What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 101

Seeing Mu Yanyu’s emotions getting more agitated, Xu Nian almost lost control and ran over to hug and cry with her.

But in the next second, her fingers were tightly grasped.

Xu Nian snapped back to reality. Oh no, she remembered, she was supposed to be in a state of “amnesia.” How could she recognize Mu Yanyu? That would give everything away, and she hadn’t yet devised a strategy to deal with this.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ji Yuebai looking in Mu Yanyu’s direction too. Panicking, she frantically gestured to Mu Yanyu, signaling her not to come over just yet. She would find her later.

Fortunately, despite not having seen each other for a long time, their understanding of each other remained. Although Mu Yanyu didn’t understand why Xu Nian wanted her to stay away, she trusted that Xu Nian had her reasons. Thus, she stopped her approach, pretending to be busy with something else.

Xu Nian finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She turned her head sneakily to glance at Ji Yuebai, only to be caught in the act.

Ji Yuebai’s cool, black eyes swept across Xu Nian’s face, “What’s wrong, Ah Nian?”

Feeling guilty, Xu Nian shook her head, “Nothing.”

Fortunately, Ji Yuebai didn’t press further. With Sect Leader Xue Zhengping seriously injured and unable to command, and the other elders lacking both the authority and strength of Ji Yuebai, the affairs of the sect now rested entirely on her shoulders.

In just that short while, scouts hurried to Ji Yuebai to report on the retreating demonic cultivators.

Before attending to sect matters, Ji Yuebai made sure to take Xu Nian back to her cave dwelling, reassuring her of its safety, stating that no one in Tian Yuan Sect would dare to intrude.

It seemed she hadn’t discovered that Xu Nian had left the illusion.

So, after Ji Yuebai left, Xu Nian slipped out and made her way to Mu Yanyu’s cave.

Upon entering, she was immediately engulfed in a bear hug and bombarded with accusations.

“Xu Nian, you heartless snake! Not only did you not miss me, but you also abandoned your spirit stones?”

Xu Nian quickly soothed her, patting Mu Yanyu’s back, “I came to find you as soon as I got back.”

But Mu Yanyu was relentless, “Months ago, when Ji Yuebai returned to the sect alone, I asked her about you. But she refused to tell me anything, saying that you couldn’t meet us at that time.”

“I even thought she was playing a trick on me, just to prevent me from seeing you.”

“No matter how much I pressed her, she wouldn’t say a word. Now that you’re back, Xu Nian, you owe me an explanation. What exactly happened?”

Dizzy from Mu Yanyu’s shaking, Xu Nian firmly held her arms, “Calm down, it’s a long story. Let me explain it slowly.”

Mu Yanyu looked at her in surprise, “Wow, Xu Nian, you’ve become so eloquent after a year.”

But she didn’t interrupt, listening intently as Xu Nian recounted everything, starting from the self-explosion of the Immortalization demonic cultivator, through the adventures in the Eastern Sea secret realm with the rabbit demon, the Qingxuan King Snake clan, and the legacy of the Water Moon Butterfly’s illusion techniques…

Mu Yanyu’s expression shifted from disbelief to shock, and then to awe.

Mu Yanyu patted her chest in astonishment, “Ji Yuebai never told me about all this. It’s really fortunate that you two were able to escape from the detestable Qingxuan King Snake clan.”

Seemingly remembering something, Mu Yanyu asked, “Now that you’ve recovered from the illusion, why didn’t you recognize me in the hall earlier? Instead, you sought me out in private.”

Xu Nian blushed with embarrassment. She had only briefly summarized the situation to Mu Yanyu, omitting the details of her relationship with Ji Yuebai. Now, faced with this direct question, she didn’t know how to start.

After a moment’s hesitation, she finally confessed, “Because Ji Yuebai and I are together now.”

Mu Yanyu had seen Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai holding hands tightly from the beginning, and she had already guessed as much. Xu Nian’s straightforward admission didn’t surprise her.

Looking at Xu Nian with a touch of sourness, she commented, “So what? You and I were very close even before you got together with Ji Yuebai. She’s acting so overbearing, as if her being with you gives her the right to control who you see. She doesn’t even have an official status yet, and she’s already trying to limit your freedom by stopping you from spending time with friends.”

Xu Nian waved her hands in a hurry, “No, Yanyu, you’ve got it all wrong.”

Mu Yanyu frowned in annoyance, “Xu Nian, you’ve changed. Before I could even say anything, you’re already siding with Ji Yuebai. I didn’t expect you to be the type to abandon friends for a romantic interest.”

Their freshly rekindled friendship seemed on the verge of fracturing. Xu Nian quickly explained everything to her.

Once she finished, Mu Yanyu, previously filled with righteous anger, fell silent.

After a while, she managed a few strained words, “You… this… emmmmmmm…”

It was apparent she was struggling to process the fantastical events of Xu Nian’s illusionary experience, her mind seemingly buffering at the overload of information.

Xu Nian looked at her with a mix of distress and empathy.

Mu Yanyu, shivering, finally uttered a complete, albeit pointless, sentence, “I can see now, Ji Yuebai truly loves you.”

Xu Nian nodded in agreement.

Mu Yanyu added, “It’s all because of your illusion. I don’t blame you.”

Xu Nian sighed deeply, “As long as you understand my difficulty.”

Mu Yanyu shuddered at the thought. She knew that if she had been in Xu Nian’s place and woke up to such a reality, her first instinct would be to bury her head in the sand, too.

Seeing Mu Yanyu stumbling over words in an attempt to comfort her, Xu Nian quickly changed the subject.

“What about you? How did you escape from Fanyin Pavilion without any injuries?”

At this question, Mu Yanyu lit up, “Speaking of that, I have to thank you.”

“That time, you saved me and urged me to find shelter right away. I ran out and hadn’t gotten far when I ran into Xue Ling. I only found out after that incident that her father was the sect leader of Tian Yuan Sect. Anyway, when the explosion happened, Xue Ling used a teleportation scroll her father had made for her with several million spirit stones and teleported us back to Tian Yuan Sect.”

“The situation was too dangerous at the time. We were initially watching quietly from the outskirts, trying to find a way to help you, but when the explosion started, if we weren’t far from that Immortalization stage cultivator, we might have been caught in it too.”

Recalling the events of a year ago, Mu Yanyu touched her heart, visibly shaken by the memory of being enveloped by the fear of death.

Xu Nian’s fingers gently stroked Mu Yanyu’s back, “It’s a relief that we’re both alive.”

Mu Yanyu’s light-colored eyes brightened as she looked at Xu Nian, “It’s really great to see you again.”

Mu Yanyu then gave a brief overview of the current situation in the cultivation world.

In summary, the actions of the Demonic Sect were quite strange. It seemed they were only targeting and eliminating Immortalization stage cultivators in the cultivation world.

This resulted in the ironic situation where the highest-level Immortalization cultivators were hesitant to join the fight, leaving the lower-level sect cultivators to be decimated by the Immortalization cultivators of the Demonic Sect. It was hard not to suspect this as a deliberate conspiracy by the Demonic Sect, a tactic to drastically reduce the core strength of the sects until those Immortalization cultivators had no choice but to face battle.

“What are these Immortalization ancestors waiting for? Are they really afraid of those demonic cultivators?” Xu Nian and Mu Yanyu discussed for a long time but couldn’t reach a conclusion. Finally, they agreed on one thing — it seemed like the cultivation world was doomed.

Xu Nian and Mu Yanyu weren’t particularly attached to any sect. As long as they were treated well, it didn’t matter where they stayed. Whether it was the righteous or the demonic path, it was all just a matter of different factions. Strictly speaking, none were genuinely noble; hadn’t their senior brother killed his own junior brother for a divine artifact?

If Tian Yuan Sect really fell, they could just pack up and roam freely as independent cultivators.

But while Xu Nian could think this way, it didn’t mean Ji Yuebai shared the same sentiment. Unlike Xu Nian, who was a visitor to Tian Yuan Sect, Ji Yuebai had been born and raised in the sect, with a sense of belonging and responsibility far stronger than Xu Nian’s.

Xu Nian thought to herself, if Ji Yuebai could fend off those demonic cultivators, all would be well. But if things looked grim, she would summon Qing Yan to take control both Ji Yuebai and Mu Yanyu, and they would flee together. The fate of those two Immortalization elders of Tian Yuan Sect had nothing to do with them.

Thinking it over, it was truly shameless how these powerful cultivators cowardly hid deep within the sect, shifting the risk onto weaker disciples, letting them bear the brunt of the demonic cultivators’ attacks in their stead.

On her way back to the cave, Xu Nian inwardly cursed those two Immortalization stage Elders thoroughly.

Just as she was lost in these thoughts and arrived at the entrance of her cave, she was stopped by a disciple in white.

“Miss Xu, Elder Bodhi wishes to see you.”

Talk about speaking of the devil! She was just a snake demon; why would he want to see her? Besides, when Ji Yuebai first brought her to Tian Yuan Sect, Elder Bodhi hadn’t expressed any desire to meet her.

Xu Nian felt a twinge of panic inside, but she managed to keep a calm demeanor on the surface. She countered, “Does Ji Shishu know about this?”

The disciple nodded, “Don’t worry, Miss Xu. Ji Shishu is there as well. The Elder heard about your help in driving away the demon cultivators and thus wishes to meet you.”

His explanation made sense; it seemed the Elder wished to express his gratitude. However, for an Immortalization Elder, the formality was significant–summoning her for gratitude, instead of coming himself. Xu Nian waved her hand dismissively, “There’s no need for thanks. It’s already awkward enough that I, a demon beast, found myself at your Tian Yuan Sect without any legitimate reason. Besides, I wasn’t helping your Elder; I only wanted to ease Ji Yuebai’s burden.”

The disciple’s face turned a bit awkward: “Miss Xu, please don’t make it difficult for me. The Elder is waiting for you to come over.”

Seeing Xu Nian still reluctant, he added, “Ji Shishu is also waiting for you.”

Well, that statement put Xu Nian on the spot.

She might dismiss the Sect and even the Elder, but she didn’t want to cause embarrassment for Ji Yuebai in the sect, especially since Ji Yuebai had vouched for her, allowing her a peaceful period of cultivation at Tian Yuan Sect despite being a demon beast.

Reluctantly, Xu Nian nodded and followed the disciple.

The Elder Bodhi’s secluded retreat was in the most hidden part of the sect, fortified not only by natural dangers but also by multiple layers of formations. Xu Nian carefully followed the disciple, wary of making any misstep. No wonder Elder Bodhi was reluctant to leave; even the demonic cultivators wouldn’t dare to barge in there.

After several twists and turns, they finally arrived at Elder Bodhi’s dwelling, which appeared unassuming compared to the grandeur of the Qingxuan King Snake clan’s hall. It seemed too humble for the leading Elder of the premier righteous sect, Tian Yuan.

Xu Nian looked at the disciple doubtfully, “Is this the place?”

He nodded solemnly, “Please enter, Miss Xu.”

Xu Nian asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

The disciple replied, “This is the place of Elder Bodhi’s seclusion. He has only invited you, Miss Xu. Without his permission, I dare not enter.”

Xu Nian stealthily extended a sliver of her spiritual consciousness into the cave and indeed sensed Ji Yuebai’s presence. But the next moment, her weak consciousness was instantly obliterated by a surging Immortalization stage consciousness.

That presence didn’t attack Xu Nian; it seemed more like a warning against her presumption.

Knowing that Ji Yuebai was indeed inside, Xu Nian felt somewhat relieved. She stepped into the narrow entrance of the cave, which resembled a long-necked gourd. After a tight passage, the space suddenly opened up.

The cave was not as simple as it appeared from the outside. It was another world entirely, a magnificent and splendid hall, illuminated by countless night pearls.

Following the familiar aura, Xu Nian ascended the stairs and entered the grand hall.

The brilliance inside the hall was blinding. Sitting high on the main seat, wrapped in a sacred halo, was the legendary Elder Bodhi.

Xu Nian’s pupils dilated the moment she saw the being on the throne. Her body tensed uncontrollably, instinctively shifting into a combat-ready stance. She rapidly scanned for Ji Yuebai, but to her shock, there was no sign of her in the hall. It seemed as if the earlier sensation of Ji Yuebai’s presence was merely an illusion.

A chilling and formidable pressure suddenly assaulted Xu Nian. This pressure was on an entirely different level compared to the demonic cultivators she had encountered before. Though both were at the Immortalization stage, Elder Bodhi represented the peak of that level.

Xu Nian quickly activated her illusion techniques, managing to dodge the overwhelming force of the pressure. This kind of intimidation was essentially an unseen suppression that higher-level beings exert on those beneath them, like a  natural fear a mouse feels towards a cat or a sheep towards a wolf. By using her illusions to dispel this fear, she managed to circumvent the crippling effects of the pressure, both physical and mental.

The creature known as Elder Bodhi finally spoke. Below his fangs, a snake’s tongue flickered as he uttered a hoarse, decrepit voice, “How did you, just a fourteenth-rank snake demon, see through my disguise?”

His physical form was grotesquely bizarre, beyond the simple categorization of a living being or beast. His withered body sprouted several heads of strange shapes – human, snake, and other monstrous forms unknown to Xu Nian. His lower body resembled a patchwork of various demon limbs, like deformed tentacles.

So frightening was his appearance that anyone with eyes could see it.

Xu Nian was internally panicking, mentally cursing the situation.

But she quickly realized the implication of his question. Besides her, it seemed no one else in the sect had noticed his disguise, or those who did might have been “dealt with” on the spot.

As for Xu Nian, her ability to see through illusions, thanks to her inherited illusion techniques, meant that any deceiving magic weaker than hers couldn’t hide from her.

Her hands subtly shifted within her sleeves, preparing to cast an illusion on this monstrous Elder Bodhi, “Where is Ji Yuebai? What have you done to her?”

Her illusion seemed effective, as one of the heads of Elder Bodhi obediently responded, “She is behind the hall. She is the material I’ve been preparing for my soul-transference…”


He was planning to take over Ji Yuebai’s body.

As soon as Xu Nian saw the creature seated in authority, her heart was set on murder. She thought of controlling the illusion-entranced Elder Bodhi to commit suicide, but he suddenly regained consciousness. First, one monstrous head awoke, then all the others broke free from her illusion.

In an instant, Xu Nian’s body was pierced by terrifying, limb-like arms, with fresh red blood spurting out.

Elder Bodhi, with a distorted smile on his human face, said, “All this waiting wasn’t in vain. The fresh blood of a Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Body always sends one’s soul into ecstasy.”

He grabbed Xu Nian’s mangled body, his segmented limb feeding it into an opening in his abdomen. The sharp oral appendage shredded her flesh, draining her blood, yet the burst of spiritual energy he expected did not materialize as he had hoped.

Elder Bodhi snapped back to reality, realizing what he held in his limb was not Xu Nian, but a vibrantly colored, unknown variety of poisonous snake. Its fangs were buried in his body but couldn’t penetrate his demon-transformed flesh.

A swarm of snakes engulfed him, countless venomous snakes viciously attacking.

Xu Nian, while controlling her snake servants, continued to cast illusions on Elder Bodhi. However, having been tricked twice already, he was now prepared. His multiple heads took turns controlling the body, and if one head was affected by an illusion, another unaffected one immediately took control, swiftly coordinating and pulling themselves out of the illusion.

For the first time since inheriting the illusion techniques, Xu Nian faced such a challenging opponent. Her previous adversaries had only one head to control, but this monster was like a multi-core processor, with independent yet shared information processing. If one processor caught a virus, the others could quickly take over command.

Her illusion techniques were being specifically countered.

Elder Bodhi realized too, “An illusionist of the Great Clarity stage, no wonder you could see through my illusion techniques. I played the fool before an expert.”

The cultivation talent of this Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Body was indeed astonishing. A year ago, when he learned Ji Yuebai had brought back a Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Body Qingxuan King Snake, he was overjoyed. Elder Bodhi, who had been stagnant at the Nascent Soul stage for a thousand years and unable to cross into ascension, watched as one demonic cultivator after another, despite their low intelligence and crude manners, achieved ascension. This filled his ancient heart with jealousy and anger. His thousand years of devoted cultivation seemed fruitless compared to those foolish demons.

As the demonic cultivators’ ascension rate spiked, he grew suspicious. A few ascensions over centuries could be chalked up to chance encounters with great fortunes, but dozens of demonic cultivators ascending in a short span while not a single human cultivator succeeded raised doubts.

A hundred years ago, leveraging his status as the foremost Nascent Soul cultivator of the Eight Great Sects, he instigated a war between human and demonic cultivators and uncovered the secret of the Qingxuan King Snake clan’s ascension: the Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Body made from their kin’s blood and flesh, which greatly enhanced strength and aided in ascension.

He kept this secret from other sect elders, bringing all Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Qingxuan King Snakes to Tian Yuan Sect’s forbidden area for his cultivation. Initially, he had a disciple consume the flesh of these spirit snakes, and as expected, the disciple’s cultivation soared. Encouraged, Elder Bodhi also consumed the snake flesh, which led to progress in his stagnant cultivation. However, what worked on demon cultivators caused a mutation in him. His body started transforming into a deformed serpent-like beast, and the spirit snakes he captured were being rapidly depleted. He was so close to ascension, yet just a step away.

After the Qingxuan King Snake clan’s defeat and retreat to the Eastern Sea secret realm, he no longer dared to pursue them by himself, especially at such a critical juncture of his ascension – the more crucial the moment, the more he valued his life. He replicated Nine Turns Spirit Gathering Body using various demonic beasts, but none were as effective as the Qingxuan King Snakes. Instead, his body became more distorted. Eventually, he extended his experiments to humans, growing grotesque human heads on his shoulders…

With no progress in his cultivation and his lifespan dwindling day by day, Elder Bodhi grew increasingly desperate. He started searching for disciples with exceptional talent to cultivate as vessels for soul-transference. The process was immensely draining, and the new body had to be robust enough to harbor his thousand year-old spirit, at least at the Nascent Soul stage.

The incident at Fanyin Pavilion a year earlier made him believe that the container he was cultivating — Ji Yuebai — had been killed, along with the Spirit Snake she had brought back. He was furious and vented his anger within the sect. He had planned to make do with the mediocre sect leader, Xue Zhengping, but then Ji Yuebai returned unharmed a year later, with her cultivation level having leaped to the late Nascent Soul stage.

Thrilled to recover what he believed was gone forever, Elder Bodhi became indifferent to everything else. He quickly called for Ji Yuebai and, taking her by surprise, restrained her. With the ideal vessel now in place, all that was left was to find the necessary component to facilitate his ascension. He dispatched his disciples to summon the spirit snake that accompanied Ji Yuebai—the Nine-turn Spirit Gathering snake he had long desired. Its cultivation levels had soared, and its blood was now brimming with spiritual energy, proving to be an allure he couldn’t resist.

The only downside was that this spirit snake was a Great Clarity Stage illusionist who saw through his disguise.

But since she had entered his domain, there was no reason to let her leave, though it would take extra effort.

Within moments, Xu Nian was nearly depleted. Casting illusions on such an old monster was immensely taxing, and the snake servants she summoned were almost instantly annihilated by his techniques, not lasting even the blink of an eye.

She frantically called upon Qing Yan, who resided in her bracelet: [Wake up, great immortal, it’s an emergency! If you don’t come out now, we’re both doomed. Can you snatch my body back from that old monster?]

Responding to her call, a familiar voice echoed in her mind: [Address me as the Supreme Kunlun Qing Yan, the Great Immortal.]

Xu Nian: …

Though he was pretentious, his appearance was timely. Just as Xu Nian cast an illusion but couldn’t avoid Elder Bodhi’s attack, Qing Yan’s massive and sturdy body suddenly appeared in the cave, collapsing the resplendent golden hall in an instant. Not only was Elder Bodhi with his ferocious claws crushed, but Xu Nian was also buried in the ruins.

Fortunately, Xu Nian was prepared, transforming into a small snake to slither through the ruins.

Taking advantage of the chaos created by the massive serpent Qing Yan, she searched for Ji Yuebai’s hiding place. Knowing Elder Bodhi’s intention to take over Ji Yuebai’s body, he would have ensured her physical safety beforehand.

Two terrifying forces collided, shaking the entire cave. Debris continuously fell from above.

Xu Nian finally found Ji Yuebai, unscathed under a protective shield, her black hair spread out over her snow-white robe, lying quietly on a stone slab like a sleeping beauty awaiting a kiss to awaken.

However, Xu Nian knew Ji Yuebai was under some form of control by Elder Bodhi, her master. No matter how strong her cultivation, she wouldn’t have thought to guard against him.

Xu Nian tried to take Ji Yuebai away, but the moment her fingers touched the protective shield, her whole body became numb, as if electrified.

At the same time, Elder Bodhi arrived instantly, his powerful spiritual energy transforming into a blade aimed directly at her vitals.

But Qing Yan wouldn’t allow him to succeed. His thick tail slammed into the ground, the exploding rocks and fierce wind current blocking the attack.

Qing Yan’s massive body, even in the spacious cave, struggled to maneuver, bumping into the cave walls. Every movement he made caused the earth to shake. Elder Bodhi tried several times to attack Xu Nian, but each time Qing Yan intercepted him.

The cave couldn’t withstand the strain and collapsed entirely like the hall before, the gloomy daylight streaming through the gaping hole above. The commotion naturally drew the attention of the Tian Yuan Sect elders.

At the same time, several Immortalization stage demonic cultivators who had come to investigate also arrived.

Tian Yuan Sect was thrown into chaos. With Ji Yuebai absent, the Immortalization stage demon cultivators broke in, and none of the elders could stop them.

Thus, dozens of elders confronted the three Immortalization stage demonic cultivators who had appeared during the day.

As the demonic cultivators witnessed Xu Nian, dirtied and disheveled from battling Elder Bodhi, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “It seems we’ve misunderstood you, demon beast. You’ve been biding your time, secretly plotting. Although we usually despise your kind, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Let us lend you a hand.”

Saying so, they leapt into the battle, joining Qing Yan in surrounding Elder Bodhi.

Xu Nian, hiding behind Qing Yan, had been scrambling to dodge the strange and unpredictable attacks of Elder Bodhi. The arrival of the Nascent Soul stage demonic cultivators somewhat eased her burden, deflecting many of the attacks.

The Nascent Soul Elders, seeing Elder Brodhi being besieged, were both anxious and angry. However, they lacked the strength to face even one of the three Immortalization stage demonic cultivators.

The Elders, feeling helpless, shared glances of uncertainty. Yet, they realized that if the demon cultivators successfully killed Elder Brodhi, what future would they have?

Just as these Nascent Soul Elders were about to risk their treasured artifacts in a desperate battle, the scene before them suddenly changed. Their eyes widened in disbelief at the creature surrounded in the center of the cave.

Good heavens, that wasn’t their revered Elder Bodhi but a monster straight from hell.

One particularly observant elder exclaimed, “That head on the monster’s shoulder… it looks like Elder Xuanjun.”

Another elder in disbelief, “How? Wasn’t Elder Xuanjun ambushed and killed by the demonic sect a few months ago?”

Hearing this, one of the demonic cultivators in the fray commented, “Although we did intend to kill Xuanjun, he died before we could act, and the blame was put on us.”

The demonic cultivators, often as unpredictable as madmen, had killed more than one Nascent Soul cultivator. Their words, in this context, seemed unlikely to be lies.

The Nascent Soul elders hesitated.

Was this creature truly their exalted Elder Bodhi? Despite the terrifying pressure that was unmatched in the cultivation world, how had he transformed into this grotesque being, with Elder Xuanjun’s head on his shoulder, and his once-kind face now wrinkled with malice?

As the Nascent Soul elders contemplated self-preservation, they were horrified to find their bodies moving uncontrollably. Their spiritual energy whirled violently within, beyond their control.

One demonic cultivator, sensing danger, hastily opened a spatial rift to dodge. Indeed, the previously hesitant Nascent Soul Elders, now under inexplicable control, lunged towards him and self-detonated.

Although the explosion wasn’t as powerful as one from an Immortalization cultivator, the shockwave within the confined space of the cave forced everyone to use their spiritual energy for defense, preventing any offensive moves. Xu Nian, taken by surprise by the sudden act of self-destruction, was hit by the blast, resulting in internal injuries and causing her to cough up blood.

Her gaze swept over the fleeing Immortalization demonic cultivators and the terrified Nascent Soul Elders, who couldn’t control their own bodies.

Elder Bodhi sneered, “After consuming so many resources of Tian Yuan Sect, you think of fleeing now? Wishful thinking. There’s no such luck in this world.”

The despairing Nascent Soul Elders finally realized they had been ensnared by an inescapable control, forcing them to act like human bombs against the demonic cultivators.

Seeing Elder Bodhi ready to repeat his tactic, Xu Nian was at her wits’ end. She couldn’t run away in time; a controlled Nascent Soul cultivator might explode on her if she tried to escape. At such close range, it would be more than just internal injuries.

But if she didn’t flee, she risked being caught in the blast of so many Nascent Soul elders. If Elder Bodhi decided to indiscriminately bomb the area, she would be the one to suffer.

In a split second, Xu Nian rapidly cast a large-scale illusion, brainwashing the Nascent Soul cultivators, severing Elder Bodhi’s control over them, and seizing control for herself.

Meanwhile, Xu Nian issued a command to the Nascent Soul Elders: Kill Elder Bodhi.

Consequently, the Nascent Soul Elders, who had been manipulated by Elder Bodhi into a death march, now turned against him. Still harboring resentment from their close brush with death, they were more than eager to kill Elder Bodhi. Their desire was clear for all to see.

Elder Bodhi, who had held the upper hand, suddenly found himself at a disadvantage. Killing these Nascent Soul cultivators would have been as easy as crushing ants for him, a mere tool, but now he faced the combined assault of Qing Yan, with the strength of a sixteenth-rank demon beast, and three Immortalization stage demonic cultivators. The attacks from the Nascent Soul cultivators became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Elder Bodhi, caught off guard by the turn of events and outsmarted by his own scheme, was not prepared to admit defeat. On the verge of achieving the ascension he had long yearned for, he was determined not to let go of his ambition. Despite his twisted and shattered body, he desperately amassed spiritual energy, unleashing a tempest that roared throughout the cave. The demonic cultivators at the Immortalization stage quickly pulled back, warning, “This is bad, the old monster is on the brink of self-destruction.”

Hearing this, the Nascent Soul Elders also scrambled back with all their might.

Self-destruction of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator was no joke. The last time during the Fanyin Pavilion incident, a single early-stage Nascent Soul demonic cultivator’s self-destruction took out a Nascent Soul cultivator and twenty-four Nascent Soul stage cultivators. The destructive power was terrifying.

Xu Nian, however, sensed something was wrong. Elder Bodhi, who had gone to such lengths to consume her flesh for ascension and planned to soul-transference Ji Yuebai, wouldn’t just give up.

No, something was wrong. Xu Nian quickly commanded Qing Yan to charge forward.

Just as the self-destructive spiritual energy reached its peak, it halted. Simultaneously, a ray of golden light shot towards Ji Yuebai, who was inside the protective shield not far away.

The Immortalization stage demon cultivators, who had backed off due to the threat of self-destruction, were too far away to intercept in time. Xu Nian realized the danger too late; neither she nor Qing Yan, with his cumbersome body and her limited strength, could match the speed of an Immortalization spirit.

Helplessly, she watched as Elder Bodhi’s soul invaded Ji Yuebai’s consciousness.

Inside the protective shield, Ji Yuebai’s brow furrowed in apparent pain.

The Nascent Soul stage demon cultivators immediately moved to kill the still-unconscious Ji Yuebai, but Xu Nian stopped them.

“Stop, you can’t harm her.”

The demonic cultivators, who had long found Ji Yuebai annoying and sought an opportunity to eliminate her, were thwarted. They hesitated, knowing the formidable strength of the massive serpent Qing Yan behind the demonic cultivator, not to mention Xu Nian’s insidious illusion attacks. A confrontation would be extremely troublesome.

The lead demonic cultivator spoke, “If we don’t take this chance to kill the vessel along with him, once he completely occupies the body, he might become unstoppable.”

Xu Nian stood her ground, “If you attack now, we become enemies.”

The Immortalization stage demon cultivators discussed telepathically before replying, “Allow us to prepare. If the one who awakens is that old monster, we’ll act. If she hasn’t been possessed, we won’t intervene.”

Xu Nian eyed them skeptically, “You are demonic cultivators; how can I trust your word?”

The demon cultivators exchanged glances, surprised that Xu Nian, a demonic cultivator herself, would question their credibility.

Given the current situation, any conflict between them, whether it involved the Demonic Sect or Xu Nian, would be unwise. The only one to benefit from such a skirmish would be Elder Bodhi, the old monster himself.

With Xu Nian’s insistence, they refrained from attacking Ji Yuebai. The primary reason, however, was their inability to break the protective shield left by Elder Bodhi. Aggressive tactics like bombarding it were abandoned under Xu Nian’s murderously threatening gaze.

It seemed they had all been played by the old monster, who likely anticipated such a scenario before the battle even began.

Xu Nian, watching Ji Yuebai’s pained expression inside the shield, felt a tug at her heart.

Regardless, she believed in Ji Yuebai.

Elder Bodhi had taken a risky move this time, never expecting to be cornered to such an extent. The most surprising element for him was the Qingxuan King Snake brought back by Ji Yuebai. A mere fourteenth-rank cultivator, not only was she a grand illusionist from the Great Clarity Stage, but she could also summon servants far stronger than herself. Qing Yan, the massive serpent, presented immense physical and offensive pressure. As his body was forged by Xu Nian’s spiritual power, any damage he sustained was instantly healed by her.

Slippery as an eel, Xu Nian not only released several illusions to hide but also summoned numerous servants that looked just like her as a deceiving tactic. These servants carried the same spiritual consciousness and aura as her, making it nearly impossible to differentiate in a short time. Elder Bodhi’s plan to have the Nascent Soul Elders self-destruct to injure her backfired miserably.

Fortunately, he had a backup plan. Knowing his lifespan was nearing its end a hundred years ago, he had been preparing for this day. He chose Ji Yuebai from her infancy, eliminated her blood relatives to sever worldly ties, and personally trained her, ensuring she trusted him completely and adopted a cold, aloof demeanor, devoid of real friends…

All these efforts were to sever her connections with the world, diminishing her desire to live and making her easier to control, an ideal vessel.

Now was the time for him to reap the rewards.

But what Elder Bodhi didn’t expect was the fierce resistance he encountered upon entering Ji Yuebai’s inner world.

His once-proud disciple, known for respecting and obeying her master, was now using all her consciousness to repel this intruder, showing no intention of accepting him.

“Ji Yuebai, I am your master. Stop resisting,” he attempted to command her as he had done in the past.

To use a disciple’s trust for such a nefarious act, what right did he have to call himself a master?

Ji Yuebai coldly replied, “How many masters in this world use their disciples as vessels for possession?”

Elder Bodhi never imagined Ji Yuebai’s mentality would change so drastically in just a year or two.

“You owe your achievements and cultivation to me. Without me, you would have been married off in the mortal world, never witnessing the glory you see now. It’s time for you to repay your master,” he said.

Ji Yuebai, thinking of what Xu Nian might say, responded with her own thoughts, “Then wait for me in the netherworld, master. I’ll burn more paper money for you.”

Enraged, Elder Bodhi’s soul transformed into a mass and lunged at Ji Yuebai.

Prepared and unafraid, Ji Yuebai fiercely fought back, trying to expel Elder Bodhi’s invading soul from her inner world. She had the home-field advantage; even though Elder Bodhi’s soul was more powerful, she matched him in their struggle for control.

Xu Nian tried various methods, even attempting to cast an illusion through the protective shield on Ji Yuebai, but to no avail.

Her anxiety grew, pacing back and forth around the shield, causing even Qing Yan to feel dizzy watching her.

After Elder Bodhi abandoned his body, the Immortalization stage cultivators took the opportunity to obliterate his twisted and terrible corpse into ashes hundreds of times, ensuring the old monster had no path of return.

Xu Nian tried every possible method to have her snake servants dig tunnels and invade through the soil. However, Elder Bodhi, a cunning fox who had lived for a thousand years, wasn’t going to let her find a loophole easily. Naturally, her attempts were unsuccessful.

After a lengthy wait, Ji Yuebai’s long lashes fluttered, and she slowly opened her eyes, her gaze clear and star-like, sweeping over everyone present.

Qing Yan and the three Immortalization stage demonic cultivators, standing outside the protective shield, immediately tensed up.

As Ji Yuebai stood up and lightly touched the shield, the previously indestructible barrier vanished effortlessly, like a bubble popping.

Xu Nian blinked, disregarding the stares of those around her, and rushed to embrace Ji Yuebai.

“Yuebai, you’re finally awake. You had me worried to death.”

Ji Yuebai gently smoothed her hair.

Seeing this, everyone relaxed.

Then, Ji Yuebai’s lips parted slightly, “How can you be sure that I am Ji Yuebai?”

Her words immediately set everyone on edge again, their gazes turning wary at the woman in white with black hair.

Only Xu Nian, rubbing her cool cheek and circling her waist, confidently said, “How could I not recognize you?”

“Bad Yuebai, learning to joke now,” she teased.

Ji Yuebai smiled faintly, like thawing ice and snow, “This time, I owe a lot to Ah Nian.”

Xu Nian was somewhat puzzled, but she had strived to improve her cultivation so that one day she could help Ji Yuebai. Regardless, she nodded happily, “Yes.”

The Nascent Soul stage demonic cultivators, seeing this, were about to quietly retreat when they were suddenly stopped by a familiar icy long sword.

Ji Yuebai’s gaze swept over them, “Guests should stay a while longer, especially since you’ve come to Tian Yuan Sect.”

The demonic cultivators scoffed, thinking they could leave regardless of her wishes. After all, she was only at the late Nascent Soul stage. How could she stop them?

But then, the massive serpent Qing Yan encircled them, trapping the three in its coils.

As Ji Yuebai’s surging sword energy overflowed, the demon cultivators were horrified to discover that, after absorbing Elder Bodhi’s soul, her cultivation had leaped to the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, just a step away from the Immortalization stage.

Previously, Ji Yuebai, at the late Nascent Soul stage, had held her own against the three of them. Now, with her improved cultivation, plus Xu Nian and the imposing Qing Yan watching menacingly, the three found themselves in a bitter predicament, caught in Tian Yuan Sect with no easy escape.

Xu Nian, to prevent them from self-destructing like the demon cultivator at Fanyin Pavilion, had stealthily implanted a psychological suggestion amidst their panic. This suggestion was more covert than an illusion, hard to detect.

Following this, the situation became significantly easier to manage. Having captured three demonic sect cultivators at the Immortalization stage, Xu Nian quickly extracted much information through her illusionary suggestions.

Apparently, in the Demonic Sect’s view, the world’s natural cycle of spiritual energy had been disrupted by cultivators. Originally sustaining all life, the majority of this energy was now being plundered by a few cultivators under the guise of pursuing the Dao. This led to the depletion of spiritual energy in certain areas, causing the decline and extinction of life that could have thrived. Ascension, which required an immense amount of spiritual energy, meant these cultivators would ascend to higher realms, taking with them the energy harvested from this world, never to return, leading to its eventual barrenness.

Hence, the Demonic Sect, after hundreds of years of meticulous research, initiated the “Slaying the Gods” plan.

The plan involved eliminating the Immortalization stage cultivators of various sects, who hoarded the most spiritual energy. Their deaths would return their amassed energy back to the world, restoring its balance.

Xu Nian listened, astonished, to the Demonic Sect’s grand vision and mission. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration. Yet, she thought their approach quite extreme. Protecting the world’s sustainable development was crucial, but shouldn’t the focus be on researching ways to produce spiritual energy instead?

After the Immortalization stage demonic cultivators revealed their plan, the restrictions on them were lifted. Still, they firmly stated that even though Ji Yuebai and Xu Nian had not yet reached the Immortalization stage, the Demonic Sect would immediately execute their “Slaying the Gods” plan when they were about to ascend.

Xu Nian expressed her doubts, “Doesn’t your Demonic Sect also have many Immortalization stage cultivators? What if there are traitors who ascend?”

One of the cultivators responded with righteous anger, “Every disciple who joins our sect remembers our teachings and takes a soul-binding oath at the beginning of their cultivation. Besides, reaching the Immortalization stage grants a long enough life; why be so greedy?”

Compared to the so-called righteous cultivators, the Demonic Sect seemed almost saintly in Xu Nian’s eyes.

Regarding the Demonic Sect’s “Slaying the Gods” actions in other sects, it was discovered that besides Elder Bodhi, several other sects’ Immortalization stage elders also sought to consume Nine-Turned Spirit Gathering bodies to ascend. These elders, who had nurtured vessels and used secret methods to create Nine-Turned Spirit Gathering bodies, had entered a state of madness, yet their power was far inferior to Elder Bodhi’s.

They were quickly eliminated by the Demonic Sect’s Immortalization stage cultivators.

When the rest of the sects thought the cultivation world was doomed, that they would be overtaken by the Demonic Sect, and were sinking into despair…

The demonic cultivators, just like a century ago, suddenly vanished from the cultivation world without a trace, showing no intention of occupying it.

Only Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai knew that they might be accumulating strength, preparing for their next “Slaying the Gods” plan.

And next time, it might be their turn.

But that was a concern for much later.

With that, the matter came to a close.

fter the Demonic Sect’s withdrawal, Ji Yuebai returned the management of Tian Yuan Sect’s affairs to the healed Xue Zhengping. Her prestige within the sect was high, and her strength was unquestionable. Many elders secretly thought she would take over as Sect Leader, but she surprisingly did not.

Even Xu Nian couldn’t help asking, “Yuebai, why didn’t you become the Sect Leader?”

Ji Yuebai tapped her nose gently, “Being the Sect Leader would mean endless duties and tasks. I just want to be with you, forever and always.”

Xu Nian cheekily responded, “So, Yuebai, you’re not taking the Sect Leader position… for me?”

Ji Yuebai saw through her little trick, softly saying, “Yes, it’s for you. I don’t want to lose your heart to another woman. I want you to have eyes and a heart for only me.”

Xu Nian, recalling she was still pretending to have amnesia, feigned ignorance, “Where are these other women? Haven’t I only ever had you?”

Ji Yuebai, upon hearing Xu Nian’s words, remained silent, her strikingly ethereal black eyes fixated on her without blinking.

Under that penetrating stare, Xu Nian felt a twinge of guilt, pondering whether Ji Yuebai had found out about her secret meetings with Mu Yanyu. To appease her, she leaned in to caress Ji Yuebai’s soft lips, her tongue skillfully parting the other’s lips in a passionate entwining. Xu Nian knew Ji Yuebai found it hard to resist her.

Just like always, Ji Yuebai’s eyes softened, eventually lifting Xu Nian in her arms and carrying her to the bed they had carefully chosen together. What followed was a night of passionate love, echoing with tender whispers.

Once the sect affairs were back on track, Ji Yuebai broached the subject of formalizing their relationship with Xu Nian. It wasn’t the cumbersome affair it would be in the mortal world, but a simple agreement to officially become dao companions.

Xu Nian had waited long for this moment and took out a cherished marriage contract from her storage bag to present to Ji Yuebai.

“Why bring it up only now, Yuebai? I agreed to this long ago.”

“It’s my fault,” Ji Yuebai replied with a smile, her eyes full of love for Xu Nian.

Xu Nian playfully nestled into Ji Yuebai’s embrace, “How will you make it up to me?”

Ji Yuebai handed her a prepared storage bag, “These are what I’ve been saving up, all for you.”

Xu Nian batted her eyelashes, “Is there more?”

Ji Yuebai mimicked her gesture, then leaned in for a tender kiss.

Xu Nian felt a delightful tingling sensation; lately, Yuebai had become increasingly attentive and sweet, making her life feel like it was coated in honey.

She ran her fingers gently over Ji Yuebai’s lips, “Still not enough.”

A look of puzzlement crossed Ji Yuebai’s clear eyes.

Xu Nian leaned in, whispering something in her ear.

At her words, a blush spread across Ji Yuebai’s porcelain cheeks.

“Alright,” she agreed to Xu Nian’s request.

Realizing how easily Ji Yuebai had consented, Xu Nian regretted not asking for more, maybe seven, no, ten times.

On the day of their wedding ceremony, notable figures from the cultivation world attended, and the list of gifts was endlessly long.

Even the Immortalization stage cultivators from the Demonic Sect discreetly attended in disguise, bringing gifts.

Xue Zhengping, having recovered, presided over the ceremony.

When the couple walked into the hall side by side, the lively and bustling atmosphere hushed for a moment, as if all the beauty of the world had converged on this matchless pair.

No words could truly capture their beautiful appearance – one like the moon in the sky, ethereally celestial; the other a blend of vibrant colors, a rare beauty in the world.

In their radiant contrast, complemented each other brilliantly, as if they were naturally a perfect match.

The cultivators of the immortal world had seen many beauties, but never before had they witnessed such ethereal and stunning beauty at a ceremony, provoking both admiration and envy, until now.

As Xue Zhengping cleared his throat and announced the beginning of the ceremony, the crowd seemed to awaken from a dream.

Amidst the cheers, Xu Nian and Ji Yuebai drank the ceremonial wine and completed the unique rituals of the cultivation world, marking an auspicious union.

Mu Yanyu watched, spellbound, unknowingly gripping her sleeves tightly.

Beside her, Xue Ling, ever carefree, tugged at her sleeve, “Yanyu, look over there. There are two of Xu Nian’s kind, resembling the little green snake you like. Shall we go chat with them?”

Returning to reality, Mu Yanyu smiled, “Let’s go.”

The ceremony was grand, and everyone in the cultivation world knew about the talented sword cultivator of Tian Yuan Sect becoming a dual cultivator with a demonic cultivator. Yet, no one dared to gossip.

At a time when Immortalization stage cultivators were either dying or suffering, Ji Yuebai, a peak Nascent Soul period swordsman, was the pinnacle of combat strength in the world of cultivation. Not to mention, she had once single-handedly fought against three demons of the same level without falling behind.

In the face of absolute power, the ceremony was filled only with joy and harmony.

Xu Nian had braced for troublemakers but was pleasantly surprised to find none.

The banquet offered a wide array of fragrant spirit dishes. Xu Nian, joined by Mu Yanyu, Xue Ling, and Qing Cheng and Qing Jin, drank merrily, losing track of time.

After the crowd dispersed and the noise subsided, Xu Nian leaned on Ji Yuebai and returned to their dwelling.

The dwelling had been arranged like a bridal chamber. Xu Nian threw herself onto the brocade quilt with mandarin ducks playing in water and rolled around, falling asleep in the soft bedding.

In the middle of the night, stirred by the effects of alcohol, Xu Nian sleepily began to caress the woman beside her, nibbling on her earlobe.

The other’s body trembled intensely, only spurring Xu Nian further, as she wrapped her body around her partner.

Whispering coyly while restraining the other, “Yuebai, didn’t you promise me during the day?”

The pink snake tongue gently licked over the delicate earlobe, down the neck to just below the collarbone, accompanied by the other’s suppressed moans.

The green snake scales wrapped the soft and delicate body even tighter. The scales’ undulations rubbed against the creamy skin with a cool touch, intertwining with the heat.

The provocative tail seemed to be drawing the most wonderful painting in the world, gently outlining, carefully detailing, bit by bit, like a beautiful white lotus blooming in an instant of affection, slowly savored, deeply inhaled, urging her to bloom even more, as if playing the most splendid and moving symphony, gently and slowly, not missing any climactic moments.

When Xu Nian woke up, she was stunned.

She, she, she had actually done such things to Ji Yuebai with her snake body.

She even used their agreement to threaten the other.

Xu Nian nervously glanced at Ji Yuebai beside her, only to find, to her surprise, that the usually composed and aloof Ji Yuebai seemed somewhat embarrassed.

Those clear, beautiful black eyes inadvertently dodged Xu Nian’s gaze. Rising, Xu Nian kissed the corner of Ji Yuebai’s lips in apology.

Ji Yuebai turned, wrapping her arms around Xu Nian, softly calling her name, “Ah Nian.”

Xu Nian, snuggling close, responded with a soft, “Hmm.”

In a rare display of childish possessiveness, Ji Yuebai declared her claim, “From now on, you are mine.”

Xu Nian, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, affirmed, “I’ve always been yours.”

After a brief silence, Xu Nian confessed, “Actually, there’s something I’ve been hiding from you.”

Ji Yuebai looked at her, curious, “Oh?”

With a bit of hesitation, Xu Nian finally admitted, “I regained my memory a long time ago.”

Ji Yuebai let out a gentle laugh, “I’ve known that for a long time.”

Stunned, Xu Nian asked, “Since when?”

Ji Yuebai blinked, “The moment I saw you.”

Xu Nian’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment, realizing Ji Yuebai had been aware all along. She playfully bit Ji Yuebai’s lip in a mock huff.

“I need to punish you; that was our agreement.”


Ji Yuebai kissed her back, their voices merging into an intimate symphony.

She could never resist Xu Nian.

No matter when.

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