What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 96

Swayed by Xu Nian’s pleading, Ji Yuebai agreed to retreat with her into a hidden mountain forest, a place of pristine natural beauty, rarely touched by human footprints.

Xu Nian brought out an old, dusty courtyard artifact from her storage bag to use. This luxurious courtyard, when infused with spiritual stones, unfolded and blended seamlessly into the landscape, painting a picture of poetic beauty. However, for safety’s sake, Xu Nian chose to abandon its lavish exterior and activated its concealment feature. Under her control, the courtyard’s appearance gradually merged with the surrounding scenery, becoming indistinguishable from it.

The courtyard artifact was fully equipped with all the basic necessities of life, everything one could think of, and then some. There was no need for any additional purchases.

Given the current cultivation levels of Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai, they didn’t need to eat. They could simply cultivate and absorb spiritual energy to sustain their bodies.

And so, the two settled down in this tranquil abode.

For Xu Nian, life in the mountains was even more comfortable than in Serpent Valley. With her fourteenth-rank demon beast cultivation, just a slight release of her pressure was enough to petrify nearby beasts, ensuring no threats dared approach her. To other demons and evils, she was the biggest threat.

Sometimes, when she craved something tasty, she would disguise herself with illusion magic and pack some food and drinks from a nearby town’s tavern to enjoy with Ji Yuebai. Most of the time, however, Ji Yuebai would just taste a bit, spending the rest of the time gently watching her eat.

This made Xu Nian feel quite embarrassed, so she took a delicate wine pot and poured some wine into Ji Yuebai’s cup, saying, “This wine pot can endlessly pour out fine wine. The taste is not strong, but sweet and fragrant. Try it, Yuebai.”

Ji Yuebai nodded and was about to touch the cup when Xu Nian swiftly took it from her.

Her soft, slender fingers gently grasped the cup, tilting her head back to sip the clear liquid. A few droplets of the sparkling wine traced a path down her elegant chin, gliding swiftly along her long, pale neck to her collarbone, vanishing into the subtly parted collar of her clothes.

Ji Yuebai restrained her gaze, but Xu Nian had already moved around the small table, with a flirtatious pose, kneeling on her, her soft arms gently encircling Ji Yuebai’s neck, and she lowered her head to press her wine-moistened red lips onto hers.

Her lips, made tender and moist from the wine, were irresistibly smooth and sweet, tempting Ji Yuebai to discover and indulge in their taste. As their lips and tongues intertwined, the air around them was filled with a rich, sweet fragrance, captivating and addicting.

Even though Ji Yuebai sensed that Xu Nian’s intentions might not be entirely genuine, she found herself irresistibly drawn in.

Ji Yuebai tightened her hold around Xu Nian’s slender waist, eager to cast aside all doubts and reservations.

In her arms, Xu Nian’s enchanting and soft body seemed to dissolve into a pool of water.

After a tender kiss on Ji Yuebai’s lips, Xu Nian propped herself up on the couch, her dainty tongue lightly grazing her lower lip. She looked at Ji Yuebai with sparkling eyes and a playful smile: “This wine… isn’t it sweet?”

Her silky, satin-like hair cascaded down, brushing gently against Ji Yuebai’s cheek.

In her captivating black eyes, there seemed to be a shimmering pool of emotions, and her reddened lips still showed the traces of their passionate embrace.

The surging desires within grew increasingly unbearable.

Ji Yuebai closed her eyes, reflecting on the “Xu Nian” in front of her. What kind of illusion had she fallen into? What was she experiencing that led her to persistently attempt to seduce Ji Yuebai in every conceivable manner, as though she genuinely saw her as a saint?

Maybe it was a situation where having too much free time led to wandering thoughts. With no external pressures, Xu Nian appeared determined to provoke Ji Yuebai into abandoning her vows, eager to witness her lose control, her heart restless with anticipation.

But Xu Nian didn’t expect success on her first attempt. If not at once, then why not try a few more times? Failure, after all, is the mother of success, and each failure was a lesson learned.

Tilting her head, Xu Nian stealthily observed Ji Yuebai for a while. Seeing no response, she tactfully rose to leave.

In the next instant, the table on the couch flipped over, scattering the wine pot and cups across the floor.

A warm breath brushed against Xu Nian’s neck, and suddenly, she realized her hands were pinned above her head by Ji Yuebai, leaving her immobilized on the couch.

Xu Nian was momentarily taken aback.

Then, Ji Yuebai’s cool lips found her neck, biting and licking with a hint of punishment, her breath unabashedly teasing Xu Nian’s skin. Xu Nian writhed uncontrollably, a strange sensation surging through her body.

Simultaneously, Ji Yuebai’s slender fingers hooked onto Xu Nian’s sash, skillfully untying it, and the once secure sash loosened and fell away. The loosely bound clothes suddenly opened up. Xu Nian instinctively struggled, but her legs were further spread apart.

Ji Yuebai’s voice remained cool, yet tinged with desire: “Is this what you wanted?”

Before Xu Nian could reply, Ji Yuebai’s cool, calloused fingers moved from her reddened neck downwards, caressing her delicate collarbone.

Xu Nian’s voice, already soft, trembled even more: “Yes… I want to be treated like this by Yuebai.”

No sooner had these words left her lips than Ji Yuebai’s grip suddenly intensified, as if losing control.

Xu Nian couldn’t hold back and let out a cry.

Waves of emptiness surged within her, and the heat from her recent advancement to the fourteenth-rank returned. She longed to rub her cheek against Ji Yuebai’s fingers.

But Ji Yuebai, standing before her, withdrew mercilessly, her calloused fingers gently covering Xu Nian’s lips.

“Ah Nian, wait a little longer.”

Xu Nian, in distress, protested, “Wait for what?”

Ji Yuebai’s cool voice grew huskier, “I want to wait for your answer.”

Xu Nian felt like crying but had no tears. She tugged at her sleeve, “Yuebai, I’m right here.”

But Ji Yuebai suddenly fell silent.

Xu Nian wanted to say more, but Ji Yuebai lifted her in his arms and carried her through the room, stopping before the misty hot spring bath in the backyard.

Could it be a lovers’ bath?

Just as she thought this, Xu Nian found herself tossed into the water. She touched her face in grievance as she stood up, only to realize that Ji Yuebai had already left.

Xu Nian was at a loss for tears, unable to comprehend the riddle Ji Yuebai was playing, wondering what answer she sought. Wasn’t Xu Nian right there?

Ji Yuebai spent several cycles of breath regulation to finally calm down.

Initially, she had only intended to scare Xu Nian, to make her back off, but unexpectedly, seeing Xu Nian in that state nearly broke her restraint.

What she desired was not a Xu Nian lost in illusion offering herself, but a fully aware Xu Nian saying those words to her.

The Xu Nian in Serpent Valley, blushing as she regained her memory, fighting with determination, desiring from her heart to become stronger to protect herself… all these facets of Xu Nian moved her deeply.

The Xu Nian, deeply lost in the illusion and using various means to seduce her, was also incredibly endearing. But Ji Yuebai worried that this behavior was imposed by the illusion, not Xu Nian’s true will.

Perhaps, when Xu Nian leaves the illusion, Ji Yuebai should gather the courage to confess her own feelings.

With this thought, Ji Yuebai’s heart gradually settled.

But so much time had passed, and Xu Nian had not yet emerged from the bath.

Ji Yuebai remembered that when she was inadvertently affected by an aphrodisiac in Qingshui County, Xu Nian had used ice to quell her desires. Putting Xu Nian into the bath should have a similar effect.

She felt reluctant at heart, throwing such a delicate and soft Xu Nian directly into cold water, so she compromised by placing her in the warm pool instead.

Now, not seeing Xu Nian, she grew restless again. Hesitating for a moment, she decided to get up and check.

Outside the bathhouse, layers of sheer curtains hung, casting a warm, dim glow through their fabric, creating a soft, hazy light.

As Ji Yuebai approached the bathhouse, she heard a faint, delicate sound, like the weak mewling of a small kitten, with a teasing quality that tickled the heart.

Seeing Xu Nian was alright, Ji Yuebai intended to leave, but just as she took a step, she heard a suggestive moan.

— Yuebai.

Ji Yuebai froze for a moment.

Xu Nian… she was calling her name.

Realizing this, the vague, suggestive sounds became clearer, each one striking a chord in her heart.

In those entwining gasps, she distinctly called out “Yuebai.”

At that moment, Ji Yuebai almost wanted to flee, but then the woman in the pool suddenly cried out.

Her mind went blank, and all she could think about was ensuring Xu Nian’s safety.

She moved instantly to the edge of the bath, but the scene before her left Ji Yuebai completely stunned.

In the misty waters, a slender figure was faintly visible. Her black hair spread out in the water, her wet clothes clinging to her seductive body, outlining breathtaking curves. Her pale cheeks, steamed by the heat, were unnaturally flushed, and she curled up at the edge of the pool like a snake.

Her skin, like translucent jade, was reddened by the hard stones, yet she didn’t stop. Unaware of Ji Yuebai’s arrival, she suddenly seemed amused and softly called out, “Yuebai.”

The voice was both suggestive and aggrieved.

Ji Yuebai’s heart trembled, her voice losing its previous composure: “Xu Nian, are you… in pain?”

Hearing a familiar voice, Xu Nian looked up bewilderedly, her alluring eyes filled with pleading: “It hurts, I’m in so much pain, Yuebai… can you help me?”

Ji Yuebai’s fingers tensed: “Why is this happening?”

Xu Nian, sobbing, clutched her clothes, struggling to speak: “It’s the mating season that all beasts go through.”

“How could it be so intense?” Ji Yuebai leaned down, her fingers testing Xu Nian’s burning cheeks.

Like a droplet of water falling into hot lava, this slight touch only agitated Xu Nian more. How could it be enough? She suddenly entwined herself around Ji Yuebai, pulling her into the water.

She kissed her lips fiercely, her arms hooking around Ji Yuebai’s supple waist, panting with a threatening tone: “Ji Yuebai, if you refuse me again, I’ll find someone else to satisfy me.”

No sooner had her words fallen than the hand supporting her waist tightened, pressing her down onto the cold pool rocks. The clash of cold and heat triggered a shiver, and Xu Nian frantically grabbed Ji Yuebai’s pristine clothes. The next second, she was deeply kissed.

In Ji Yuebai’s gentle yet forceful movements, Xu Nian’s desire was gradually satisfied, then overindulged, and finally, she cried for mercy.

Just as the desire of her mating season began to wane, Ji Yuebai easily provoked it again.

For Xu Nian, time seemed unbearably long, from the bath to the bed and back to the water-changing bath. Despite her robust demon beastly body, she was completely drained by Ji Yuebai, even her voice hoarse.

Yet, the night was still long.

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