What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 18

Xu Nian: …

She realized she had made a grave mistake.

Seeing this unexpected turn of events, Mu Yanyu was startled. She quickly drew a dagger inlaid with various gemstones from her waist and raised her hand, aiming a strike at Xu Nian’s neck.

Xu Nian was terrified. She had thought of Mu Yanyu as a wealthy sister, yet here she was, attempting to take her life.

With no other choice, Xu Nian rapidly increased her size to escape from Mu Yanyu’s grasp. She leaped a meter away and instinctively raised her tail in surrender, pleading, “Rich sister, don’t attack! I’m one of you.”

Mu Yanyu looked at her own hand, then at the green snake in front of her, which was now half its body up and as tall as a person. Is it… speaking?

It even had a charming, seductive female voice. Had this snake turned into a demon? Was it trying to devour her to enhance its cultivation?

Even as Mu Yanyu forced herself to stay calm, her voice couldn’t help but tremble, “What do you want, why are you calling me that? I’ve never seen a creature like you before.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the large green snake in front of her moved almost invisibly. Its round black eyes appeared to show a hint of sadness and complaint. Then, with a pitiful voice, it said,

“When you liked me, you spoke of trading treasures from the pavilion for me. You flirted and stirred my emotions. But now, upon seeing me, you call me a monster and even want to kill me. You have such a cruel heart, Mu Yanyu.”

Mu Yanyu’s pupils dilated in shock. The demon snake knew her name and accurately recounted the incident from the other day. Could it be, could it really be…

She suppressed her fear and tentatively asked the large green snake, “Are you really the jade snake that was coiled on Miss Ji’s hairpin that day?”

To her astonishment, the intimidating green snake nodded obediently, even happily flicking its pink tongue, “Yes, it’s really me, no deception. Do you believe me now, rich sister?”

Mu Yanyu was momentarily overwhelmed by this revelation. Holding her head, she said, “Wait, give me a moment to catch my breath. This shocking truth is a bit hard for me to accept all at once.”

The green snake then waited patiently on the spot, seemingly eager to gain her trust.

After a while, Mu Yanyu pointed at the two flower thieves tied to the pillar and asked, “And those two?”

The green snake proudly raised its head, as if seeking praise, “I caught them!”

The way it moved and behaved, it seemed almost human, even… somewhat cute.

Mu Yanyu found herself incredulous, thinking a demon snake cute, and even feeling an urge to pet it. As if responding to her thoughts, the green snake transformed into a smaller version of itself, looking up at her. Its jade-green body was as exquisite as the finest jade, and its round black eyes were as beautiful and intricate as obsidian.

Mu Yanyu felt that same sense of immediate affection return, and, almost bewitched, she couldn’t help but ask, “What do you think of me?”

Xu Nian, puzzled at how the conversation had suddenly taken this turn, tilted her head in thought and replied, “You’re beautiful and wealthy. I think you’re great.”

Mu Yanyu, basking in the compliment, tempted, “How about you come with me? I’ll take care of you. My family is the wealthiest in the south; whatever you want, I can provide.”

Xu Nian swallowed, nearly ready to agree, but then the image of a pair of clear eyes flashed in her mind, filling her with an inexplicable sense of guilt.

She still had debts of gratitude to repay, her soul-binding oath to resolve, and her pursuit of transformation to continue. She couldn’t afford to settle down in luxury so soon.

Thus, Xu Nian regretfully declined, “I’m deeply flattered by your kindness, but my heart is set on the path of cultivation. All my diligent cultivation is all for the pursuit of the path to immortality, so…” She looked at Mu Yanyu apologetically.

Seemingly used to rejection, Mu Yanyu didn’t show any displeasure. Instead, she asked with hope, “Can I come visit you then?”

Xu Nian blinked, “That wouldn’t be a problem.”

Mu Yanyu’s eyes curved like crescent moons, “That’s good, then. It’s a deal.”

This was the first time Xu Nian, in her snake form, made friends with a human without cultivation. The other party wasn’t afraid of her and even wanted to take care of her, which she found both exciting and somewhat thrilling.

Afterward, Mu Yanyu asked Xu Nian to leave first, then called the guards. Xu Nian, watching from a corner, saw them arrive in force to apprehend and haul away the two flower thieves she had captured.

Relieved, Xu Nian gracefully slithered back to her room, skillfully latched the door with her tail, and returned to her couch, eager to tally up her gains from the night.

Just as she was about to delve into her storage bag, a fleeting thought crossed her mind.

Wait, what about Ji Yuebai? With all the commotion outside, why hadn’t there been any sign of her?

Alarmed by this sudden realization, Xu Nian’s heart skipped a beat. She scrambled off the couch and darted towards the inner room.

It wasn’t until Xu Nian saw the snow-white wrist and the beautiful fingers, delicate as young scallions, hanging from the bed curtain that she felt slightly relieved.

She stealthily climbed onto the bed, but as she snuggled under the curtains, something felt wrong. There was an indescribable heat in the air, causing her heart to race and her breathing to become labored as soon as she entered.

Turning her gaze to Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian saw her hair was messy, spread out over the pillow. Ji Yuebai’s face was pale but now flushed, her breathing irregular. Her usually pale-pink lips were now a seductive deep red, shimmering with moisture, irresistibly alluring.

Xu Nian suddenly remembered the extinguished incense left by the flower thieves. Looking at Ji Yuebai, who seemed to be in some discomfort, her brow slightly furrowed, Xu Nian noticed Ji Yuebai unconsciously tugging at her clothing, revealing a glimpse of her exquisite collarbone, almost as if inviting admiration. Xu Nian’s serpentine body shuddered at the sight.

Xu Nian couldn’t understand; wasn’t Ji Yuebai a cultivator? How could she have fallen under the spell of the enchanting scent so defenselessly?

She didn’t know that although Ji Yuebai was now a Golden Core stage cultivator, her state had been unstable due to the thunder tribulation. While her external wounds seemed fully healed, her internal Golden Core was nearly shattered previously. Repairing it wasn’t something that could be done overnight. Although her cultivation had improved in the past few days and she had reserved some spiritual energy, repairing the damaged Golden Core was like trying to douse a burning cart with a cup of water. If she used too much spiritual energy, she would feel utterly exhausted and drowsy by night.

Usually, with Xu Nian’s keen senses around, there was no significant risk. But it just so happened that during Xu Nian’s absence, the flower thieves had taken advantage of the situation.

Xu Nian used her tail to tidy Ji Yuebai’s messy collar, but in the next second, Ji Yuebai, moving restlessly, pulled it open again, revealing even more enticingly creamy skin.

Left with no choice, Xu Nian first used her body to restrain Ji Yuebai’s flailing hands, then meticulously arranged her collar with her tail. Just as she was about to heave a sigh of relief, her world turned upside down.

Suddenly, she found herself being hugged and pinned down by Ji Yuebai.

Table of Contents
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