What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Feb 22, 2024 3 Comments
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Chapter 19

In an instant, Xu Nian found herself enveloped in a delicate, fragrant warmth. The hot, yet subtly humid breath enveloped her, sending waves of unfamiliar and intricate sensations across her soft snake belly. Her tail involuntarily coiled tighter and tighter.

She struggled fiercely to break free, but was gripped even tighter. The other’s long, soft legs wrapped snugly around her serpentine body, her incredibly smooth skin gently sliding against her scales.

This startling heat seemed to transfer onto Xu Nian as well.

She shivered and writhed, her body twisting continuously, trying to shake Ji Yuebai awake. “Ji Yuebai, snap out of it, let me go. I’ll get you some ice to cool down.”

Perhaps hearing Xu Nian’s call, Ji Yuebai’s long eyelashes fluttered, and she finally opened her eyes.

Xu Nian leaned in, relieved, “You’re finally awake…”

Mid-sentence, she suddenly sensed something wrong. She saw that the other’s usually clear eyes now carried a watery gloss, looking at her with confusion and a sense of wronged innocence. It was like a streak of vibrant color had been added to icy coldness, melting one’s heart.

At this moment, Ji Yuebai was not in her right mind. Through her blurry vision, she saw a jade-green figure that felt cool and comforting to the touch, providing a tempting relief from her intense heat.

Poor Xu Nian was in quite a predicament. She was stuck under the heat of the woman on top of her, forced to act as a snake-shaped ice pack. To make matters worse, the woman kept rubbing against her, causing an unbearable itching sensation that she couldn’t scratch, adding to her discomfort.

After a while, Xu Nian ran out of patience. She moved closer and playfully nipped Ji Yuebai’s earlobe with her sharp teeth, hoping to calm her down.

Unexpectedly, the body holding her seemed to respond to some stimulation, quivering, then helplessly exposing its snow-white, delicate neck under Xu Nian’s venomous fangs.

An entrancing sweet fragrance gradually emerged from the flowing blood, filling the air within the curtains, stealthily surrounding Xu Nian. She seemed bewitched as she moved closer, her pink serpent tongue flickering out, continuously sniffing.

She smelled utterly divine, a fragrant, crisp, and captivating scent. The allure of a high-level cultivator’s blood for a demon beast was incomparable. Usually, Xu Nian’s human consciousness didn’t notice, but now, trapped in the close tent and under the influence of the incense, the aroma of the spirit-infused blood became increasingly intense and irresistible.

Just a gentle bite, Xu Nian realized, and she could easily pierce that delicate neck to taste the sweet blood within.

In that moment, Xu Nian felt somewhat intoxicated. The allure of that dangerously fragile sensation was overwhelming, the sweet aroma seemingly twining around her nose, wrapping her whole, with the primal instincts in her bloodstream incessantly urging her on.

And Ji Yuebai, with her dazed, longing eyes, seemed to be ensnaring Xu Nian, making it impossible for her to resist.

Xu Nian resisted as much as she could, carefully placing her sharp teeth near Ji Yuebai’s smoothly moving, jade-like neck. She deeply breathed in the sweet, addictive scent and, unable to hold back any longer, quietly stuck out her pink tongue to taste the silky skin below the neck, satisfying her longing.

Ji Yuebai unconsciously tightened her embrace, laying her cheek against Xu Nian’s serpentine body, increasingly agitated as she rubbed herself against it. Her lips unintentionally grazed Xu Nian’s scales… The slight pain from the prick of sharp teeth brought a different kind of stimulation to Ji Yuebai, intensifying her craving and driving her to seek even more fervent movements for relief.

Soon, her desperate desire was satisfied. The minute stimulation traveled down from her collarbone, and the wet, cool tongue retracted upon touching her exposed skin, eliciting uncontrollable shivers. Ji Yuebai instinctively loosened her grip.

Seizing the opportunity, Xu Nian escaped from Ji Yuebai’s clutches. She swallowed the saliva that had accumulated from her restraint and gasped for air.

Xu Nian then opened the bed curtains and the window to ventilate the room. After much of the beguiling scent had dissipated, she retrieved an antidote pill from her storage bag and placed it in Ji Yuebai’s mouth. However, Ji Yuebai’s symptoms didn’t subside; she continued to seek the coolness of Xu Nian’s snake body. The incense wasn’t a poison, so the antidote pill was ineffective.

At her wit’s end, Xu Nian suddenly remembered a solution. She hooked Qi Shaochen’s storage bag with her tail, rummaged through it, and finally found the ice-sealing talisman she had seen before. She fetched several buckets of water from the well, froze them into ice blocks using the talisman, and placed them around Ji Yuebai.

As the chill from the ice enveloped Ji Yuebai, her restlessness gradually subsided, her breathing steadied, and the unnatural flush on her face and body began to fade.

Xu Nian’s anxious heart finally settled at this moment. After all the turmoil of the night, she had no more energy for cultivation and simply lay lazily on the couch, watching Ji Yuebai slowly drift off to sleep.

Ji Yuebai had a bizarre and surreal dream, where she seemed to enter an unknown secret realm, its space and environment constantly shifting.

Initially, she walked on scorched earth, with magma bubbling up around her, enveloped by the hot air, every inch of her skin roasted by the scorching magma.

In this mysterious realm, her ice-sealing spell and rain-summoning talismans were futile, devoured by tongues of fire from the magma before they could take effect. An unbearable dryness surged within her, prompting Ji Yuebai to desperately try loosening her collar, but to no avail. She urgently needed something to relieve her discomfort.

As if sensing her desire, a refreshing coolness suddenly appeared. When she reached out to touch this soothing chill, the scene before her eyes transformed dramatically. The raging red magma instantaneously turned into lush vegetation, the arid air became cool and comfortable, and what was once a hellish landscape had now become a comforting oasis.

Yet the moment her grip loosened, the oasis fragmented like an illusion, revealing the scorching earth beneath, spewing magma… At that moment, a slender jade-green snake slipped through the cracks, seeking to carry away her personal oasis of cool comfort.

Ji Yuebai reached out, capturing the tail of the green snake between her fingers.

With her movement, the space momentarily halted its fragmentation, then began to reverse and reassemble. Soon, the refreshing and comfortable oasis returned. The cool and soft sensation seemed to envelop her tightly, leaving no space untouched, filling her with contentment and igniting a craving for more.

The green snake coiled around her fingertips, struggling, attempting to escape from her grasp.

Its tail inadvertently brushed against her palm, tickling her, as if lightly scratching at her heart. The rising desire and emptiness once again engulfed her.

What followed was a confusion of consciousness, an unceasing ignition of desires that couldn’t be satisfied.

Until the arrival of an icy, dreamlike state, where the inexplicable heat and longing were frozen, suppressed, and imprisoned.

That night, Xu Nian too had a restless sleep. In her dreams, she was either being chased by demon beasts or hunted down by cultivators. There were also visions of someone holding a knife to her vital spot, demanding the divine artifact.

With a trembling tail, she handed over the artifact, but the blade still came down on her without mercy.

Xu Nian woke up struggling, blinking as she looked around at the surrounding bed and curtains, dazed for a moment before suddenly remembering Ji Yuebai, and hastily turned to check on her.

Table of Contents
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Thanks for the chapter..

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Damn thank god nothing much happen

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You know, the author’s decision build up physical sexual tension between a human and a literal (albeit sentient) snake was certainly a Choice, but I have to respect the commitment. Glad all’s well that ends well.