What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 100

Xu Nian gently touched her lips, lost in thought for a while, marveling at how the entire experience felt like a beautiful dream.

Doubting her reality, she pinched her thigh hard, wincing at the pain. If this was a dream, it felt incredibly real.

Her primary concern now was how to face Ji Yuebai. Recalling her own dramatic actions, Xu Nian felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her, her skin crawling uncomfortably.

While thinking, she rubbed her arms, trying to shake off the chills.

Then, an idea struck her. Considering the circumstances, why not continue pretending to be trapped in that wretched illusion after meeting Ji Yuebai? This way, she could avoid facing the awkwardness head-on and guiltlessly call Yuebai her dear wife, and be affectionate with her.

“Ah, what a simple yet brilliant plan for romance,” she thought, preparing to set off to Tian Yuan Sect to find… Yuebai.

For precaution, to avoid revealing her recovered memory to Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian practiced in front of the mirror for an hour. She practiced calling “Yuebai” in a coy voice, and making affectionate gestures like looping her arms around Yuebai’s neck for a kiss. Practicing these made her question her sanity.

“Better to practice this ‘in the field’,” she decided.

Before leaving, however, Xu Nian found a red paper with ink script on a nearby desk.

Driven by curiosity, she approached it. The gold-embossed red paper was written in the script of the cultivation world, which she could not fully understand. However, she recognized their names, taught by Ji Yuebai – Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai, neatly written side by side.

The style of the document resembled a marriage proposal.

Holding the red paper carefully, Xu Nian scrutinized it, barely understanding a few simple characters. Yet, her lips uncontrollably curved into a broad smile.

She wanted to commend her illusionary self for such a brilliant move. She forgave herself. After all, what’s more important than her wife?

Xu Nian cautiously placed the marriage document in a jade box meant for preserving spiritual herbs. After a thought, she took out a lavish mysterious metal box she had looted from the storage bag of the Qingxuan King Snake, tossed aside its contents, and placed the jade box with the marriage document inside.

Feeling something was still missing, she added various demon cores gifted by Yuebai, filling the gaps between the metal box and the jade box. She also added the demon cores of the twelve elders sent by the Qingxuan King Snake to hunt them down, making it brimming and dazzling with brilliance. Now, their respective “dowries” were all there.

Xu Nian admired the contents of the box for a long time before reluctantly closing it and storing it in her storage bag. According to her previous life’s knowledge, a marriage document required both parties’ handprints to be effective.

Gathering herself, Xu Nian set off towards Tian Yuan Sect, following her memories. As she approached, the illustrious peaks of the sect faintly appeared before her. Yet, before she could get closer, Xu Nian heard the dense sounds of fighting, the clash of weapons, and saw various colorful skills flashing under the clouds and mist. A day had passed since Ji Yuebai left to aid Tian Yuan Sect, and the battle was still raging.

Xu Nian was shocked and immediately started sprinting at full strength, hoping to quickly reach and help Ji Yuebai.

But as she approached, before even seeing the figures clearly, she felt the overwhelming pressure of several Immortalization stage cultivators.

Xu Nian quickly mobilized her spiritual power to resist. Although she had rapidly improved in illusion techniques due to the inheritance of the Water Moon Butterfly Illusion, her combat experience with illusion techniques was still limited. The opponents were Immortalization stage cultivators, and without observing them first, she found it difficult to deploy a large-scale illusion against them instantly.

As she tried to conceal her presence, she sensed a familiar aura. Looking back, she saw Ji Yuebai single-handedly battling three Immortalization demonic cultivators. With her frost sword formation, Ji Yuebai was fighting masterfully, alternating between feints and surprise attacks.

Although the demonic cultivators bore injuries, their dark robes concealed the severity, and the air was tinged with a faint scent of blood. Fortunately, Ji Yuebai seemed unharmed but weary.

Below, the cultivators of Tian Yuan Sect and the demonic cultivators were fighting fiercely, a matter of life and death. Although the demonic cultivators didn’t have the numerical advantage, they were forcing the Tian Yuan Sect cultivators into a retreat.

A familiar loud boom sounded again among the cultivators below.

A heavily injured demonic cultivator, enduring the attacks, charged into the midst of the Tian Yuan Sect disciples and self-destructed.

The tragic scene of a Immortalization stage cultivator self-destructing during the Fanyin Pavilion incident resurfaced in Xu Nian’s mind. When she looked up again, her dark eyes held a murderous intent towards those demonic cultivators.

Initially, the three Immortalization stage demonic cultivators thought she was just a demon beast who had strayed into the area and tried to scare her away with their aura. However, far from leaving, she charged into the battlefield.

The Immortalization stage demonic cultivators didn’t take this seriously. These demon beasts had been hunted by the so-called righteous human cultivators for over a hundred years. They believed that even if the demon beasts entered the battle, they would not turn against the demonic cultivators but rather focus on those seeking vengeance against them.

It seemed impossible.

The demonic cultivators hadn’t expected the fourteenth-rank demon beast to side against them, thinking she would attack the so-called righteous cultivators instead. But as Xu Nian joined the battke, they were taken aback by her aggressive stance.

Although a fourteenth-rank demon beast’s cultivation was almost equivalent to a human Nascent Soul stage cultivator, in actual combat, a human cultivator in the mid-Nascent Soul stage could probably defeat a fourteenth-rank demon beast, due to their numerous methods and tactics, far more cunning than the straightforward demon beasts. So, these Immortalization stage cultivators didn’t find it troublesome, as they could easily crush a Nascent Soul stage human cultivator like an ant.

But there was an exception to the usual fate, in the form of a swordsman from Tian Yuan Sect.

After their ambush at the Fanyin Pavilion, the Demonic Sect had launched a comprehensive assault plan on the world of cultivation. By sacrificing their Imortalization elders, they had decimated most of the elite disciples of the Eight Great Sects. In a self-destructive blow, they took with them a Imortalization cultivator and twenty-four Nascent Soul elders from the Fanyin Pavilion, significantly weakening the strength of the righteous sects.

In the year that followed, the entire Demonic Sect came out in full force, initiating a campaign against the Eight Great Righteous Sects.

The reason these eight were the top sects was simply because each housed at least one Immortalization cultivator. The top four sects each had two, while the others had just one.

The Demonic Sect’s strategy was to use unimaginable means to ambush these Imortalization cultivators, who were hidden deep within their sects. This resulted in a situation where, what was initially a disaster for the entire cultivation world, now only the previously glorious Eight Great Sects were struggling to hold on.

The smaller sects and schools all closed their doors, adopting an attitude of indifference.

After all, when the larger sects were competing for spiritual veins and secret cultivation realms, they never shared the spoils with the smaller sects. Now, in their time of crisis, these smaller sects were not inclined to share their fate. Besides, the Demonic Sect was so powerful that they had even slain Imortalization cultivators; what could these smaller sects possibly do in such turbulent waters?

Naturally, this left the Eight Great Sects increasingly isolated and without support.

There had been arrogant Imortalization cultivators who tried to confront these bold demonic cultivators. However, figures like Yuanxian from Fanyin Pavilion, Jifeng from Wuji Sect, and Miaoyu from Prajna Pavilion all perished under the mysterious methods of the demonic cultivators.

They seemed to have devised something called “fire cannons” and “earth explosives.” These weapons had gruesomely killed Miaoyu, who had carelessly walked into a trap. His flesh was torn apart, and before his soul could escape, it was crushed on the spot by a Immortalization demonic cultivator lying in wait.

If only the Immortalization cultivators of the Eight Great Sects had united and struck together, they could have eradicated these few, but arrogant, demonic cultivators. But these ancient beings, close to ascension and cherishing their lives, were reluctant to be the first to act. After all, reaching the Immortalization stage wasn’t just a matter of luck or coincidence; each had survived an era of deception and struggle.

To say they would act together was a joke. Who could guarantee they wouldn’t be sacrificed as cannon fodder against the Demonic Sect’s tricks?

With each of them thinking this way, no one wanted to make sacrifices for others.

This led to the current stalemate.

The Immortalization cultivators of the sects, wary of the Demonic Sect’s secret weapons, refused to come forth. The remaining backbone of the sects struggled under the assault of the Demonic Sect. The Demonic Sect, holding powerful weapons, also hesitated to fully unleash their capabilities, fearing these disciples might be pawns thrown out by the elders to test their strength.

The arrival of Xu Nian, however, broke the months-long deadlock at Tian Yuan Sect.

First, she unleashed a large-scale illusion, causing the demonic cultivators below to start slaughtering each other. Then, she joined the battle with Ji Yuebai. Although her current strength wasn’t enough to directly confront the Immortalization cultivators, she synergized with Ji Yuebai, occasionally summoning fourteenth-rank poison blue snakes for surprise attacks, or trying to disrupt their formations with various illusions.

These Immortalization stage demonic cultivators were annoyed by her harassment. Originally, they were about to conquer Tian Yuan Sect and deal with the old Elder Bodhi, who was hiding inside. However, they were unexpectedly blocked by this late-stage Nascent Soul swordsman who, with her own strength, held them off for an entire day.

If it wasn’t for the need to keep their secret weapon hidden, to avoid giving Elder Bodhi of Tian Yuan Sect an opportunity to exploit a weakness, they would never have allowed this brash youngling to be so arrogant.

Compared to these major sects, the demonic cultivators were relatively poor in resources. Almost all of their assets were poured into cultivation. The higher the cultivation level, the more resources it required. Besides, life wasn’t easy for demonic cultivators out in the open; being spotted was like being a rat crossing the street, chased and hunted by all. Even as Immortalization cultivators, they were nearly penniless.

These Immortalization stage demonic cultivators watched Ji Yuebai casually throw out various disposable talismans and a myriad of other talismans in their battle. They couldn’t help but feel resentful: “Rich snobs, think they’re so great just because they have money.”

However, now there was also Xu Nian, already wealthy and having recently acquired the storage bags of the twelve elders and the clan leader Qing Huang from the Qingxuan King Snake clan. She was even richer, occasionally throwing out high-level disposable protective shields or equipping herself and Ji Yuebai with attribute-enhancing artifacts during breaks from conjuring her illusions.

During her time with Ji Yuebai, she had helped organize the storage bag and identified the unknown artifacts from the elders’ bags using identification talismans. She had also taught Xu Nian the basics of using these artifacts.

This swordsman was already nimble and unpredictable in her swordplay, making her a powerful and unexpected opponent in battle. A moment’s inattention could lead to serious disadvantage, and they had never encountered such a troublesome swordsman.

Unbeknownst to them, Ji Yuebai had broken through her limits in her life-and-death battle against the nine elders of the Qingxuan King Snake clan. Now, she was more than capable of handling these overmatched battles. It wasn’t just about resisting them for three days; she could fight for three more days and nights without much effort. She hadn’t even used her Lesser Escape Technique much, as they had never pushed her to her limits.

Now, with Xu Nian’s chaotic interference, not only could they not touch the swordsman, but they were also constantly hindered. Her attacks seemed weak, but they were targeted at vital points, whether it was the deadly summoned beasts or the mind-disturbing illusion attacks. A moment of carelessness could lead to serious trouble.

One of the Immortalization cultivators from the Demonic Sect couldn’t hold back and attempted to sow discord: “The terrible disaster that struck your demon race a hundred years ago was orchestrated by Elder Bodhi of the Tian Yuan Sect. How can you, being a demon beast, align yourself with them?”

Xu Nian, who was happily casting snakes and illusions from behind Ji Yuebai, hurriedly looked at her, fearing that she might misunderstand her because of the demonic cultivator’s instigation. Seeing that Ji Yuebai was fully focused on fighting the demons, showing no sign of wavering, Xu Nian scoffed in response: “If I don’t help my wife, should I help you? Ridiculous.”

Hearing this, the Immortalization demonic cultivators simultaneously showed a look of shock.

The hypocrites of Tian Yuan Sect had secretly allied themselves with a demonic cultivator.

How could that be? How could the demons who were slaughtered accept such injustice?

The situation was too fantastical to believe.

The Immortalization demonic cultivator who had tried to stir up trouble couldn’t believe this reality and turned to Ji Yuebai: “Hey, how can a talented swordsman like you tolerate a dirty demon beast calling you her wife?”

But as soon as he finished speaking, the young swordsman’s moves became fiercely aggressive. He retreated sharply in mid-air to dodge, and the cold, gleaming long sword almost grazed his mask, cutting off half of the hair beside it. Simultaneously, his sturdy mask cracked under the sharp blade.

“Didn’t you hear? She’s my Dao companion,” the young swordsman, who had hardly spoken during the day’s fight, explained on behalf of the demon beast.

Hearing this, Xu Nian’s heart blossomed with joy. She nodded seriously from behind: “That’s right, we are Dao companions.”

Indeed, ‘Dao companion’ sounded more dignified.

In the future, terms like ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ would be reserved for the privacy of their bed.

As the demonic cultivators attacking alongside the Immortalization cultivators died or got injured, those who narrowly escaped the illusion only to be caught by the disciples of Tian Yuan Sect were promptly eliminated.

The Immortalization cultivators, to their astonishment, found themselves unable to defeat this late-stage Nascent Soul swordsman. And now, to add to their troubles, a demon beast claiming to be the swordsman’s Dao companion had joined the battle. Although it was just a fourteenth-rank demon beast, it possessed rare illusionary skills and summoning abilities of the same level, making it a bizarre and powerful entity not only among demon beasts but also in the cultivation world.

In summary, the strength of this couple was exceptionally unique.

The situation started to turn in their favor with the sudden appearance of this demon beast.

Realizing that they couldn’t completely conquer Tian Yuan Sect at the moment, the Immortalization demonic cultivators exchanged glances and swiftly retreated, disappearing from the spot in an instant.

Their retreat was so rapid that Xu Nian was a bit slow to react.

“They’re leaving just like that?”

Ji Yuebai sheathed her sword, saying gravely, “It’s probably just a temporary retreat.”

But when she turned to Xu Nian, her tone softened: “Ah Nian, why are you here? Didn’t you say you’d wait for me at home yesterday?”

Xu Nian, recalling her practice in front of the mirror, complained, “You were taking so long to return, Yuebai, I couldn’t wait.”

Ji Yuebai seemed not to notice her odd behavior, instead, she seemed somewhat guilty as she enveloped Xu Nian’s fingers in her palm: “I’m sorry, Ah Nian. It’s my fault. I won’t leave you alone for so long again.”

Xu Nian felt a pang of guilt; she had been so bold, yet Ji Yuebai was still so gentle with her.

To hide her guilt, Xu Nian raised her hand to hug Ji Yuebai’s waist, but she was stopped midway. Her heart skipped a beat, worrying that she might be rejected.

But then she heard Ji Yuebai softly say, “I’m covered in dust. Let me change and bathe before I hug you, okay?”

Relieved, Xu Nian eagerly lunged into her arms, rubbing affectionately: “What are you saying? I’ve seen you in every state, Yuebai. How could I ever dislike you?”

Ji Yuebai helplessly smoothed her long hair: “Yes, you’re right, Ah Nian.”

Thankfully, they were above the clouds, hidden from the eyes below. Xu Nian felt free to be unrestrained.

However, when they descended to the sect with Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian became much more reserved, while Ji Yuebai firmly held her hand, never letting go from start to finish.

Perhaps it was because of the illusionary Xu Nian, who had cried and expressed her fear of the sect. Ji Yuebai held Xu Nian’s hand tightly, trying to give her a sense of security.

Listening to the disciples respectfully greeting Ji Yuebai as ‘Shishu’ and seeing those who recognized Xu Nian shocked at their clasped hands, none dared to speak a word more.

A few months ago, Ji Shishu, who had disappeared during the Fanyin Pavilion disciple competition, had reappeared and become the leader of Tian Yuan Sect’s resistance against the Demonic Sect. Not only did she break the Demonic Sect’s encirclement plans several times, but she also led the disciples in a counterattack, forcing the previously confident Demonic Sect to retreat back to their stronghold.

This time, the Demonic Sect seemed to have set their sights squarely on Tian Yuan Sect. After assessing the sect’s strength, they sent not one, but three Immortalization stage cultivators, although all were in the early stages of Immortalization. In the current righteous cultivation world, there were only nine Immortalization stage cultivators, and if the three slain by the Demonic Sect’s schemes were counted, the number totaled twelve.

Demonic cultivators, using their dark methods, accumulate cultivation rapidly, but their foundations aren’t as solid as those of the righteous path. Even though they were Immortalization cultivators, their actual strength couldn’t match that of the Nascent Soul cultivators from the Eight Great Sects.

Despite this, they were still formidable Immortalization cultivators. The mere pressure they exuded from a distance was enough to leave those below struggling to breathe. Yet, Ji Shishu fought them alone, exchanging blows equally, and even managed to repel them several times.

The previous peak Nascent Soul sect leader struggled against a single Immortalization stage demonic cultivator, ending up in a humiliating and desperate retreat, barely escaping with his life and sustaining severe injuries that rendered him unable to fight for some time.

With the Immortalization stage ancestors hiding due to the Demonic Sect’s secret weapons, and many Nascent Soul elders either dead or injured, some even abandoning their dignity to flee, it was Ji Shishu who stepped forward in this crisis to protect the sect and its weaker disciples.

The disciples looked at Ji Yuebai with deep respect, regarding her as the de facto sect leader.

Xu Nian hadn’t expected that in such a short time, Ji Yuebai’s prestige in the sect would soar to such heights.

She thought to herself, once this storm passed, she could do as she pleased. With Ji Yuebai’s support, she could freely enjoy the delights of the Spiritual Food Hall, partner with Mu Yanyu to open a chain of stores within the sect, and proudly appear alongside Ji Yuebai, practicing cultivation and aiming for ascension together.

While musing on these thoughts, a question suddenly struck Xu Nian.

Where had her best friend, Mu Yanyu, gone? She hoped he hadn’t fallen victim to the demonic cultivators. If that was the case, she was ready to confront them fearlessly.

Lost in these thoughts, Xu Nian suddenly spotted a pair of amber eyes amidst the dusty, battle-worn disciples.

They were shining brightly, looking straight at her.

Xu Nian blinked, and those round, black eyes instantly lit up with recognition.

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