What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 27, 2024 4 Comments
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Chapter 83

Though the situation had reached a stalemate, Xu Nian was not one to easily give up.

She took out a small notebook she had swiped from Qing Zhi, and using a red-hot wooden stick as a pen, she scratched her head, thinking ways to further advance her relationship with Ji Yuebai.

To win someone’s heart, you must win their stomach first.

But Ji Yuebai, a sword cultivator of her caliber, had long since transcended the need for food, and eating would only accumulate impurities in her body, hindering her cultivation. Besides, Xu Nian’s cooking skills were barely enough to avoid poisoning someone, or else she wouldn’t have been so enviously eyeing the food at Xiao Cang Mountain.

That plan was a no-go.

Based on her experience from her past life, pursuing someone meant understanding their preferences, resonating with them on the same frequency. Only then could you make yourself appealing to them.

Ji Yuebai’s preferences?

Xu Nian thought for a long time, hesitantly.

Cultivation, sword practice?

Xu Nian was horrified to realize that besides these, she couldn’t think of any other hobbies of Ji Yuebai. The original host claimed to like Ji Yuebai, wanting her body and love, but didn’t understand her at all. It was no wonder she couldn’t win her over.

But she, she would be different…

Xu Nian transformed herself into a tiny snake, attaching several talismans to conceal her presence and become invisible. After ensuring she was completely undetectable, to the point not even her own mother could recognize her, she stealthily slithered out the door.

Yes, she was going to follow Ji Yuebai.

Fortunately, after spending these days together, she had a good idea of Ji Yuebai’s daily routine, and Ji Yuebai didn’t hide it from her.

In the early morning, Ji Yuebai would meditate and cultivate for a while.

At this time, Xu Nian would still be asleep, sometimes waking up groggily to meditate alongside her.

This was a necessary part of cultivation, not a hobby.

After cultivation, Ji Yuebai would go to an open area to practice her swordsmanship.

In the vast secret realm of the Eastern Sea, where monsters were rare and higher-level beasts keenly aware of their territories, even the Qingxuan King Snakes, known for their communal living, were no exception. They divided their clan’s territory further into individual domains. On ordinary days, they wouldn’t intrude into each other’s areas. As a revered Spirit Snake of her clan, Xu Nian’s allocated territory was one of the best, not only vast but also rich in spiritual energy, making it an ideal place for cultivation.

Thus, Xu Nian lay in the grass, watching Ji Yuebai practice her swordsmanship throughout the entire day.

Upon returning at night, Ji Yuebai would take a quick bath and change clothes before starting her meditation practice.

Of course, before sleeping, she would read some books written in characters that Xu Nian couldn’t understand.

After several days of tailing her, Xu Nian found that Ji Yuebai’s routine was almost unchanging.

It was terrifying – this mode of cultivation was like a preset program in a machine.

A true cultivation fanatic, thought Xu Nian. Even bloggers who diet allow themselves cheat meals, but Ji Yuebai just repeated the same monotonous routine day after day.

This realization made Xu Nian shiver.

No wonder Ji Yuebai wasn’t interested in her. With such self-discipline and intense dedication to cultivation, Ji Yuebai was like an inspirational figure; how could she be attracted to Xu Nian, an easy-going green snake?

Just as she was about to leave, disheartened, she heard the sound of a long sword being sheathed, and the woman’s voice, clear as shattering jade, called out, “Xu Nian.”

Xu Nian’s entire snake body shivered. She quickly lowered her head to check her talismans for hiding and masking her presence, confirming they were still effective.

Ji Yuebai couldn’t have discovered her; it must be a hallucination from spying on Ji Yuebai so frequently.

She took a deep breath, minimizing her movements even further, and began to slither away slowly.

However, before she could get far, she was suddenly lifted into the air, caught in Ji Yuebai’s arms.

There was nothing more embarrassing than being caught spying red-handed. Xu Nian buried her head in Ji Yuebai’s arm, pretending to be dead, trying to hide her humiliating act.

Ji Yuebai caught her but said nothing, her fingers gently caressing Xu Nian from neck to tail, skillfully massaging in a way that Xu Nian couldn’t resist. Soon, she instinctively turned over to expose her belly and used her small tail to hook Ji Yuebai’s fingers, seeking her touch.

A low, suppressed chuckle reached Xu Nian’s ears, as melodious as a stream flowing through a ravine.

Xu Nian’s body stiffened, and if she had been in human form, she would have blushed from head to toe. Thankfully, in her snake form, her embarrassment was not visible.

Finally, Ji Yuebai inquired, “What brings you here?”

Xu Nian, somewhat embarassed, lifted her head that had been buried against the Ji Yuebai’s body. Her glossy black eyes blinked as she said, “Because…”


Ji Yuebai’s cool black eyes gazed at her seriously.

Xu Nian had intended to playfully say “because I wanted to see you,” but now, she found herself struggling to speak those words.

“Be-because… I want to learn swordsmanship from you,” Xu Nian finally managed to say, stuttering slightly.

Ji Yuebai, seemingly reminded of something, looked down with a sigh, “Just that I don’t have a suitable sword for you at the moment.”

Hearing this, Xu Nian hurriedly replied, “That’s no problem, no problem at all. I have some swords I’ve found from others. For a beginner like me, just practicing with any sword is enough. It would be a waste to use a good one.”

After speaking, she looked up with her round, glossy eyes, filled with hope.

Ji Yuebai finally nodded, “Alright.”

Seeing that Ji Yuebai was no longer so cold and was actually willing to teach her swordsmanship, Xu Nian was so happy she jumped three feet high and hopped off the other person’s body: “Then wait for me, Yuebai. I’ll go change my clothes and be right back, right away.”

As she swam away, she kept glancing back at the woman in white, still standing there, as if worried she might disappear.

Fortunately, when Xu Nian returned hastily after changing, Ji Yuebai was still there in the valley, sword in hand, waiting for her.

Though she was in a hurry, Xu Nian had paid attention to her attire. She wore a square-necked robe, revealing her delicate collarbone and fair, slender neck. If Ji Yuebai were to lean down beside her to guide her, she would get more than an eyeful… hehe.

Xu Nian had also dabbed a few drops of sweet fragrance behind her ears, emitting a faint and tempting sweet scent, noticeable but not too obvious, just enough to be detected when close to Ji Yuebai.

Her attire and hairstyle were simple yet elegant, exuding an aura of innocent and natural beauty reminiscent of a lotus flower emerging from clear water. This appearance was unsuspecting and without any obvious intent, making it unlikely to raise any guard or suspicion.

Ji Yuebai, as usual, remained aloof and desirable.

Xu Nian took out a sword from her storage bag, belonging to some unfortunate soul, and attempted to enter Ji Yuebai’s world, hoping to find some common ground.

Ji Yuebai’s skill in swordsmanship was extraordinary, several levels above her peers. However, she lacked a natural talent for teaching.

Especially for Xu Nian, a green snake who had achieved human form through sheer hard work, facing Ji Yuebai’s instructions was like reading a book of heavenly scripts.

Perhaps this was the divide between a genius and an ordinary person.

Seeing that theoretical teaching was ineffective, Ji Yuebai calmly switched to practical demonstration, patiently guiding Xu Nian in sword movements.

Xu Nian understood this well; years of education in her past life had taught her that practice leads to true knowledge, and practice is the only way to test theories.

She was determined to follow the correct path, combining theory with practical application.

However, the confident Xu Nian faced a harsh reality. Perhaps due to her snake demon physique, no matter how hard and determinedly she wielded the sword, her moves were light and weak, lacking in strength. She couldn’t connect the sword movements smoothly, except for the final stabbing move, which she barely managed to execute passably.

Xu Nian was well aware that the nature of snake demons like herself didn’t allow for sustained and stable output; they were more suited to be stealthy, lethal assassins, striking at the opportune moment. Indeed, there were snake demons who, through their powerful physical prowess, dominated their territories, but realistically, she knew she wasn’t one of them.

Sensing Xu Nian’s disappointment, Ji Yuebai stood beside her, her voice hesitant, “Perhaps, it’s just that your sword isn’t right for you.”

Look at what she had done to a genius, Xu Nian thought wryly, even driving her to tell white lies.

Xu Nian, fully aware of her own limitations, understood that Ji Yuebai’s words were merely an attempt to spare her pride, a comforting excuse.

With a bitter smile, she asked, “Yuebai, have you ever comforted anyone before?”

The woman in white beside her paused for a moment before responding, “You could tell.”

Xu Nian sighed, “Now I realize that I’m just not cut out for swordsmanship.”

Ji Yuebai hesitated, seemingly struggling to find the right words to console her.

Xu Nian quietly watched her, suddenly feeling that Ji Yuebai’s professed affection might not be a deception after all.

After all, if one couldn’t help but refrain from harshly criticizing a fool making obvious mistakes in one’s area of expertise, instead going out of one’s way to offer consolation, then surely it must be true love. This was a conclusion she drew from her past life experience with her driving school instructor.

So, if Ji Yuebai probably did have feelings for her, why then did she reject and even appear indifferent to Xu Nian’s attempts at seduction?

As Xu Nian pieced the puzzle together, she felt she was close to uncovering the truth.

Looking down at her shoes, Xu Nian admitted, “Yuebai, you don’t have to try to comfort me. I wasn’t really serious about becoming a sword cultivator. I just wanted to be close to you, to spend time with you.”

Ji Yuebai, taken aback by Xu Nian’s frankness, pressed her lips together, “Hmm.”

Xu Nian cautiously looked up, noticing that Ji Yuebai did not exhibit the cold disdain she had shown before. This reassured Xu Nian, confirming her earlier suspicions.

Then, Xu Nian moved closer, her fingers lightly touching the sash tied around Ji Yuebai’s waist, pretending to adjust it, but then slowly, gently wandering along her slender waist, gradually caressing up her back, feeling Ji Yuebai’s breath halt.

Then, pressing her body fully against Ji Yuebai, she wrapped her arms quietly around Ji Yuebai’s neck, tiptoed, and brushed her lips lightly against Ji Yuebai’s thin lips, sensing the body under her arms gradually stiffen.

Her heart gradually understood.

Ji Yuebai didn’t understand what Xu Nian was trying to do. As Xu Nian drew closer, a warm, sweet fragrance filled her nostrils. The gentle, almost imperceptible touches from Xu Nian ignited a flurry of emotions within her, throwing Ji Yuebai into a state of sudden confusion. Instinctively lowering her eyes, she found herself captivated by a glimpse of Xu Nian’s exposed skin.

She closed her eyes, shifting her gaze away, only to have her lips brushed by another’s softness. That same pair of lips then mischievously moved to her ear, the cool breath fanning her earlobe, followed by a tender kiss, whispering temptations.

She heard Xu Nian’s seductive voice, “Yuebai, do you like me?”

A fire seemed to ignite in Ji Yuebai’s heart: “Yes.”

Having received the answer she sought, Xu Nian hesitated momentarily before finally voicing the question that had been spinning in her mind:

“Yuebai… is there something you’re struggling to tell me?”

Could it be she remembered something? Ji Yuebai suddenly looked up, staring at her intently.

Xu Nian paused, surprised. She had heard that men were touchy about being questioned in such matters but hadn’t expected a woman like Ji Yuebai to react similarly. She had racked her brain for all her literary finesse to ask as discreetly as possible.

Otherwise, she couldn’t understand why Ji Yuebai, who clearly liked her, would resist being intimate. After all, in her past life, she was aware of Platonic love. For a woman as cold, powerful, and abstinent as Ji Yuebai, it wasn’t incomprehensible for her to reject physical desires.

Hastily, she apologized, “I’m sorry. It was my forwardness in wanting to be intimate with you that made you dislike me. It’s all my fault. I was only thinking about satisfying my own desires, so I neglected your feelings…”

Ji Yuebai initially looked puzzled, but as Xu Nian continued, the atmosphere around her subtly changed, growing heavier.

Xu Nian, noticing this, spoke softer and softer: “Yuebai, you know my feelings. I won’t think any less of you for this. If one day you change your mind and wish to be with me, please tell me. From now on, I won’t ‘disturb’ you like that again.”

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