What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 93

Xu Nian’s heart pounded uncontrollably as countless memories surged into her mind like a tidal wave.

In many critical moments of her life, Ji Yuebai had always stood by her, fulfilling her promises.

Xu Nian remembered – she had actually been transported to this fantastical world of immortal cultivation over sixty years ago.

Not as a task performer, but as herself, struggling bitterly in the body of a serpent demon.

Her life changed when she met Ji Yuebai.

As her memories returned, the illusions constructed in her mind shattered like a cage of mirrors, dissolving into fragments of light. Amidst the blur, silver-scaled white butterflies, like scattered stars, faded away in an instant.

A severe headache followed, feeling as if a window had opened above her head and a long, blunt drill was furiously stirring her brain. She crouched down in pain, gasping uncontrollably and biting down hard to suppress the urge to cry out in pain.

The Elders had initially prepared themselves for the appearance of the Manhuang serpent, deciding to join forces in what they thought would be a life-and-death battle. However, now facing only a few fourteenth-rank underlings and with the Manhuang serpent nowhere in sight, they breathed a sigh of relief.

The serpent’s appearance was not unlimited after all. Its medium was the Nine Turn Spirit Snake, which they had planned to exploit for a while longer. But since Xu Nian had formed a contract with the serpent, she could no longer be spared.

This rare Nine Turn Spirit Snake, if consumed by the Elders’ Council, would elevate their power to a new level.

But first, they had to eliminate the fourteenth-rank hybrid demon beast obstructing their path.

Ji Yuebai’s mastery of the sword formation, a skill she acquired from human cultivators, was as powerful as their own at the Nascent Soul stage. Her swordplay wove together layers of intricate formations, each pulsating with an unstoppable, icy energy. To wield such extraordinary strength at merely the fourteenth-rank highlighted her as an exceptional talent, a rarity that transcended the realms of both demons and humans. Indeed, a prodigy of her caliber was a phenomenon that might only be witnessed once in a millennium.

The nine Elders exchanged glances and decided to act quickly and decisively, not giving their opponents any chance to turn the tables.

In the blink of an eye, nine figures, fast as lightning, attacked Ji Yuebai from all directions. Despite her sharp and cold sword formation providing some defense, it couldn’t gather enough power in time to resist their assault.

The disparity in strength and the overwhelming attack from multiple sides made it impossible for her, despite her exceptional talent, to escape.

The Elders, confident of victory, saw her as an unknown beast with exceptional talent. Her physical strength and spiritual energy, though not as potent as a Nine Turn Spiritual body, would still provide significant nourishment.

Just as the nine forceful and murderous attacks were about to strike Ji Yuebai, the air twisted strangely, and her figure eerily disappeared from the Elders’ sight.

Elder Qing Si, who had once trained in the human cultivation world, instantly realized what was happening. He quickly telepathically warned the other Elders, “It’s the Lesser Escape Technique, spread out!”

True to his warning, as they entered the sword formation, the icy dragon sword formation, radiating bone-chilling coldness, instantly surrounded them. The cold slowed their previously swift movements for a moment. Countless swords, controlled by the wielder’s will, now bore down with fierce killing intent, targeting their vital points.

In the sword formation, the Elders were thrown into disarray, deploying every defensive tactic they knew. Qing Si’s warning had put them on high alert, and although their attack was somewhat diffused due to their numbers, the formation’s power was not to be underestimated. Even a few strikes could still inflict significant side effects, if not fatal wounds, especially considering the frosty chill emanating from the swords.

Above the sword formation, with the air twisting and turning, a figure in a white Daoist robe gradually materialized – it was Ji Yuebai, who had used the Lesser Escape Technique to reposition herself.

She had sensed the ambush early on and intended to use the Greater Escape Technique to escape with Xu Nian. Although the side effects were many, it would at least provide a way out. Unfortunately, the Elders had anticipated this, likely to counter the Manhuang serpent Xu Nian had contracted. This prevented her from using the Great escape talisman, which crossed space and time. The Lesser Escape Technique, however, allowed for short-range teleportation within their battlefield, which was apparently unrestricted.

Qing Jin, looking up at Ji Yuebai fighting against the nine fifteenth-rank Elders without falling behind, nudged the crouching Xu Nian, “Your servant seems very powerful.”

Struggling with the excruciating pain in her head, Xu Nian followed Qing Jin’s comment and looked up. In the sky, several figures left irregular trails in their rapid confrontation. The sword formation, under Ji Yuebai’s control, constantly countered the spiritual attacks from the Elders in the air. A few Elders, exploiting her defense against frontal attacks, circled to the rear and struck mercilessly.

Ji Yuebai, as if anticipating this, vanished and reappeared hundreds of meters away, distancing herself from the Elders. She then manipulated the sword formation to launch fierce attacks, forcing the Elders to adopt a defensive stance.

Some of the more impatient Elders, frustrated by Ji Yuebai’s repeated trickery, recklessly attacked her, only to be wounded by the sharp frosty blades, the chilling energy slowing their movements.

The Elders had not anticipated this. What they thought would be a swift capture of a fourteenth-rank beast had turned into a protracted battle. If they abandoned the demon beast to capture the Xu Nian, the sword formation would injure them. Although not fatal, such injuries could prove disastrous in a larger battle, potentially becoming the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Qing Jin, closely watching the battle, exclaimed with excitement, “She’s incredible! Fighting so many Elders and still having the upper hand! We might be able to leave here soon.”

But Qing Cheng’s expression was less optimistic, “No, the Elders haven’t yet unleashed their full power because of their wariness. If Xu Nian can’t summon the higher being again, they will show no mercy.”

At that moment, Xu Nian, reeling from the severe headache, struggled to continuously control and summon her fourteenth-rank green snake servants. The three Elders who had been tied down broke free from their weakened attacks. Without Xu Nian’s conscious control, the snake servants’ attacks became simplistic and were quickly eliminated.

Elder Qing Lu, thrilled to be free from the sword formation, saw an opportunity, “Qing Jiu, Qing Shi, kill that Spirit Snake now; the Manhuang serpent won’t help her.”

Elder Qing Jiu, always annoyed by Qing Lu’s self-important orders, retorted disdainfully, “Shut up, as if I needed you to tell me that.”

Despite his irritation, his actions were swift. In the blink of an eye, he and Elders Qing Shi and Qing Hai reached Xu Nian, Qing Jin, and Qing Cheng, releasing an overwhelming pressure.

Qing Cheng and Qing Jin, though terrified of the terrifying pressure, drew courage from Ji Yuebai still fighting the nine Elders. Transforming into giant snakes, they positioned themselves in front of Xu Nian, attempting to resist the three approaching Elders.

Elder Qing Jiu frowned from his position of authority and said condescendingly, “Foolish creatures, considering your past service to the Qingxuan King clan, I’ll spare your lives if you leave now.”

Qing Cheng, with her enormous form, stood immovably in front of Xu Nian. Qing Jin, struggling under the oppressive aura, shivered involuntarily but did not step back.

Elder Qing Shi, with a sinister tone, said, “You’re too lenient with these traitors. If it were up to me, I’d strip them of their tendons and scales, then torture them slowly in front of our clan as a warning to others.”

The cold and cruel spiritual energy from Elder Qing Shi felt like it was slicing through Qing Jin’s scales even before it touched her. The intensity of his power made her tremble uncontrollably, unable to even defend herself.

She couldn’t imagine how Ji Yuebai was managing to fight against so many powerful Elders under such terrifying pressure.

But Qing Cheng, without hesitation, pushed her paralyzed-with-fear sister aside, ready to bear the brunt of the deadly attack alone.

Qing Jin’s eyes widened in terror and despair spread through her heart.

No, she couldn’t lose her sister.

For a hundred years, they had depended on each other for survival. Her sister’s life was as precious as her own. If her sister died, how could she live on alone?

Driven by a powerful will, Qing Jin broke free from the oppressive force and, channeling all her energy, lunged towards Elder Qing Shi, who was attacking them.

Elder Qing Shi, caught off guard, slightly reduced his power. Even so, his partially executed attack left deep, bone-exposing wounds on Qing Cheng’s massive body. Blood gushed out like a stream, staining the ground beneath them red.

He had intended to slice her into pieces but was interrupted by Qing Jin’s rash attack.

Seeing Qing Jin’s angry glare, ready to attack again, Elder Qing Shi was surprised, “Such a lowly three-turn body possessing such potential, what a waste.”

With a wave of his hand, he created a whirlwind of razor-sharp spiritual energy, rapidly enveloping Qing Jin. As the whirlwind tightened, Qing Jin, unable to escape, was about to explode into a gruesome spectacle of blood mist, like a cruelly beautiful firework.

Elders Qing Jiu and Qing Xi, familiar with Qing Shi’s sadistic tendencies, didn’t intervene. They shared a similar interest in toying with their prey.

Unexpectedly, Qing Jin, instead of being shredded by the whirlwind’s spiritual blades, emerged unscathed, passing through the swirling energy unharmed.

Elder Qing Shi was in disbelief. How could a mere fourteenth-rank, flawed spirit-gatherer emerge unharmed from his proud killing move? He reached out to touch the whirlwind and, caught off guard, his entire arm was sucked in and shredded, casting a pale red mist of his blood into the air.

Elder Qing Shi, in pain, clutched his now-missing arm, realizing something was terribly wrong – he was injured by his own attack.

Elders Qing Jiu and Qing Hai, visibly shocked, exclaimed, “Qing Shi, have you lost your mind? Stop the Blood Blade Whirlwind now!”

But it was too late.

Elder Qing Shi looked towards the source of the sound, only to realize that his own killing move, the Blood Blade Whirlwind, had unknowingly surrounded them. The circle was ominously shrinking, and he knew all too well how ruthless this technique was. Even for fifteenth-rank demons like themselves, getting trapped in it would mean they couldn’t last even the duration of a short tea break, let alone a fourteenth-rank beast.

But damn it, he wasn’t controlling it; he couldn’t even recall when the whirlwind had enveloped them. It had happened so quickly, in the blink of an eye.

Elder Qing Shi frantically tried to dispel the Blood Blade Whirlwind, but strangely, although it was sustained by his spiritual power, it now refused to obey his commands and wouldn’t stop. Instead, it slowly enveloped them with its chilling, murderous intent.

Elder Qing Shi couldn’t believe it. He was being sliced and diced by his own creation, his flesh shredded from all sides.

In just a few breaths, his fellow Elders Qing Jiu and Qing Hai were badly wounded, bloodied all over. They shook Qing Shi violently, yelling at him, “Stop it! Hurry up and stop this madness! Do you want to kill us all?”

Elder Qing Shi, his face bloodied, protested, “I’m not controlling it! I can’t stop it.”

Elders Qing Jiu and Qing Hai exchanged a glance and, in desperation, grabbed Qing Shi, using his body as a shield. They then unleashed their spiritual power in a desperate attempt to burst through the spinning blades of the whirlwind.

But something even more bizarre happened. The whirlwind, which had seemed only a few meters in diameter, now stretched endlessly. No matter which direction they tried, they couldn’t escape. Their wounds multiplied, and blood spurted from their bodies, carried by the spinning wind. The red mist thickened ominously. If they didn’t act fast, they would likely perish in this Blood Blade Whirlwind.

Elder Qing Jiu looked at Elder Qing Shi, whose face was now unrecognizable from his own wounds, and made a ruthless decision. “Sorry, brother. It’s your own fault for not controlling your own technique.”

With that, under Qing Hai’s watch, Qing Jiu brutally crushed Qing Shi’s head.

Qing Hai, though regretful, felt a sense of relief, “Now, we should be able to get out…”

But his words stopped abruptly.

The terrifying Blood Blade Whirlwind, instead of dissipating with Qing Shi’s death, grew even more ferocious. The surge of bloody mist and sharp spiritual blades threatened to devour them completely in an instant.

After narrowly surviving the crisis, Qing Jin rushed to Qing Cheng’s side, frantically applying healing salves to her wounds. Besides the medicines she had brought herself, Xu Nian had given her many high-quality ones taken from Elder Qing Lu’s storage bag. After much effort, they finally managed to stop the bleeding from Qing Cheng’s injuries.

Qing Cheng, regaining consciousness from her severe injuries, appeared dazed. The situation had looked undoubtedly fatal moments ago, and she couldn’t comprehend how she had survived.

Before losing consciousness, she clearly saw Qing Jin collide with Elder Qing Shi’s Blood Blade Whirlwind. But, miraculously, not only did Qing Jin survive, but she also appeared unharmed.

The three Elders, who were still attacking them earlier, now seemed oblivious to their presence. Not far away, they moved in circles, swords in hand, cutting into each other’s flesh, screaming as if possessed by madness.

Adding to the surreal scene, Elder Qing Jiu, for reasons unknown, brutally crushed Elder Qing Shi’s head with his bare hands. Then, inexplicably, they resumed their self-mutilation, repeatedly stabbing and slashing each other, despite their bodies being torn and bloodied.

This bizarre spectacle was unsettling even for Qing Cheng, a demon beast. She turned her head and looked at Xu Nian, who was intently watching the two Elders. A mysterious, almost imperceptible smile played on Xu Nian’s enchanting face as she observed the scene with her dark eyes.

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