What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 99

Sharing a bed and nestling close together in their sleep.

There couldn’t be a happier moment than this.

When Xu Nian awoke, she found herself gazing at Ji Yuebai’s delicate profile, captivated and unable to look away.

Sensing Xu Nian’s gaze, Ji Yuebai’s long lashes slowly lifted, revealing moist, slightly bewildered black eyes. Her beautiful lips were no longer restrained as usual.

Such a vulnerable expression was rare for Ji Yuebai, and Xu Nian couldn’t resist leaning in to kiss those soft lips again and again, turning them a flushed cherry-red against her pale, jade-like face.

Ji Yuebai’s chest rose and fell gently, her voice shaky, “Ah Nian.”

Xu Nian nuzzled her cheek, her lips finding Ji Yuebai’s neck, growing bolder, “You just rest, Yuebai, let me do this.”

The icy snow mountain melted with the heat, transforming into a gushing spring that brought the moisture of spring. The once cold ice, under the intense pursuit, melted into a pool of spring water. Her devout follower had no resistance against it, and in the prolonged torment, the temperature rose and boiled, layers collapsed, eventually merging with her, bone and flesh intertwined.

After thoroughly indulging with Ji Yuebai, even to the point of not sparing her in the morning, Xu Nian felt a bit guilty and thus was excessively attentive.

Ji Yuebai had to rely on her for dressing, with Xu Nian eagerly handing her sleeves, acting like a doting attendant.

Ji Yuebai, unaccustomed to such fuss, gently protested, “Ah Nian, there’s no need for all this.”

Her voice was somewhat hoarse, as if she had restrained herself too much.

Xu Nian’s lips curved mischievously, whispering in Ji Yuebai’s ear, “You told me not to hold back, Yuebai, but now you’re being so reserved. Why so silent?”

Recalling the previous night, Xu Nian relished the memory. Only in those most captivating moments did Ji Yuebai involuntarily let out soft moans, otherwise remaining silent, biting her lip in restraint.

But Xu Nian was fascinated by that sound – she always found Ji Yuebai’s voice clear and beautiful, like crystal breaking, but only then did she discover how soul-stirring her broken, emotional whispers could be. It excited Xu Nian so much that she became reckless in her actions afterward, eager to hear that intoxicating sound again. Yet, since then, Ji Yuebai had become even more enduring.

Now, hearing Xu Nian’s words, Ji Yuebai glanced at her with a faint look in her eyes, her tone dropping a few notches: “Why, does Ah Nian want to hear it?”

There was a hint of threat in her words, as if warning Xu Nian not to be too bold, reminding her that they had plenty of time together ahead.

Who would have thought that the usually cold and noble Ji Yuebai cared about her dignity too?

Xu Nian struggled to suppress her laughter, feigning respect, “Not at all, not at all. For the esteemed Yuebai to graciously spend such wonderful evenings with someone as ordinary as me is already a tremendous honor. How could I possibly presume to want more?”

Ji Yuebai’s cheeks flushed even more. “This rascal side of you, who did you learn it from?”

Xu Nian leaned in and kissed her cheek playfully, teasing, “I learned it all by myself after meeting you.”

In these days, Ji Yuebai had been venturing into the mortal world more frequently.

Sometimes she brought back beautiful dresses for Xu Nian, sometimes exquisite demon cores, a whole box full of them. Besides these, she also brought various kinds of jewelry, delicious snacks, and even caught many Nine-Turn Red Feather Birds from far away to make a soft down quilt for Xu Nian.

It was as if she was a bird meticulously building a nest after courtship.

On this particular day, the winter sun shone unusually bright.

Ji Yuebai brought back a bunch of Dewdrop Flowers for Xu Nian, a rare spiritual medicine that could help illusion cultivators enhance their powers.

Xu Nian had never seen such a unique flower. The light purple petals shimmered dreamlike under the sunlight, appearing as though they belonged in a fantasy.

Xu Nian intended to place the flowers in a vase but was stopped by Ji Yuebai. “These can be used to enhance your illusion powers. They are beneficial for illusion cultivators.”

Should it be said that it’s typical of a sword cultivator to consider the practical value even in giving flowers?

Hearing Ji Yuebai’s explanation, Xu Nian took an ice jade box from her storage bag, carefully placing the Dewdrop Flowers inside to better preserve their efficacy.

Before storing the box away, Xu Nian took one flower and, following Ji Yuebai’s instructions, used her spiritual energy to extract and absorb its essence. Indeed, strands of illusion power flowed into her body.

However, as the illusion power surged, her memories jolted violently.

Her mind became a whirlpool of chaotic memories, unable to distinguish what was real and what was illusion. Was she Xu Nian, the little green snake struggling in the cultivation world for sixty years, or the demon snake Xu Nian, tasked with aiding the female protagonist to achieve her path?

She couldn’t tell. She really couldn’t tell.

In recent days, the urging voice in her mind grew more insistent, pushing her to complete her task.

She had been deceiving herself all this time, pretending that the voice didn’t exist.

But now, that voice in her mind issued Xu Nian a final ultimatum.

If she didn’t follow its directives, Ji Yuebai, the female protagonist, wouldn’t be able to survive the major tribulation of life and death. At the time of ascension, she would be struck by the heavenly thunder and perish, her soul scattered, her Dao annihilated.

The voice also warned Xu Nian that if she continued her obstinacy, the cycle would restart, and another suitor would be sent to help the female protagonist through this tribulation.

Ji Yuebai, concern filling her dark eyes, asked, “Is it a side effect of the Dewdrop Flower?”

Xu Nian shook her head, “No, my body is fine.”

Ji Yuebai relaxed slightly, “That’s good. Next time you absorb the Dewdrop Flower, remember to call me to protect you.”

After a prolonged internal struggle, Xu Nian finally made a resolute decision.

“Yuebai, the truth is… I’ve been deceiving you.”

Ji Yuebai paused slightly, her lashes fluttering, but she remained silent.

Xu Nian recalled the threatening voice in her mind and closed her eyes, each word heavy with resolve. “Actually, I have never loved you. All of this was just to confuse your Dao heart.”

“Yuebai, you’ve been too good to me, and I can’t bear to deceive you any longer.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the fingers holding her tightened suddenly.

Had Ji Yuebai become angry? It was only natural, she thought.

But this way, maybe she could fulfill that voice’s mission and allow Yuebai to ascend successfully.

What remained was… to provoke her and let her kill Xu Nian.

Xu Nian’s heart trembled; she couldn’t bring herself to utter such cruel words.

Finally, she looked up bravely into Ji Yuebai’s eyes, only to see that her expression was not of betrayal or anger, but rather a resigned acceptance, as if she had been expecting this day.

“Ah Nian, I know,” Ji Yuebai said with a self-deprecating smile.

“From the very beginning, I knew you were deceiving me. But seeing your face, I shamefully fell for it.”

“Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I think about how you would blame me for being shameless when you find out.”

“But seeing your smile, I greedily wonder if there might be even a tiny bit of love for me in your heart.”

Her voice was cool and calm, but it was laced with a suffocating sadness.

Xu Nian wanted to embrace her, to kiss her, to tell her how much she loved her.

But she couldn’t.

She forced a casual smile, “So, you knew all along. I thought I was quite convincing.”

Ji Yuebai shook her head gently, “No, you were very successful. If you were willing to keep up the act, I would even want to continue living like this with you.”

She blamed herself for indulging in the illusion, for sinking so deep into the fantasy with Xu Nian, for bringing it all upon herself.

Xu Nian’s voice was hoarse, “I can’t anymore. It’s time.”

Ji Yuebai gazed at her, “What do you want?”

Qing Zhi once said that forcibly taking her out of the illusion could trigger the illusionary mechanisms, plunging Xu Nian deeper into another layer of the illusion. At this moment, Ji Yuebai could only go along with her.

She could see that even the Xu Nian within the illusion had no intention of harming her.

Xu Nian looked down, speaking softly, “It should be easy for you now. All you need to do… is to kill me.”

After saying all this, Xu Nian seemed to finally breathe a sigh of relief. She took Ji Yuebai’s sword and gently placed it in her hand.

However, despite waiting, Ji Yuebai did not move to strike. It seemed odd to Xu Nian. After all, she had deceived and played with Ji Yuebai; surely the proud sword cultivator must be furious.

Confused, Xu Nian looked towards Ji Yuebai, only to have her vision blocked by a slender finger, casting her world into darkness.

“Is this the end for me? How considerate of Yuebai,” Xu Nian thought, tilting her head slightly, making it easier for Ji Yuebai to end her life swiftly and painlessly.

But instead of the expected blow, soft, cool lips pressed against hers. In the enveloping darkness, her other senses heightened – the soft touch, the fresh scent – all vividly invaded her mind, leaving no room for other thoughts.

Xu Nian was stunned. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

The cool scent receded.

“Ah Nian, I can’t bear to do it,” Ji Yuebai’s voice was low, resonating deeply in her ear.

Xu Nian’s breath hitched. That simple phrase from Ji Yuebai shattered her defenses completely.

She also… couldn’t bear to part with Yuebai.

Suddenly, a tremendous rumbling echoed from afar, a rare and alarming sound that set the forest birds and beasts into a frenzy. It seemed to come from the direction of Tian Yuan Sect.

The mountain forest, technically part of Tian Yuan Sect’s territory but located on its outskirts with sparse spiritual energy, had been an ideal secluded spot for Ji Yuebai and Xu Nian, who possessed ample spiritual stones.

Ji Yuebai smoothed Xu Nian’s hair, comforting, “There’s trouble at the sect, and I must return. Wait here for me, Ah Nian. Once I’ve dealt with the sect matters, I’ll come back for you, okay?”

It was curious how Ji Yuebai could so certainly discern that the disturbance was at Tian Yuan Sect from such a vague sign.

Xu Nian clutched at Ji Yuebai’s robe, puzzled, “Have you been back to the sect already?”

Guilt shadowed Ji Yuebai’s dark eyes, “I’m sorry, Ah Nian. You don’t like Tian Yuan Sect, so I never told you.”

So, it wasn’t just Xu Nian hiding things from Yuebai; Yuebai had her secrets too.

A wave of sourness surged in Xu Nian’s heart, suddenly overwhelmed by her emotions.

Clutching Yuebai’s sleeve tightly, Xu Nian spoke defiantly, “Yuebai, I won’t let you go.”

Ji Yuebai gazed at her tenderly, “I won’t leave you behind.”

Nonsense, Yuebai must be deceiving her. After saying such hurtful things, she must want Xu Nian to feel the same pain as revenge.

Unconsciously, Xu Nian’s thoughts took a radical turn. Watching Ji Yuebai gradually pull her sleeve from her grasp, Xu Nian blurted out in panic, “Yuebai, if you go, then don’t bother coming back.”

Ji Yuebai hesitated for a moment but still left without looking back.

Ultimately, she chose her duty to the sect over Xu Nian.

This was the melodramatic love story Xu Nian scripted for herself.

In reality, before leaving, Ji Yuebai not only consoled Xu Nian but also entrusted her storage bag to her, assuring her that her entire fortune was with Xu Nian and that she would definitely return.

However, the illusion-bound Xu Nian selectively ignored these aspects, fixating only on the narrative she preferred.

Moreover, to reinforce her tragic image, Xu Nian in the illusion indulged in the Dewdrop Flowers from her storage bag, consuming them recklessly to intensify her self-imposed agony.

Despite the flowers’ uncomfortable side effects, their potency in replenishing illusion power was undeniable. Her actions not only fully replenished Xu Nian’s illusion power but also pulled her out of the torturous illusion.

As memories flooded back, Xu Nian couldn’t help but shed wide tears of realization.

“No, can’t I go back?” she thought, wishing the illusionary Xu Nian could face reality for her.

She regretted indulging in fiction about female leads in bed, such as stories about pursuing wives or paths of cultivation through spousal sacrifice. Now, she was bearing the consequences.

Essentially, the Xu Nian in the illusion was merely a version of herself framed by her own fantasies.

Confronted with this awkward reality and wishing to distance herself from her illusionary self, Xu Nian realized it was an impossible dream – that was still her.

A deep analysis of Xu Nian’s heart would reveal:

Did she love Ji Yuebai? Yes, profoundly so, a love that grew from their extended companionship.

Did she desire Ji Yuebai? Absolutely, but she was too timid to admit it, daring in thought but not in action.

Was she jealous of Ji Yuebai returning to the sect? Undoubtedly, feeling as if she had swallowed a jar of vinegar. But if it were her now, she would graciously let Ji Yuebai go, without worrying about herself.

The Xu Nian in the illusion, free from self-restraint, acted upon her truest desires.

Even the setting of the illusion might well be the realization of Xu Nian’s secret fantasies.

But the real Xu Nian struggled to adjust.

For example, it was like secretly pining for an unattainable love, only to wake up one day and find them transformed into a loving spouse, with whom she shared daily morning and evening kisses.

Who could handle such a drastic change?

Certainly not Xu Nian. Just recalling their intimate days and nights, and the boundless tenderness, her blood vessels nearly burst from the excitement of those stimulating scenes.

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