What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 21, 2024 7 Comments
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Chapter 71

As Ji Yuebai watched Xu Nian come closer, seeing her features more clearly, she noticed a change. The eyes that usually shone with happiness now looked sad, and her lips, soft like petals, were tightly closed as if she was upset.

Could it be that she didn’t want to see her?

Ji Yuebai felt a sharp pain in her heart, as if pierced by a needle. Her arms, which had been reaching out to give Xu Nian a warm hug, stopped halfway and dropped down sadly.

She remembered how coldly she had acted towards Xu Nian on the day they had to go their separate ways, using her need to practice her cultivation as an excuse to push her away.

She even deliberately ignored Xu Nian’s hopeful look.

This disciples’ competition was supposed to be a relaxing outing with Xu Nian, but in the end, her fear of being trapped by unreciprocated feelings led to Xu Nian getting seriously injured and stranded in this dangerous secret realm.

She arrogantly said she would protect Xu Nian, but in the end, she couldn’t.

It was only fitting that Xu Nian wouldn’t want to see her; she only had herself to blame.

“I’m sorry.”

Ji Yuebai heard Xu Nian say.

Why apologize? Clearly, she was the one at fault.

In that moment, all sorts of thoughts flooded Ji Yuebai’s mind.

Did she not want to keep the ridiculous promise to stay by her side anymore?

If that was the case, she would let her go…

Ji Yuebai’s lips parted with difficulty, finding it hard to speak, as if weighed down by a heavy burden.

But the other party suddenly leaned in close, and her soft lips pressed against hers without reservation.

Ji Yuebai’s mind went blank for a moment.

It was only when a strong tingling feeling took over her mind that her body became rigid, and her slim fingers hidden in her sleeve instinctively clenched and then loosened again.

What was she doing?

Was this a goodbye kiss?

Xu Nian always lacked restraint, stirring desires just when Ji Yuebai had resolved to let her go.

After all, it was just a fleeting tenderness, no need for her to care so much.

It wasn’t until Xu Nian’s somewhat clumsy licked her lips, her fingers softly holding her shoulders, tentatively exploring the gap between her lips and teeth.

The string in Ji Yuebai’s mind, named reason, suddenly snapped.

Xu Nian didn’t know what was considered a proof of intimacy between lovers.

In the novels and TV dramas she had seen, couples often engaged in passionate, blush-inducing french kisses, but she felt such an act might be too bold, too offensive for Ji Yuebai.

Worried that Yuebai might get angry, Xu Nian cautiously explored, extending the tip of her tongue to gently lick the other’s lips.

Ji Yuebai’s lips were soft and fragrant, tasting sweet.

Xu Nian, imagining the explicit scenes in her mind, she hesitantly tried to deepen the kiss but suddenly felt that something was off with Ji Yuebai. She was too ashamed to look at her, blaming herself for doing something that would tarnish Ji Yuebai’s purity while she was hurt. She always felt like she was sullying Ji Yuebai’s good name, as if a flawless jade was stained because of her.

The ten seconds Xu Nian counted in her heart dragged on, feeling both endlessly long and yet over too quickly.

As those seconds passed, Xu Nian began to lift her head to end the kiss, thinking to pull away.

Unexpectedly, Ji Yuebai’s fingers, wrapped around her waist, pulled her in tightly, making her unable to move.

Xu Nian was cautious not to resist too much, mindful of Ji Yuebai’s serious injuries. She even relaxed her body to prevent accidentally hurting her.

Then, suddenly, Ji Yuebai’s fingers pressed against the back of her head, deepening their kiss.

What started as a hesitant attempt quickly turned into a forceful, passionate connection. It was a blend of dominance and gentleness, a compelling mix that left Xu Nian completely enveloped and leaving her no chance to break away.

Xu Nian was kissed until she felt dizzy, wondering if Ji Yuebai had also heard the elder rabbit brother’s words and was compensating for her own lack of experience by taking the lead.

As Xu Nian’s resistance melted away, she shifted from initiating to fully engaging in the kiss. Each touch sparked sensations through her, nearly making her knees buckle, but Ji Yuebai’s firm hold kept her standing.

Remembering Ji Yuebai’s injuries, Xu Nian didn’t want her to exert so much effort and thus passionately returned the kiss.

Ji Yuebai could hardly believe this was real, tightening her hold on Xu Nian’s waist as Xu Nian kissed her back with fervor.

This was a scene she never dared to imagine even in her dreams.

And yet, it was happening right before her eyes.

Xu Nian was struggling to catch her breath, her fingers gently pushing against Ji Yuebai’s body. Ji Yuebai, who seemed new to kissing at first, quickly became adept, surprising Xu Nian with her skill.

It’s true what they say about geniuses; they pick up everything fast, even the nuances of kissing without being taught.

Sensing Xu Nian’s reluctance, Ji Yuebai reluctantly let her go, her eyes scanning Xu Nian’s flushed face.

Her eyes, naturally seductive, now carried a misty allure. Her small, cute nose was slightly red, and her already rosy lips were now even more strikingly inviting, as if they had been moistened, radiating an irresistibly charming quality from within.

But it wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

Ji Yuebai had become increasingly greedy without realizing it. Initially, she would have been content with just an embrace, a hug, or a gentle peck on the cheek from Xu Nian. She had even thought she could bear it if Xu Nian chose to leave her.

But now, she found herself regretting even thinking of letting her go.

Xu Nian, still holding her hand, comforted her with an apologetic tone, “Yuebai, you’re badly hurt; you shouldn’t push yourself. Let me take care of you.”


Ji Yuebai looked down at her pristine white robe, swished her sword effortlessly, and noticed the trembling rabbit demons nearby, too scared even to look her way.

Nonchalantly curling her finger, the thirteenth-rank Rabbit Demon High Priest promptly hopped over, fawning and rubbing its paws together, “Esteemed Elder, is there anything else I can do for you?”

Ji Yuebai’s voice was detached, “Do I seem like I’m seriously injured?”

What nonsense, seriously injured?

Did you even hear what people said?

The Rabbit Demon High Priest, upon hearing this, looked crestfallen, its furless face turning sickly green. Lines of worry creased its forehead, and its six red eyes flickered in disbelief.

It wanted to curse. This woman had charged in at dawn, single-handedly wielding her sword, to lay waste to its rabbit kin. And then, with the strength of someone at the early Nascent Soul stage, she had dominated it—a thirteenth-rank demon beast, equivalent to a mid-Nascent Soul stage human—forcing it into submission.

Such ferocious combat strength, and she calls that seriously injured?

That’s ridiculous—

The Rabbit Demon High Priest almost lost its composure, but remembering the icy stare of the killer before it, it quickly changed to a pitiful expression, sheepishly adding, “Esteemed Elder, your aura is strong and vigorous, and you appear as spirited as a dragon or tiger, certainly not looking injured… But if you have any hidden ailments that need treatment, I can find a shaman from the neighboring clan to examine you.”

Ji Yuebai’s gaze, filled with a hint of confusion, then fell upon Xu Nian.

Xu Nian breathed out in relief. The once menacing Rabbit Demon High Priest, having witnessed her kiss with Ji Yuebai, actually handed Ji Yuebai over to her.

Xu Nian looked at Ji Yuebai, noticing how weak she was and leaning on her, and realized that Ji Yuebai’s kiss was a moment of desperation. This realization filled her heart with deep sadness.

She not only caused Ji Yuebai to fall into such a state for her sake but even failed to properly execute something as simple as a kiss at the crucial moment. She even made the seriously injured Ji Yuebai take the initiative to kiss her. Ji Yuebai, a once brilliant sword cultivator, had stooped to kiss her, a dirty snake demon.

Surely Ji Yuebai must have found it difficult to accept such a thing, so Xu Nian naturally felt she should be more understanding.

Xu Nian collected her sour feelings, her fingers gently holding Ji Yuebai’s cold hand due to her injury: “Yuebai, don’t worry about it. I will forget everything that just happened and won’t bring it up again.”

Ji Yuebai’s expression turned cold. She was clueless about what Xu Nian had seen or under what circumstances she had chosen to kiss her. But having initiated such an act herself, Xu Nian was now suggesting they forget it ever happened.

The happiness that had just begun to kindle in her heart was instantly doused with cold water.

When the third rabbit brother heard that Xu Nian was leaving, he hopped over to her side, envious: “I’m really envious of you Qingxuan King Snakes. With such high potential and strength, you even saw and cut down that ghostly vine on the road that my brothers couldn’t even see. You saved me; you’re truly amazing.”

Xu Nian felt slightly embarrassed by this praise; after all, her ability wasn’t her own but granted by the Seven Passages Exquisite Lock.

She looked at the rabbit demon’s fluffy head and cute red eyes and couldn’t resist patting it, offering encouragement, “If you cultivate well, you can achieve great things too.”

But the feel of it was different than she expected, making Xu Nian curiously glance at her own fingers.

It was then that Ji Yuebai realized the seriousness of the situation. She asked Xu Nian, “Why are you touching this filthy rabbit demon?”

So, Yuebai still despised demon beasts, Xu Nian thought dejectedly, “I just thought it looked cute.”

Ji Yuebai’s eyes swept over the trembling rabbit demon hiding to the side.

Its two pairs of deformed front paws were fearfully curled up, and its bald, gray rabbit skin was wrinkled and bunched together, resembling a rat crawling out of a gutter.

Besides its two normal eyes, there were two smaller pairs of red eyes, one pair above and one below, on its face. Below these were two rows of sharp white teeth protruding from its rabbit lips, a sight terrifying enough from a human perspective.

Ji Yuebai didn’t think Xu Nian considered the rabbit demon cute because of a special sense of beauty.

After all, having spent so much time together, she had noticed that Xu Nian, despite being a demon beast, had tastes similar to humans and naturally felt afraid of things that humans would find scary.

The Eastern Sea Secret Realm was unfathomable, filled with strange creatures. In the past month, Ji Yuebai had also narrowly escaped danger a few times.

Perhaps Xu Nian had unwittingly fallen prey to some trickery.

Xu Nian gently tugged at Ji Yuebai’s sleeve, then tenderly hooked her fingers, her charming eyes filled with concern as she gazed at her. In a soft, coaxing voice, she said, “Yuebai, let’s go back and treat your injuries. We can’t delay them any longer.”

Even the greatest frustration in Ji Yuebai’s heart dissipated at that moment.

After all, she couldn’t blame Xu Nian for this.

The Rabbit Demon High Priest, seeing the powerful Ji Yuebai preparing to leave, was so thrilled it nearly leaped up in excitement, as if ready to beat drums and set off fireworks.

Ji Yuebai cast a cool glance at the Rabbit Demon High Priest and inquired, “Do you know of any poisonous substances or demon beasts nearby that can cause hallucinations?”

Feeling the intimidating gaze that threatened, ‘dare to lie and you’re finished,’ the Rabbit Demon High Priest shuddered, “To the best of my knowledge, there’s only a grass known as Dreamy Datura nearby that has hallucinogenic and addictive properties.”

Dreamy Datura was not exclusive to the Eastern Sea Secret Realm; a few rare places in the cultivation world also produced it, serving as a fundamental auxiliary herb for illusionary cultivators.

As far as Ji Yuebai knew, besides causing hallucinations, Dreamy Datura also had side effects like slowing the victim’s thought process, leading to slurred speech and disjointed thoughts, creating fragmented and incoherent mental images.

This didn’t match Xu Nian’s current symptoms. Ji Yuebai’s brow furrowed slightly as she asked, “Is there anything else?”

The Rabbit Demon High Priest, already terrified, hurriedly explained, “No, there’s nothing else. I wouldn’t dare deceive you.”

Ji Yuebai pondered for a moment and then instructed, “Call over the shaman you mentioned earlier and have them wait for me. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Rest assured, I’ll bring them here, even if I have to bind them,” the Rabbit Demon High Priest vowed.

Relieved to see the fearsome Ji Yuebai finally leave with the mysterious Qingxuan King Snake, the Rabbit Demon High Priest wiped the cold sweat from its forehead and collapsed, sitting dazed for a while, its emotions a mix of relief and worry.

Relieved to have sent the powerful figure away, but worried about her return tomorrow.

What a misfortune!

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Only Xu Nian actually sees the truth, but I think the rabbits were tricking Ji Yuebai

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Since this is written in the third party omniscient point of view we can see everyone’s thoughts, so the rabbits are a little confusing since they mentioned sacrificing JY, but I think maybe their intention was to sacrifice her but they’re too terrified to try. Maybe XN’s ability to see through illusions also allows her to see through intentions as well? It’s a bit confusing with how everything is laid out.

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