What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 97

Gentle rays of sunlight filtered through the bed canopy, bathing the room in a soft, soothing light that created a serene and inviting atmosphere.

As Xu Nian’s mind cleared, memories of the previous night flooded in like a high tide. She had just managed to calm down a bit when she couldn’t help but recall the passionate expression on the other’s face, the delicate, porcelain-like skin, their limbs intertwined. The wondrous touches made her soul tremble; she was completely engulfed by them.

She couldn’t help but savor the memories. Although Ji Yuebai seemed unfamiliar with the process at first, she quickly became adept, leading Xu Nian to heights of ecstasy. Her body was submerged in boundless pleasure, leaving no room in her mind for anything else.

All Xu Nian could think about was that woman, completely consumed by her.

Xu Nian twisted her body within the soft blankets, grateful that Ji Yuebai wasn’t there. Waking up, she didn’t know what she would say to her. Should she say, “Thank you for helping me,” or “I’m sorry for making you break your vows,” or perhaps, “Last night was great, should we do it again”?

Just the thought was enough to make her blush.

Suddenly, the door to the room gently opened.

It was Ji Yuebai.

This courtyard was a magical artifact bound to Xu Nian, allowing only her and Ji Yuebai free access. Any other creature entering would trigger an alarm to Xu Nian’s consciousness.

Just when Xu Nian was lost in her thoughts, she immediately pulled the blanket over her face. Although they had done everything that should and shouldn’t be done, she still didn’t know how to face Ji Yuebai.

But hiding under the blanket, Xu Nian realized something even more mortifying: she was completely naked. No, that wasn’t the main point. The main point was that through the faint light peeking through the blanket, she noticed the marks all over her body… her face felt like it was on fire.

The forgotten memories began to started to resurface, filled with loving actions and unending tenderness. The sounds of her pleas, both alluring and seductive, echoed in her mind.

Even now, Xu Nian didn’t want to admit that those sounds came from her own throat.

It must be the mating season’s fault.

Something was gently placed on the bedside table, and an enticing aroma wafted through the gaps in the blanket to Xu Nian’s nose. The scent of delicious food awakened her appetite.

After expending so much energy last night, Xu Nian didn’t need to eat to survive, but for her, craving and hunger were two complementary states.

Struggling with a sense of propriety, Xu Nian found it really hard to show her face from under the blankets.

Ji Yuebai, looking at Xu Nian wrapped up like a cocoon in the blankets, was somewhat puzzled.

She asked softly, “Ah Nian, are you still not feeling well?”

Xu Nian wriggled within the blankets, unsure how to respond. Although her body still harbored a sense of fulfilled embarrassment, how could she possibly convey that to Ji Yuebai? If she said she was comfortable, she couldn’t bring herself to utter it. She wondered if her mind had been washed over with inappropriate thoughts; she felt it was too bold, almost like a blatant seduction.

Ji Yuebai, receiving no reply, lowered her voice further, apologizing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t consider your feelings yesterday, and I…” She paused, her voice becoming huskier as if recalling something, “I lost control, failing to take your feelings into account.”

“When you feel better, you can punish me however you want. These are golden cream puff, green shrimp rolls and chopped fish soup from the Zuichun Pavilion in town… all your recent favorites. You can eat them when you have the strength; there’s a heating talisman on the food box, so don’t worry about it getting cold.”

“If you need anything, just ring the golden bell.”

“Then, I’ll leave first…”

Xu Nian panicked. She was just too embarrassed to face Ji Yuebai, not that she wanted her to leave.

She poked her head out of the blankets, her voice still a bit hoarse, “Yuebai, don’t go, wait.”

Ji Yuebai paused, turning back to look at Xu Nian, seemingly waiting for her next words.

Being watched like this, Xu Nian’s fair face turned beet red, her lips parted and closed in embarrassment before she finally managed to voice her thoughts: “You… you can’t go. I don’t dislike you. It’s just that after yesterday, I get a bit shy when I see you.”

Mid-sentence, Xu Nian licked her slightly dry lips, her long, curled eyelashes drooping as if she was extremely embarrassed, “Besides… the mating season, by its name, suggests a period of time, not just once or twice. If you leave now, wouldn’t that be giving up halfway…”

Her voice grew softer and quieter, turning into a barely audible murmur towards the end.

But Ji Yuebai, with her heightened senses, heard every word clearly.

Her lips curved into a beautiful, faint smile, her voice tinged with pleasure, “Hmm, I understand, Ah Nian.”

Ah Nian.

Two simple words, spoken from her cool, slightly aloof voice, yet when they landed in the heart, they ignited a blush that spread to her ears.

The implication was clear and unmistakable.

Xu Nian once again covered her face with the blanket, feeling as if her world was crumbling and a tsunami was raging inside her.

“Ahhhh,” she thought in panic, “What nonsense did I just blabber to Ji Yuebai? I’m going to die of embarrassment.”

It was just too humiliating.

This time, however, Ji Yuebai did not leave. The soft bed dipped gently as she sat down beside Xu Nian.

“Ah Nian, get up and drink some water, or your throat will suffer,” Ji Yuebai said with an uncharacteristic gentleness.

Xu Nian couldn’t resist; thankfully, after a few back and forth, her embarrassment had slightly diminished. She timidly peeked out her enchanting eyes from under the blanket and playfully whined at Ji Yuebai, “Then Yuebai, help me get up.”

Ji Yuebai, far from finding Xu Nian troublesome, seemed to cherish the task. She neatly tucked the blanket around Xu Nian before helping her sit up, thoughtfully propping a soft pillow behind her.

Xu Nian enjoyed being pampered by Ji Yuebai, feeling utterly content, especially since Ji Yuebai was such a stunning beauty.

She watched as Ji Yuebai gently tested the water temperature in the cup, seemingly not satisfied. Suddenly, a surge of spiritual energy flowed from her fingertips, instantly cooling the previously steaming water before handing it to Xu Nian.

Xu Nian took the cup from Ji Yuebai and drank. Her parched throat instantly felt much better.

However, her eyes caught a glimpse of a strange wine jug and the faint scent of peaches emanating from it. Wasn’t this the custom peach drink she had ordered from the cook some days ago? Yuebai had even remembered to buy it for her.

Xu Nian blinked and said, “Yuebai, I’m still thirsty.”

As Yuebai moved to pour her more water, Xu Nian quickly extended her hand from under the blanket, stopping her.

“No, I want the peach one.”

As Xu Nian moved, the soft blanket slid over her even smoother skin, swiftly caught by her wrist to cover her body. Yet, large areas of her fair, creamy skin were still exposed, the delicate red marks on her tender flesh all too conspicuous.

When Ji Yuebai turned back with the peach drink, she was greeted with this scene. Her dark eyes darkened imperceptibly, her fingers nonchalantly pulling the blanket up a bit more for Xu Nian.

Xu Nian accepted the sweet, cool peach drink, finishing it in one go. The sweet taste of peach filled her mouth, leaving a delightful flavor on her lips.

“Is this what happiness feels like? If only life could always be like this,” she thought.

Seeing Xu Nian finish her drink, Ji Yuebai naturally took the empty cup, refilling it and handing it back to her.

Xu Nian’s embarrassment was now forgotten. The peach drink was tasty, but it lacked a certain fun and texture. Thinking this, her eyes swept over the beautifully shaped lips of the woman beside her.

She licked her lower lip and playfully tugged at Ji Yuebai’s pristine sleeve, cooing, “Yuebai, my lips are a bit dry.”

Ji Yuebai looked at her lips, thoughtfully pondering for a moment before standing up, “I remember that women in the mortal world use a kind of grease or balm for their lips. Wait here for a moment; I’ll go and buy some for you.”

Xu Nian pouted her lips and handed the peach drink back to Ji Yuebai, “That will take too long. Why don’t you use it to moisturize them for me?”


Ji Yuebai instantly understood Xu Nian’s intention. Her face turned a slight shade of red, but she complied with Xu Nian’s request. She took a mouthful of the peach-scented drink, then leaned down to cover Xu Nian’s lips with her own.

It seemed to be merely to help Xu Nian with her problem, as her thin lips, carrying the cool peach drink, continuously ground against Xu Nian’s. The soft touch of lips, the coolness mixed with the sweet taste of peach, created a unique and thrilling experience.

At first, it was just a light taste, but soon it turned into a passionate and mutual pursuit. The sweet flavor immersed them both, creating a desire for more, evolving into an intense tangle of lips and tongues.

Sticky peach juice trickled down the corner of Xu Nian’s lips, trailing down her neck to her collarbone, seeping into the hidden expanse of her pale skin. Her entire body was now tinged with the tempting scent of peaches.

Forgetting the initial purpose, Ji Yuebai’s cool lips followed the trail of peach juice along Xu Nian’s lips and chin, tenderly kissing and licking the traces away. Xu Nian’s body compliantly moved closer, offering convenience to Ji Yuebai, her waist arching in an incredible curve, seemingly craving Ji Yuebai’s affection.

The blanket that once served as a cover was now just a rolled-up bundle beside them, having lost its purpose. Heat flared up in Xu Nian’s body, her legs entwining around Ji Yuebai’s slender waist. Her charming eyes were filled with an unquenched desire. In a soft and tender voice, her breath erratic, she whispered, “Yuebai, I’m so hot, give me…”

Xu Nian knew it was the drive of the mating season, but a gentle stir was enough to cause a storm inside her, her body clamoring for Ji Yuebai’s comfort.

“Okay,” Ji Yuebai’s normally cool voice now carried an undeniable warmth.

The next moment, the cool peach drink flowed along her fair skin, scattering across her body. The sudden chill against her searing skin made her shiver uncontrollably. Xu Nian whimpered involuntarily, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sensation, tears of physiological response brimming at the edges of her reddened eyes.

Ji Yuebai’s cool kisses fell like gentle rain on her neck and body.

Xu Nian gradually succumbed to the sea of desire Ji Yuebai evoked, lost in the rippling waves, like a small boat in a tempest or a drowning person clutching desperately at a piece of driftwood. Her consciousness ebbed and flowed, ultimately overwhelmed by the surging pleasure.

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