What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 95

At that moment, Xu Nian, who had been severely injured and lost her memory, found herself in the territory of the high-level demonic Qingxuan King Snake clan. Ji Yuebai might have pretended to protect her, playing along with her “act.” Xu Nian couldn’t let these absurd memories delude her into believing that Ji Yuebai had feelings for her.

Xu Nian tried hard to push aside those inappropriate memories from her mind and looked at Ji Yuebai again with renewed determination. Her dark eyes steady, she said, “Yuebai, thank you for sheltering me these past few months. You’ve always protected me, and I’ve always wanted to be strong enough to help you, but it seems I’ve only caused you trouble.”

Ji Yuebai gripped her sword tighter, her clear eyes intently fixed on Xu Nian. “Protecting you is something I willingly chose to do. I’ve never seen you as a burden. If possible, I want to keep protecting you forever.”

The words coming from Ji Yuebai sounded like a heartfelt confession, stirring and captivating.

Xu Nian’s heart raced uncontrollably, and her cheeks began to heat up again involuntarily. She coughed softly, attempting to explain in a low voice, “Although I’m a useless, weak snake, I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt to protect me. Seeing you hurt hurts me even more.”

Ji Yuebai paused, her striking black eyes fixed unblinkingly on Xu Nian, as if a torrent of intense emotions was about to flood through her typically desireless gaze.

Xu Nian, increasingly embarrassed under such direct scrutiny, showed Ji Yuebai her new skill to ease the awkwardness. “Look, now I can fight alongside you.”

She brought her fingertips together to form a cage-like shape, revealing the virtual images of the Elders trapped in the illusion. With her manipulations, the Elders nearby began attacking each other, unleashing their deadly techniques on one another.

The battle of the nine fifteenth-rank serpent demons shook the entire cliffside, their massive forms entwining and biting viciously, creating a ferociously brutal scene.

Xu Nian, her eyes wide with anticipation, looked at Ji Yuebai as if she were a child waiting for praise.

Ji Yuebai’s lips curled into a genuine smile of admiration. “Ah Nian, you really are amazing.”

Xu Nian’s heart soared with joy, but she maintained a composed facade, lowering her voice, “This time, it’s my turn to protect you.”

Unexpectedly, Ji Yuebai cooperatively moved behind Xu Nian, lightly tugging at her sleeve. Her voice, cool yet enticing, flowed like a spring into Xu Nian’s ear. “Thank you for this time, Ah Nian.”

The warm breath brushed softly against Xu Nian’s neck, sending a rush of heat to her cheeks, turning her as red as a ripe tomato.

How could Ji Yuebai, who had been so flirtatious during the months of her memory loss, be the same person? Xu Nian felt overwhelmed.

Distracted, her control over the illusion weakened. The Elders nearby were suddenly caught in a violent attack, their bodies exploding into pieces, leaving no trace of life.

Suddenly finding her accumulated illusion power depleted, Xu Nian lost her strength and fell backward, only to be caught in a warm, soft embrace.

The person behind her skillfully wrapped their arms around her waist, gently guiding the flow of energy in her body, supporting her to prevent her from collapsing to the ground.

Xu Nian’s body stiffened uncontrollably, remembering all she had done, and not done, with Ji Yuebai. Memories, however vivid, lacked the tangible feeling of reality. Knowing something had happened and actually experiencing it in the moment were vastly different.

Such an intimate posture was too suggestive, too passive, triggering a flood of memories from their time in the Serpent Valley.

“Xu Nian, are you alright?” i Yuebai used her spiritual energy to check Xu Nian’s meridians for injuries. Finding no physical injuries was one thing, but the wounds of an illusionist were often more intricate, hidden deep within the mind, elusive to detection.

Xu Nian, growing even more embarrassed by the question, tried to rise but found herself too weak to move. The drain of her illusion power left her head spinning and her vision darkening.

After several unsuccessful attempts, she gave in, “I… I feel dizzy. I need to rest for a bit.”

The next moment, Ji Yuebai effortlessly scooped Xu Nian into her arms, gently lifting her wrist to rest around her neck. Her voice was soothing, “Sleep now. I’m here.”

With that reassurance, Xu Nian’s consciousness relaxed and she quickly fell into a deep sleep, her head resting on Ji Yuebai’s body. In the darkness, she felt as if she were adrift in endless waves, surrounded by the moist, salty scent of the sea breeze, comforted by the familiar, refreshing aroma beside her, easing her dizziness.

Thus, she slipped into a sweet dream.

Given Xu Nian’s exhaustion and Qing Cheng’s serious injury, the responsibility of crossing the vast Eastern Sea fell on Ji Yuebai and Qing Jin.

Qing Jin tentatively suggested, “Maybe we should find a place to rest and recover, and set off again once my sister’s wounds heal a bit more.”

However, this suggestion was unanimously rejected by Ji Yuebai and Qing Cheng.

Firstly, they were uncertain if the death of the twelve Elders would provoke a greater response from the Elder Council. If more Elders were sent to hunt them down, they, already drained from the recent battles, would likely struggle against fully powered adversaries and might face their end there.

Ji Yuebai was acutely aware of her current state. After forcefully using several Lesser Escape Techniques, her spiritual energy was significantly depleted, and even maintaining the sword formation was becoming a strain. If not for Xu Nian suddenly taking control of the illusion, the outcome would have been unimaginable.

Qing Cheng stated that based on her estimation, it would take about half a month to fly out of the Eastern Sea. Her wounds would heal significantly in a few days, allowing her to take turns flying with them.

Unable to persuade Ji Yuebai and Qing Cheng, Qing Jin reluctantly transformed into her original form, supporting Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian, and the shrunken Qing Cheng as they set off on their journey.

While Qing Cheng focused on healing her wounds, Ji Yuebai took the opportunity to meditate and replenish her spiritual energy, simultaneously dealing with any demon beasts attempting to attack them from the air. After three days of such travel, Qing Jin, exhausted, handed over the task of flying the sword to Ji Yuebai. She rested and recuperated, aiding Ji Yuebai in scouting and handling threats.

Qing Cheng’s wounds had mostly healed, but she was still weak from blood loss. Although she insisted she could continue flying, Ji Yuebai and Qing Jin collectively disagreed. Qing Cheng then took on the role of actively scouting for dangers and addressing the threats posed by the demonic beasts attracted by their intrusion into their territories. With Qing Cheng’s assistance, the burden on Ji Yuebai and Qing Jin was considerably lessened.

Even Ji Yuebai hadn’t anticipated that one day she would collaborate so seamlessly with demon beasts.

The journey across the Eastern Sea to the cultivators’ continent took longer than Qing Cheng had predicted. Lacking experience, they deviated off course, but thankfully, they corrected their path in time and finally sighted land after more than twenty days of flight over the sea.

Fortunately, they had reached the human cultivators’ continent, a land long awaited by Qing Cheng and Qing Jin.

Xu Nian, however, remained unconscious throughout the journey. Her complexion was consistently rosy, and her breathing was steady, as if she were simply in a deep sleep. Apart from the extended duration of her sleep, there seemed to be no cause for concern.

Qing Cheng’s injuries were largely healed, though she was still weakened from excessive blood loss. She glanced at the still-unconscious Xu Nian and then at Ji Yuebai, who had been carefully guarding her. Hesitantly, she spoke up, “Previously, we made a pact with Lady Spirt Snake. We were to assist you in escaping the Eastern Sea Secret Realm, and in return, she would provide us with her blood to aid our complete transformation.”

“However, given our limited strength, we not only failed to assist you and Lady Spirit Snake but also inadvertently led you into a trap set by the Elder Council. It’s somewhat shameless to say, but we hope that you will consider our vow to protect Lady Xu Nian to death and grant us the promised reward.”

“As you know, with our current forms, we can hardly move freely in the human cultivators’ continent,” she said, glancing down at her and Qing Jin’s serpentine tails.

Qing Jin, her tail coiling in embarrassment, looked at Ji Yuebai with a pleading gaze, “I apologize for any offense we caused you and Lady Spirit Snake before. I was naive then, please help us this time.”

Ji Yuebai’s gaze fell on the still-unconscious Xu Nian in her arms, and she declined their request, “Since it’s a pact between you and Xu Nian, let’s wait for her to wake up and discuss it with her directly.”

Qing Cheng was taken aback, not expecting a refusal. She had observed Ji Yuebai’s gentle and meticulous care for Xu Nian and thought her to be a soft-hearted and easily approachable person. Despite their shared hardships, Qing Cheng hadn’t anticipated Ji Yuebai’s firmness, realizing her kindness was reserved solely for Xu Nian.

Qing Cheng didn’t persist, understanding that they hadn’t fulfilled their agreement with Xu Nian. It was Ji Yuebai who held off the Elders, allowing Xu Nian to seize the moment with her illusion, enabling their escape. If not for Ji Yuebai’s relentless flight, they wouldn’t have escaped the Serpent’s Valley. Rather than saying they helped Ji Yuebai, it was more accurate to say they depended on her for their escape. By both reason and sentiment, they had no right to demand the promised reward.

Qing Jin, disheartened yet more composed after their experiences, earnestly looked at Ji Yuebai, “Please let us know when Lady Spirit Snake awakens.”

However, as she finished speaking, Xu Nian in Ji Yuebai’s arms suddenly stretched out, yawning widely.

She opened her eyes, invigorated, “I feel like I had a very long dream…”

But her words halted midway as she suddenly noticed three pairs of eyes intently focused on her.

Xu Nian touched her face awkwardly, “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

Ji Yuebai’s voice, somewhat restrained, came from above, “Xu Nian, you’ve been unconscious for twenty-two days.” Her voice, low and trembling, seemed to carry a tinge of heartache.

Realizing she was still nestled in Ji Yuebai’s arms, with the latter’s hands securely supporting her back as if afraid she might fall, Xu Nian felt a stir in her heart. She gently wrapped her arms around Ji Yuebai’s neck, comforting her, “Don’t worry, see? I’ve woken up just fine.”

She didn’t feel any weakness or discomfort. On the contrary, she felt full of energy.

Ji Yuebai fixed her gaze on Xu Nian for a few seconds, her deep, dark eyes making Xu Nian inexplicably nervous.

Suddenly, Ji Yuebai asked, “You said before that you remembered everything… do you still remember now?”

Her question was vague, leaving Xu Nian puzzled. She frowned in thought, “Let me think… Oh, are you talking about our plan to go to the world of cultivators together? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about that.”

Qing Cheng had explained that overexerting her illusion power would cause Xu Nian to retreat into a fantasy world to recover.

Now, she seemed to have slipped back into that realm of illusion.

As if suddenly recalling something, Xu Nian looked around, noticing a change in her surroundings. The environment was drastically different from the gloomy and dark atmosphere of the Serpent Valley. Here, the sky was bright, and the air felt much fresher.

She looked at Ji Yuebai, then at the puzzled Qing Cheng and Qing Jin, and excitedly asked, “Have we escaped from the Serpent Valley?”

Qing Cheng nodded, “Yes.”

Qing Jin blinked, “That’s right.”

Lastly, Xu Nian looked to Ji Yuebai for confirmation.

Ji Yuebai’s voice sounded indulgent and amused, “They’re not lying to you.”

Hearing this, Xu Nian excitedly hugged Ji Yuebai tightly and kissed her passionately. She then hugged Qing Cheng and Qing Jin enthusiastically, “That’s wonderful! Hahaha.”

She quickly pulled out a marked porcelain bottle from her storage bag and handed it to Qing Cheng, “Here, this is the reward we agreed on.”

Qing Cheng stared at the bottle, her fingers trembling as she took it from Xu Nian’s hand, unable to believe it was given so readily.

As if remembering something else, Xu Nian dug into another storage bag and pulled out two more bottles of blood she had taken from Elder Qing Lu. She enthusiastically handed them to Qing Cheng and Qing Jin, “Since we know each other, I don’t have much to give, but you might need this. We’re all part of the same race, so I hope we won’t lose touch.”

The more sincere Xu Nian was, the more embarrassed Qing Cheng felt.

Xu Nian felt a deep sense of guilt as she realized that she had wrongly suspected Qing Cheng and Qing Jin of deceitful intentions. They had been worried she would refuse to fulfill their agreement, citing their inability to assist her as a reason. In fact, they even considered deceiving Ji Yuebai to secure their reward while Xu Nian was unconscious.

Holding the porcelain bottle, both Qing Cheng and Qing Jin glanced towards Ji Yuebai, who had softened remarkably since Xu Nian’s awakening. Even her tone was the gentlest it had been in over twenty days. “Since it’s Xu Nian’s wish, you should accept it,” Ji Yuebai said.

Xu Nian added, “Right, we’ve shared hardships together, no need for formalities. I even doubted your intentions at first, but I’m thankful for your sincere help.”

Upon hearing this, Qing Cheng and Qing Jin finally put the bottles into their storage bags, expressing their remorse. “We behaved poorly, trying to claim our reward from your servant while you were unconscious.”

Xu Nian, blinking innocently, reassured them, “It’s alright, these were meant for you anyway. I’m sorry for keeping you worried by staying unconscious for so long.”

Their gratitude deepened. “If there’s ever anything you need help with, just let us know through the communication talisman you gave us,” they said.

“Thank you so much,” Xu Nian replied with a smile.

“It’s us who should be thanking you,” they responded, their faces also breaking into smiles.

Qing Cheng and Qing Jin, having read about the world of human cultivators in the Serpent Valley, decided to find a place to cultivate and fully transform into their human forms. After healing and gaining strength, they planned to travel across the continent. With that, they bid farewell.

Xu Nian, meanwhile, was joyfully sitting on Ji Yuebai’s flying sword, admiring the magnificent rivers and landscapes below the clouds. Her bliss was interrupted when she suddenly remembered their destination and asked Ji Yuebai, “Where are we heading next?”

To her surprise, Ji Yuebai replied, “Back to the Tian Yuan Sect.”

Xu Nian nearly fell off the flying sword in shock. She had forgotten that Ji Yuebai was a beloved disciple of a Nascent Soul elder in the Tian Yuan Sect, the largest cultivation sect. And Xu Nian herself was a demonic cultivator, pursued and despised by the orthodox sects. Worse, she had seduced Ji Yuebai, the main character. If Ji Yuebai’s master found out, Xu Nian feared she might be obliterated on the spot.

Panicking about her impending doom, Xu Nian fabricated an excuse. “Stop, please stop, I think I’m feeling unwell.”

But instead of slowing down, the sword sped up. Ji Yuebai reassured her, “Don’t worry, we’ll reach Taiyi Sect in a couple of hours. Master Zizhu at Xingjin Peak is renowned for his skills in pill making. He’ll definitely be able to help you.”

Hearing they were heading to a renowned cultivator of pills, Xu Nian panicked even more, fearing they might use her as an ingredient for their pills.

Lost in her thoughts, Xu Nian unexpectedly hugged Ji Yuebai tightly around the waist and pressed her face into her back, softly whimpering, “Yuebai, I’m scared. Can we skip visiting the Tian Yuan Sect for now? I need a moment to compose myself. We can go there later.”

Upon hearing her request, the flying sword came to a sudden stop, hanging in the clouds as though they were in a heavenly palace. Ji Yuebai’s tone became gentle, offering comfort, “Okay, we won’t go back. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll go.”

Xu Nian’s sobbing ceased for a moment, like a child whose wishes were suddenly granted, her voice tinged with disbelief and joy, “Really?”

Ji Yuebai affirmed gently, “Yes.”

Feeling Xu Nian’s soft hands wrapped around her waist, Ji Yuebai sensed her moving closer, resting her chin in the nape of her neck, softly and sweetly wheedling, “Yuebai, you’re the best.”

Ji Yuebai’s heart melted with these words. What harm would there be in accompanying her like this indefinitely?

Then, a soft sensation brushed her ear, causing her to stiffen. Xu Nian had begun to playfully nibble on her earlobe.

Her tongue teasingly flicked and twirled around Ji Yuebai’s sensitive ear, followed by soft bites and sucks. Ji Yuebai found herself involuntarily biting her lip, her voice husky, “Xu Nian, stop it.”

Xu Nian’s lips finally left the now reddened and heated earlobe of Ji Yuebai. Before Ji Yuebai could fully relax, Xu Nian’s warm breath tickled her ear again, her voice sultry and enticing, with a hint of teasing, “I like Ji Yuebai the most.”

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