What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 98

Ever since their seclusion in the mountains, time seemed to race ahead as if on fast forward.

Xu Nian felt a sense of timelessness in the mountains, almost as if the years passed differently there, contrasting with the fleeting nature of a hundred years in the human world.

Her days were spent alternating between cultivation and occasionally visiting various town taverns to pack up special dishes to enjoy with Ji Yuebai. Their days were simple yet blissful, exactly how she imagined a world for just the two of them.

With time, Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai had grown accustomed to each other. During the mating season, a single glance or a subtle gesture from Xu Nian was enough for Ji Yuebai to understand her desires. Their intimate moments, full of warmth and passion, no longer required deliberate seduction; they had developed an unspoken understanding.

However, the more delightful their days were, the more Xu Nian felt a rising tide of unease, dreading the moment that voice in her head would command her to fulfill her mission. Having experienced such precious and beautiful times, she found herself increasingly reluctant to part with Ji Yuebai. Beautiful and powerful, Ji Yuebai treated her with tenderness and thoughtfulness, fulfilling her every wish and need. In times of danger, she didn’t hesitate to shield Xu Nian, embodying the perfect partner.

What had she done to deserve a lover like Ji Yuebai?

If the day came when she had to part with Ji Yuebai, what would she do?

No, no matter what, she resolved to cherish the time they had left. Each day was precious.

Looking at her own beautiful reflection in the mirror, Xu Nian tried to force a smile, but revealing a bitter one instead.

Sensing her melancholy, Ji Yuebai picked up a comb from the table and began gently and meticulously brushing Xu Nian’s long hair. The soothing sensation starting at the top of her head relaxed her furrowed brow.

Ji Yuebai’s fingers touched her forehead, “What are you thinking about? Why the frown?”

Xu Nian was burdened with her thoughts, but she couldn’t confide the reason to Ji Yuebai. Such a revelation would be futile and only add to their worries.

She glanced at Ji Yuebai in the mirror and sighed softly, “It’s nothing much. I just feel overwhelmed at the thought of possibly having to part ways with you one day.”

Ji Yuebai wrapped her arms around Xu Nian from behind, resting her chin gently on her head, and promised sincerely, “That day will never come. As long as you want to be with me, I will find you, no matter where you are. I promise.”

Xu Nian believed her words, but what they were up against wasn’t just a matter of crossing physical boundaries—it might as well be an entirely different world.

Unsure of how to express this, feeling a deep sense of loss and fear, Xu Nian instinctively hugged Ji Yuebai’s waist tighter, burying her face in her embrace, as if drawing strength from her presence.

Ji Yuebai gently soothed Xu Nian, stroking her hair and back rhythmically, until the restless heartbeat in her embrace gradually calmed.

The more fearful she became, the more she wanted to grasp the reality before her eyes.

Xu Nian clung to Ji Yuebai, kissing up from her neck, cherishing the moment where she could freely possess Ji Yuebai, exchange body heat, and imbue each other with their scents until they became one. Despite the mating season nearing its end, Xu Nian’s passion surged anew, her kisses along Ji Yuebai’s neck were like branding her own exclusive mark. Her fingers trailed under the hem of Ji Yuebai’s clothing, savoring the warmth and delicacy of her skin.

As Xu Nian’s fingers lightly grazed over her, Ji Yuebai’s porcelain skin blushed a faint red. She bowed her head to kiss Xu Nian’s soft lips, mirroring Xu Nian’s earlier gentle and thorough exploration. The sweetness between their lips and the pleasure of their tongues touching left them both dazed.

Before Xu Nian could continue, she suddenly found herself lifted into the air and placed on the narrow dressing table. The budding peonies, delicate and vulnerable, swayed from affectionate touches, blooming enchantingly amidst soft whispers. The tender petals rippled, emitting an increasingly enticing blush and releasing a rich fragrance with each dewy drop, exuding a bewitching charm that beckoned to be savored.

Ji Yuebai’s eyes darkened momentarily before she leaned down, her intermittent moans were like the strongest aphrodisiac, spurring her desire to attend to Xu Nian further.

Xu Nian, struggling to catch her breath, experienced a mixture of unbearable and pleasurable sensations, tilting her neck back to facilitate Ji Yuebai’s advances. She and Ji Yuebai were now one in heart and desire. Eventually, she bit her lower lip, refusing to make a sound, only to be tenderly caressed by Ji Yuebai’s calloused fingers. The usually cool and composed voice now sounded hoarse with a hint of coaxing, “In front of me, Ah Nian, you don’t have to hold back. I love every part of you.”

The cool wooden dressing table contrasted sharply with the heat of their bodies. Xu Nian lay in Ji Yuebai’s arms, panting, unable to contain her love: “I love Yuebai.”

Ji Yuebai’s long, elegant fingers gently wiped the delicate peony, kissing it tenderly, “Hmm, I like Ah Nian too.”

If only all of this were real and not an illusion.

It was Xu Nian who was trapped in the illusion, but Ji Yuebai, too, felt as if she was in a dream she didn’t want to wake from.

Aware it was a dream, yet in her heart, she humbly wished for these days to last longer, just a little longer.

Time flew by quickly, and unexpectedly, snow began to fall in the mountains, bringing a chill to the air.

But such cold didn’t affect Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai, shielded by their cultivation.

Watching the snow-covered mountains, Xu Nian’s playful side emerged. She transformed into a snake and happily rolled around in the snow, something she had always wanted to do in her past life but couldn’t due to human limitations. Now, she could fully indulge.

She rolled in the snow, burrowed through it to create her own tunnels, and then stealthily approached Ji Yuebai, suddenly entwining her body around her.

Even though Xu Nian concealed her breath and form, the soft crunching sound in the fluffy snow was unmistakable. But Ji Yuebai played along, restricting her senses to that of an ordinary person, joining Xu Nian in her play. Now, they both rolled together in the snow, with Ji Yuebai, finding herself entangled, began to playfully tickle Xu Nian’s snake belly, pleading, “Ah Nian is so skillful, I didn’t hear you at all.”

Tickled by Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian loosened her grip, but in the next second, Ji Yuebai embraced her snake body, cheek rubbing gently against her white scales, “Does this count as catching you?”

That… that was her chest.

Xu Nian’s tail coiled uncontrollably as she stammered, “You… Yuebai, you can’t play dirty like that.”

Ji Yuebai obligingly released Xu Nian’s snake form. “Then, as you wish, let’s do it again.”

Satisfied, Xu Nian happily slithered away again.

After several rounds, and several wins for Xu Nian, she settled down. Looking at Ji Yuebai’s soft smile, Xu Nian playfully curled her tail around Ji Yuebai’s clothing: “Yuebai, you weren’t going easy on me, were you?”

Ji Yuebai’s exquisite face wore an expression of utmost seriousness. “Why would I do that?”

Xu Nian knew she was being humored but played along, “Then I must be really good. Before fighting anyone, I’ll brag that even Ji Yuebai of Tian Yuan Sect is no match for me. How could they compete?”

Ji Yuebai, instead of objecting, seemed thoughtful and nodded: “That’s a good idea. I should make a name for myself so when you mention me, people won’t say they’ve never heard of me.”

Xu Nian, amused by this idea, laughed heartily in the snow. “You know, that actually sounds pretty good. Yuebai, work hard in your cultivation. You can claim to be the second-best in the cultivation world, and I’ll claim the unclaimed first place. Then you’ll have to vouch for me.”

Ji Yuebai joined in the laughter. “Alright, I’ll have to work hard. I can’t let you down.”

After their long play, evening approached. Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai returned from the mountains with several rabbits and lively, fat fish.

Xu Nian initially intended to go down the mountain to ask a chef to cook them, but Ji Yuebai stopped her.

Her dark eyes scanned the prey, then turned to Xu Nian, offering, “Why not let me cook?”

In the culinary arts, Xu Nian could rival any member of a disaster-prone cooking group, perhaps even surpassing them. Thus, she never cooked herself.

As for Ji Yuebai, although diligent in cultivation, she seemed the type untouched by worldly matters, one whose hands never soiled by spring water. Moreover, whenever Xu Nian devoured food voraciously, Ji Yuebai only watched with a smile, offering water and more dishes, clearly not of Xu Nian’s hearty and robust appetite.

But now, Ji Yuebai was offering to cook. When had she learned?

Xu Nian’s round, black eyes were filled with incredulity. “You can cook?”

Ji Yuebai nodded slightly, seeming a bit shy as she explained, “When I was at the Tian Yuan Sect, knowing you liked these, I went to the chef who makes spiritual dishes to learn a bit. I just never had the chance to cook for you.”

Xu Nian was momentarily lost in thought. She didn’t recall visiting the Tian Yuan Sect; that must be a memory between Ji Yuebai and her original self.

Yet, Ji Yuebai had gone to such lengths for her.

She smiled supportively, “Then I’m truly honored to taste the culinary skills of a genius sword cultivator of the cultivation world.”

Even the proudest individuals lack a bit of confidence in front of someone they like.

Ji Yuebai, her cheeks flushed at Xu Nian’s words, modestly demurred, “It’s not as good as you say. I hope you won’t be disappointed.”

Xu Nian shrank her form and clambered up Ji Yuebai’s arm, speaking sweetly, “As long as it’s made by Yuebai, I’ll love it.”

Back at the courtyard, Ji Yuebai busied herself in the kitchen with their game, while Xu Nian, back in human form, changed into a light, form-fitting dress. She carefully selected a beautiful tablecloth, trimmed flowers for the vase, and hummed a tune as she chose the perfect wine to complement the evening’s meal.

The two bustled about, mirroring the image of a quaint, ordinary couple.

Soon, the aroma of succulent, spirit-infused grilled meat wafted into Xu Nian’s nose, luring her to the kitchen. She gently wiped Ji Yuebai’s forehead with a handkerchief, although no sweat was there, and inhaled deeply, letting the tantalizing scent of happiness fill her senses.

“Yuebai, your cooking smells so delicious,” she said, licking her lips.

The next moment, a golden, juicy roast rabbit leg was offered to her.

Ji Yuebai coaxed her, “Here, eat this to satisfy your craving first. One more rabbit is still cooking.”

Xu Nian eagerly took a bite, savoring the crisp exterior and tender meat, perfectly seasoned and wrapped in spiritual energy. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed such delectable spiritual cuisine. While dishes prepared by mortal chefs were tasty, they tended to accumulate impurities in the body, unlike this spirit-infused meat which was both satisfying and comforting.

Suddenly remembering something, Xu Nian offered the rabbit leg to Ji Yuebai’s lips. “You’ve worked so hard and haven’t even had a bite yet.”

But Ji Yuebai declined, saying, “Seeing you enjoy it is satisfaction enough for me.”

Xu Nian blinked, surmising that this might similar to people in her previous life watching mukbangs for pleasure.

Soon, the last rabbit was grilled to perfection, and the table was filled with aromatic meats, accompanied by fresh vegetables Xu Nian had purchased from town, perfect for balancing the richness of the meat.

Xu Nian had rearranged the courtyard so they could enjoy their meal with a view of the snow and the moon, complemented by the red plum blossoms by the window, creating a poetic and picturesque scene.

Xu Nian poured delicate cups of wine for Ji Yuebai and herself, using it as a palate cleanser.

At first, she drank cautiously, but after three cups, the alcohol made her uninhibited.

Holding her cup, she tugged at Ji Yuebai’s pristine sleeve, tearfully whimpering, “Yuebai… wuwuwu, Yuebai, I can’t bear to be without you, hic.”

Ji Yuebai patiently comforted her, “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”

But Xu Nian didn’t respond to her reassurance. Instead, she downed her wine in one gulp, sobbing, “Yuebai, I’m sorry. I dragged you into this because I was afraid of being bullied by the cultivators of Tian Yuan Sect. You have a sect that’s like home to you, yet here you are, enduring harsh cultivation with me. Without a master’s guidance, we have to figure everything out on our own…”

Indeed, the sect was where she had grown up and cultivated, but that cold place couldn’t be defined as “home.”

When Ji Yuebai thought of the word “home,” her mind was filled with images of her times with Xu Nian.

In the cold mountain cave, it was the green snake diligently teaching her to dress, the lonely nights spent curled up with Xu Nian for warmth, Xu Nian catching her food with her chopsticks… and in the illusion, Xu Nian saving her at all costs without a second thought.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, but Ji Yuebai found her emotions harder to control. She suddenly pulled Xu Nian into her embrace, “It’s not like that.”

“In this vast world, the place where you are, that’s my home.”

Xu Nian’s ears reddened, barely believing what she heard. Leaning into Ji Yuebai, influenced by the alcohol, she nuzzled Ji Yuebai’s cheek softly, coyly asking, “Yuebai, I didn’t hear clearly. Could you… say that again?”

The cool wind of the snowy night cleared some of the alcohol haze, clarifying her emotions.

Ji Yuebai, her dark eyes intently on the tipsy Xu Nian, reaffirmed earnestly, “Where you are is my home. From the beginning to the end, I’ve only wanted to be with you. As long as you wish, we can stay here, undisturbed.”

Xu Nian looked at her silently with tearful eyes, then suddenly burst into tears in her embrace, overwhelmed with a mix of excitement, happiness, sadness, and perhaps just venting her emotions.

Ji Yuebai held her quietly, her fingers gently stroking Xu Nian’s back.

It took a while for Xu Nian to regain her composure, still slightly foggy from the alcohol. She snuggled into Ji Yuebai, her childlike confession, “I like you, Yuebai.”

Ji Yuebai’s heart softened, and she replied softly, “Hmm.”

The wine at the table was completely finished, and the delicious meats were devoured by Xu Nian without wasting a bit.

Due to their scented bodies, Ji Yuebai took Xu Nian to the steaming hot spring, where the misty vapors blurred their vision.

However, the inebriated Xu Nian was restless, tugging at her own clothing and Ji Yuebai’s waistband. Before reaching the hot spring, their thin garments were already mostly undone. Xu Nian, like a snake, coiled around Ji Yuebai and plunged into the hot spring.

Just as Ji Yuebai lifted Xu Nian out of the water, she was pressed against the cool stone wall by an impassioned Xu Nian. Her lips fervently met Ji Yuebai’s, more entwined and intense than ever. Her tongue daringly slipped through Ji Yuebai’s slightly parted lips, seizing her breath. The sensation of being immersed in water brought a different feeling.

Ji Yuebai, uncomfortable, pressed against Xu Nian’s mischievous fingers. Her fair cheeks turned aside slightly, her cool voice trembling slightly, “Ah Nian, you’re drunk.”

Xu Nian, pressing against her body, lightly brushed Ji Yuebai’s ear with her tongue, softly breathing, “I’m not drunk. You’ve always helped me; now it’s my turn to serve you.”

Before Ji Yuebai could respond, a mix of familiar and strange sensations enveloped her. Her normally cold, pale skin now flushed a beautiful pink, either from the steam of the hot spring or Xu Nian’s bold actions. It was less an act of boldness and more like cherishing a precious artwork. The once ice-cold, lofty flower was now being treated with tender, meticulous care, as if by a devout believer mesmerized by their faith, willing to offer everything. Each touch was a pilgrimage, a deep resonance within the soul.

Wrapped in what felt like a soft, indescribable cloud, Ji Yuebai was lost in a haze, her spirit utterly captivated. Like a butterfly finding nectar in a fragrant flower, countless dreamlike wings fluttered and dispersed in her mind. Recognizing this, Xu Nian yearned even more to lead her to that dreamlike, sacred place, as if to reciprocate all that Ji Yuebai had ever done for her.

And Ji Yuebai helplessly realized that whenever Xu Nian looked at her with those beguiling black eyes and softly called her name, she simply couldn’t refuse anything Xu Nian asked.

Whatever Xu Nian desired, Ji Yuebai was more than willing to provide.

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