine artifact inevitably called forth a thunder tribulation, a trial necessary for its existence in the mortal realm.

Meanwhile, not far away, the thunder and lightning attracted by the rising spiritual energy approached. They were originally drawn by Xu Nian’s advancement, but the massive vortex of energy surrounding the Xian Yuan Sword lured them instead, causing a miscalculation in the trajectory of the lightning, now directed towards the sword.

The sword spirit, just moments ago playfully rubbing against Ji Yuebai, now trembled in fear, its light shrinking to half its size, desperately seeking refuge in Ji Yuebai’s embrace.

Ji Yuebai, who had come for the Xian Yuan Sword, could not stand idly by and watch the sect’s treasure be destroyed by the thunder tribulation.

Although she had prepared multiple defensive formations and artifacts to counter the ordeal, she had not anticipated the sheer magnitude of the impending storm, far exceeding her expectations.

Ji Yuebai’s usually unflappable demeanor grew tense, as the intimidating thunder and fierce winds whipped around her, bringing a torrential downpour in an instant.

Then, the first bolt of golden lightning struck with the speed of sound, cracking the defensive Shou Tian Tube, even as Ji Yuebai calmly increased her spiritual energy output for precise control, seeking the greatest benefit with the least loss.

Subsequent thunderbolts proved even more ferocious than the first, posing a formidable challenge as they crashed down like a tidal wave.

Ji Yuebai skillfully manipulated her spiritual energy, controlling the formations and treasures to withstand this formidable assault of thunder, navigating through the perilous ordeal with a calm yet determined resolve.

The birth of a sword spirit in a divine artifact attracted golden tribulation clouds, whose power was comparable to the clouds summoned for the peak of Foundation Building advancing to Golden Core stage. The difference lay in the number of thunderbolts: for the artifact, being non-human and seeking perfection, it faced thirty-six, while the Golden Core, marking a new birth from nothingness, endured forty-nine.

As the twentieth thunderbolt struck, the protective treasures like the Shou Tian Tube and Ruyi Dice shielding the Xian Yuan Sword were utterly shattered by the tremendous force, their light extinguished, disintegrating into dust, floating away like dandelion fluff.

By the thirtieth bolt, the multiple layers of defensive formations cracked and failed, leaving all defenses in ruins.

Facing the thirty-first thunderbolt, Ji Yuebai raised her sword, her body enveloped in spiritual energy, and charged against the massive bolt, as thick as a pillar.

As the foremost amongst the young generation in the cultivation world, Ji Yuebai’s combat prowess and spiritual energy reserves towered above her peers, akin to comparing an ocean to a stream.

Her cultivation level and spiritual energy were sufficient for a direct advancement to Golden Core. However, due to the cultivation limit for entering the Cangli Secret Realm, where those above Golden Core were barred, she had to suppress her spiritual energy, entering the realm at the peak of Foundation Building.

When the thirty-sixth thunderbolt descended, Ji Yuebai sustained only minor injuries.

She expected the last bolt to be much more potent, similar to the final tribulation faced by cultivators, but its power seemed no different from the previous ones.

Looking skyward, Ji Yuebai saw the same dense clouds, intermittently roaring with terrifying thunder, the atmosphere growing increasingly unusual.

Lifting her sword, her wide sleeves fluttering, she called out in a clear, cold voice, “Come out.”

As she spoke, the environment changed, revealing numerous cultivators who blended seamlessly with their surroundings in grey-brown attire, like a unique camouflage of the cultivation world. They had used magical artifacts to create illusions, concealing their presence nearly flawlessly.

These were the cultivators who had entered the lake after Xu Nian, now revealed to be a group from the demonic path.

The leaders, all at the peak of Foundation Building, one spoke first, “I thought my concealment technique was nearly flawless, having even deceived Golden Core consciousness. How did you discover us?”

Ji Yuebai simply said, “I just bluffed.”

The group was momentarily stunned.

The leader, sensing an insult, threatened, “Hand over the Xian Yuan Sword, and I’ll spare your life. Ji Yuebai, I’ve heard of you, the top of Foundation Building, said to be unbeatable below Golden Core. But here we have seven at the peak of Foundation Building, and over twenty in the mid-phase. How can you fight all of us?”

Ji Yuebai stood still, as if deaf to their words, not sparing them a glance.

The leader, feeling humiliated, ordered an attack. Dozens of demonic cultivators encircled her in a well-rehearsed formation, with seven peaks of Foundation Building leading and those of mid-phase filling gaps, forming an impeccable siege. They had defeated mid-phase Golden Core cultivators with this strategy.

The leader was confident that this formation was overkill for Ji Yuebai, like using a cleaver to kill a chicken, seeing her delicate and seemingly fragile appearance, more a vase than the powerhouse rumored.

At this moment, however, he suddenly heard her calmly say, “Here it comes.”

Confused but cautious, the demon leader shouted, “Get in formation!”

In this dramatic moment, the demonic cultivators were struck with horror as the thunder above grew increasingly intense. In mere moments, a fearsome thunderstorm brewed, with massive bolts of lightning, about the width of a house, rapidly targeting the Xian Yuan Sword beside them.

The leaders of the demonic cultivators, in disbelief, exclaimed, “What’s happening? Weren’t the thirty-six tribulation thunderbolts already over?”

Caught within the range of the thunder strike, they had no time to dodge and could only face the impending thunderbolts alongside Ji Yuebai, terrified.

As the indiscriminate damage of the tribulation thunderbolts struck, the demonic cultivators suffered greatly. Many were injured, wailing in pain. Such powerful thunderbolts were beyond their capacity to withstand.

The leader glanced at Ji Yuebai, who had just endured thirty-six thunderbolts, and sneered, “Stop pretending. You must have been severely injured by now. Hand over the Xian Yuan Sword, or we’ll kill you.”

As he spoke, he was met with Ji Yuebai’s disdainful gaze. Suddenly, another bolt of lightning struck down, fueling his rage and altering his perception of Ji Yuebai from a mere ‘vase’ to someone cunning.

Dozens of eyes were glued to the lightning, clearly counting all thirty-six strikes. They couldn’t fathom how this woman had weirdly manipulated the lightning, increasing its numbers and power beyond belief.

Bracing themselves, they endured two more strikes, the group of demonic cultivators in the formation suffering immense casualties. Their spiritual energy was depleted defending against the lightning, leaving them scorched, with some even burnt half-black.

Finally, the dark tribulation clouds began to disperse, and the torrential rain stopped, revealing a clear blue sky.

The leader was both pained and resentful, glaring at Ji Yuebai. His subordinates quickly reported the injuries: the seven at the peak of Foundation Building were only slightly wounded, but more than half of those in the mid-phase were seriously injured, with a few lightly wounded. If they could seize the Xian Yuan Sword, the operation’s losses would still be within acceptable limits.

But Ji Yuebai, mythologized as she was, having endured thirty-nine thunderbolts, couldn’t possibly escape their siege.

The leader, filled with rage, gestured for an immediate attack, sparing no more words with Ji Yuebai.

Ji Yuebai, though injured, with blood seeping through her robe and having exhausted much spiritual energy in resisting the earlier thunderbolts, found the situation challenging. In her prime, combating such a multitude would have been effortless, but now it was a thorny task.

The Xian Yuan Sword was a symbol of the Tian Yuan Sect, concerning the honor of the sect; it absolutely could not fall into the hands of the demonic path.

Ji Yuebai quickly formed several hand seals with one hand while her sword moved as swift as a startled swan, blocking attacks from all directions.

The cultivators, initially underestimating her due to her injuries, now fought with full force, no longer taking her lightly.

The leading cultivators grew increasingly alarmed as they fought. They had thought her talents exaggerated, but Ji Yuebai, even after expending immense spiritual energy against the thunderbolts, fought evenly against seven of them, a feat astonishingly formidable. Who knew that the woman before them was giving them a real-life lesson, still able to fight against seven of them without falling into a disadvantage after expending such a huge amount of spiritual energy to resist the thunder tribulation. She was absurdly strong!

The leader had not intended to kill Ji Yuebai. A genius like her, surely the darling of her sect with a soul lamp lit for her, would invoke the wrath of the Tian Yuan sect’s Elders if killed. They had no desire to provoke such a calamity.

In the face of Ji Yuebai’s formidable strength, terrifying cultivation talent, and her unpredictable and elusive attack patterns, the demonic cultivators realized that if she were not eliminated today, she would become a significant threat to their sect in the future.

Under the leader’s command, everyone launched their most powerful attacks, aiming directly at Ji Yuebai’s vital points.

Ji Yuebai, having obtained the Xian Yuan Sword, had intended to retreat. However, her opponents seemed to have anticipated her moves and strategies, sealing off her escape routes and disrupting her actions, forcing her into a defensive stance.

The situation became a stalemate. She couldn’t break free, and they couldn’t kill her.

Although it seemed like a deadlock, the situation was highly disadvantageous for Ji Yuebai. She was battling against a dozen cultivators simultaneously. If the battle dragged on, she would exhaust her spiritual energy, whereas her opponents could rotate their attacks, conserving strength and even replenishing their spent spiritual energy.

In a split second, the leader’s sword pierced Ji Yuebai’s right hand, which held her sword. Delighted, he shouted to his followers, “Quick, she can no longer hold her sword! Brothers, let’s take this chance to kill her!”

Xu Nian hadn’t expected her tribulation to pass so smoothly. She wondered which deity had answered her prayers and thought of burning more paper offerings in gratitude.

Suddenly, she heard thunderous roars nearby, as fearsome golden lightning struck repeatedly at the location of her previous tribulation, indicating another cultivator undergoing a similar ordeal.

A wild thought crossed Xu Nian’s mind: Had her tribulation clouds been drawn away by this unfortunate cultivator?

The thunderbolts sounded even more terrifying than before, resembling explosive booms. After a brief pause, they resumed with increased ferocity, striking nearly a hundred times.

Xu Nian was stunned by the intensity and frequency of these relentless thunderbolts.

Was this really a tribulation or a divine punishment? If it was a tribulation, she thought, then this fellow cultivator is ridiculously unlucky.

Xu Nian clicked her tongue and shook her head, then noticed what seemed like a crack in the sky not far away, revealing the world beyond this secret realm.

Xu Nian was stunned. Was she finally getting out of this secret realm?

Had her usual bad luck finally turned around? This was fantastic.

She had had enough of this secret realm, like being trapped in a maze every day, unable to understand the conversations of the demon beasts inside, which was utterly boring and torturous.

With an excited heart, she rushed towards the spatial rift.

At the center of the thunder tribulation, the ground was littered with charred corpses and scorched flesh.

The only surviving demonic leader trembled, stepping back, “Don’t come any closer, please no more.”

He was genuinely terrified.

He regretted provoking Ji Yuebai, who seemed not human but rather a demon, a madwoman!

He thought he’d won, but who would have thought that this lunatic in front of him could gather a large amount of spiritual energy in a short time through the spatial crack in the secret realm, forcibly breaking through to the Golden Core stage, and triggering the Golden Core tribulation.

As the thunderbolts struck, she did not dodge. Like a reaper’s scythe, she charged into the crowd. The thunderbolts, initially targeting only Ji Yuebai, inflicted collateral damage on everyone around her. The once unbreakable formation crumbled under the thunder tribulation, turning their ranks into a disarray of terror and despair. It was too late to escape, and they were struck by the lightning, reduced to blackened heaps.

At this point, no one dared to intercept Ji Yuebai or face her sword.

Quickly, the servants brought by the leader were either slain by her sword or killed instantly by the thunder tribulation. In a few short breaths, he found himself alone, and even he was struck by the pervasive lightning, immobilized, watching the ghastly woman approach, his hands trembling so much he couldn’t hold his sword.

Ji Yuebai’s white clothes were soaked in blood, her skin marked with patches of char from the lightning strikes. Now wielding her sword in her left hand, she raised it, and the blade caught the light, gleaming coldly as she lunged directly at the last demonic leader.

His head, still etched with terror, rolled down the slope, only to be caught in the lightning, turning instantly into a charred lump.

The tribulation clouds hadn’t finished with her. With a flash of golden light, they struck mercilessly again.

Exhausted of spiritual energy, Ji Yuebai gathered the last remnants coursing through her meridians to protect her heart. As the thunderbolt struck, blood flowed from her unprotected wounds, staining the ground red.

After what seemed like an eternity, the tribulation finally ceased. The clouds, almost playfully, twisted and turned, dissipating like a vanishing gown.

The air was left with the stench of burnt flesh and the lingering scent of blood.

A gentle breeze whispered through the woods, rustling the leaves.

Xu Nian, with a basket of spirit stones on her head and her serpentine body swaying, moved gracefully, resembling a mystical figure from an Egyptian tale if one ignored her snake form.

As she neared the spatial rift, she carefully wrapped the spirit stones in cloth to avoid losing them. She had collected these valuable stones, which are crucial for cultivation and serve as currency in the cultivation world, using her tail and vines. Being a fan of cultivation novels, she understood their importance and her own fondness for wealth.

Speaking of which, why did she smell something like roasted meat?

Curious, Xu Nian advanced cautiously, her eyes surveying the surroundings until her tail brushed against something sticky and warm.

Lowering her head in confusion, she was instantly startled, jumping a meter high.

How did this person end up so mangled and charred? It’s enough to scare a snake to death!

With a load of spirit stones, Xu Nian turned to leave but only managed a few steps before feeling that the corpse seemed somewhat familiar. Hmm? Unsure, she decided to take another look.

She carefully moved back, even tripping over a corpse along the way. Seeing the charred bodies scattered all around, she couldn’t shake off a feeling of deja vu, as if she were in a scene from a biohazard movie.

Xu Nian approached the body, set down the spirit stones she was carrying, and used her tail to pick up a leaf to wipe the blood off the person’s face. Slowly, a patch of fair skin was revealed, but the leaf quickly became soaked with blood and useless. She picked up a few more leaves and hastily wiped the face. By now, the general features were discernible.

At this moment, Xu Nian had her suspicions confirmed.

It was Ji Yuebai.

Poor thing, so the unfortunate soul struck by lightning was her. She was so badly injured, could she still be alive?

Gently, Xu Nian probed Ji Yuebai’s breath with her tail. It was weak, but there was still a faint sign of life.

Faced with a dilemma, Xu Nian recalled the spiritual herbs she had collected from Xiao Cang Mountain for emergencies. Given the severity of Ji Yuebai’s injuries, she doubted her herbs would suffice. She placed a spirit stone in Ji Yuebai’s uninjured hand, hoping to restore some spiritual energy, but the unconscious woman showed no response.

As the thunder tribulation dispersed, the secret realm’s crack was visibly closing at a speed discernible to the naked eye. Missing this chance, who knows when the realm would open again.

Desperate, Xu Nian fetched a ginseng root from her storage bag and stuffed it into Ji Yuebai’s mouth, not caring if she could swallow it. Preserving her life was all that mattered now.

Worried about injuring her more by moving her carelessly, Xu Nian made a temporary stretcher. She broke a tree into planks with her tail and created a carrier using vines from her basket. Then, she carefully placed Ji Yuebai on the stretcher, tying her down with the vines and adjusting them to make pulling easier.

Biting the vine with her teeth, Xu Nian dragged Ji Yuebai on the wooden stretcher towards the closing rift, all the while balancing the precious spirit stones on her head.

Exerting all her strength, she raced against time without the slightest delay. Finally, in the last moment before the realm’s crack disappeared, she escaped with Ji Yuebai from the Cangli Secret Realm.

The moment they emerged from the crack, the surroundings underwent a drastic change.

Although the terrain was similar to the forests within the secret realm, the season had shifted from the vibrant spring with chirping birds and fragrant flowers to a harsh winter landscape of ice and snow. The heavy snow instantly buried most of Xu Nian. She turned back, not seeing Ji Yuebai, and panicked. Upon realizing what happened, she pulled Ji Yuebai out of the snow by the vine.

Without her spiritual energy for protection, Ji Yuebai’s nose became red, and her eyelashes fluttered, dusting off snowflakes. Her lips turned pale, giving her the appearance of a fragile doll, a stark contrast to her normally strong presence.

Testing Ji Yuebai’s temperature with her tail, Xu Nian found her forehead chillingly cold.

With such severe injuries and now exposed to the snow, Xu Nian feared Ji Yuebai might develop a fever, something she couldn’t cure.

After scouring the mountainside, her natural hunting instincts led her to a concealed cave, warmed by a hibernating bear. Xu Nian chased the bear away and took shelter in the cave with the still unconscious Ji Yuebai.

Xu Nian first set about making a fire, creating a warm, glowing ambiance in the cave. She then rummaged through her storage bag and pulled out a tiger skin, laying it smoothly on the ground. With great care, she gently transferred Ji Yuebai from the makeshift wooden stretcher to the soft tiger skin.

Having settled Ji Yuebai comfortably, Xu Nian turned her attention to the task of treating the wounds. She carefully peeled away the blood-stained clothes, which had dried and stuck to the mangled flesh. As she reached a particularly severe wound, her body shuddered involuntarily under her tail.

After a lengthy and meticulous process, Xu Nian used snow to cleanse the blood from Ji Yuebai’s body. She then applied a paste of spiritual herbs she had crushed onto the wounds.

However, the recovery was not as rapid as it had been at the spiritual spring in Xiao Cang Mountain. It had been over five years since Xu Nian had gathered these herbs, and storing them in her bag rather than a jade box had diminished their potency. Moreover, Ji Yuebai was unconscious and lacked the assistance of her own spiritual energy and the healing properties of the spiritual spring – conditions that were not replicable in their current situation.

As the night deepened, Xu Nian used her tail to check Ji Yuebai’s forehead. There was no fever, a good sign.

Xu Nian spent a considerable time cultivating with the spirit stones she had carefully balanced on her head. She occasionally glanced at the still-unconscious Ji Yuebai. Eventually, worn out, Xu Nian let out a big yawn and moved over to the tiger skin. She curled up next to Ji Yuebai and quickly fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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