What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 53

Ji Yuebai remained silent through the encounter, but the incident served as a subtle warning to Xu Nian, who subsequently became more restrained. She followed behind Ji Yuebai with her eyes lowered, her gaze now more discreet, stealing only fleeting glances rather than openly staring as before.

On that day, the arrival at Fanyin Pavilion wasn’t limited to Tian Yuan Sect’s flying boat. Vessels from Wuji Sect and Taiyi Sect also descended one after another. The disciples disembarked in an orderly procession, while the sect Elders took up residence on Fanyin Pavilion’s main island, separate from their disciples.

Consequently, the disciples participating in the grand competition were led by their respective senior disciples.

Wuji Sect and Taiyi Sect, perennially ranked second and third among the Eight Great Sects, had long harbored rivalry and discontent towards each other. Knowing they couldn’t surpass Tian Yuan Sect, they set their sights on securing the second place. Each sect’s disciples fiercely competed in the grand competition, alternating between outshining the other.

At this moment, they were even arguing over who should choose their accommodations first.

The lead disciple from Wuji Sect arrogantly suggested, “Naturally, we should decide based on the rankings from the last competition.”

However, a disciple from Taiyi Sect challenged this, “Fairness requires considering who arrived first. Last time, you were just lucky to win second place. Before that, weren’t you always ranked below us?”

This taunt struck a nerve with the Wuji Sect disciple, sparking anger, “Blaming your own sect’s declining strength on past glories, are you?”

As this exchange unfolded, a group led by Ji Yuebai happened to pass by.

A disciple from Taiyi Sect mocked, “Last year, Wuji Sect was so proud of their second place. Why don’t you go show off in front of Tian Yuan Sect?”

Song Lingxiao from Wuji Sect retorted with a cold laugh, “Tian Yuan Sect is no longer the power it once was. With their Nascent Soul stage cultivators either ascending or dying, their talent pool has long been in decline. They just got lucky with Ji Yuebai, and she’s even a female cultivator, nothing to fear.”

Three years ago, he had lost to that woman by a mere oversight. He had been diligently cultivating ever since, now firmly in the early stages of the Golden Core. He was determined to defeat her this time and reclaim his glory.

Yet, just as Song Lingxiao finished speaking, an overwhelming chill of ice and snow enveloped him, causing his movements to stiffen suddenly. He quickly dispersed the cold with his spiritual energy and looked towards the source of the pressure.

On a high bridge, a group of white-robed sword cultivators halted. Leading them was a woman with an extraordinary air about her. Her icy gaze briefly settled on him, then indifferently shifted away.

That gaze, it was as if she was looking at ants.

She was the very woman he had spoken of, Ji Yuebai.

Song Lingxiao, although he was now in the Golden Core stage, felt an overwhelming pressure from her presence, taking him back to the competition stage three years ago. His eyes widened as he watched her sword descend, unavoidable, as he had hoped to avenge his past defeat.

But why, oh why, had this woman reached the late Golden Core stage? Why did he still feel such fear towards her, despite being a Golden Core cultivator himself?

Thinking of her unquestionable strength, Song Lingxiao’s hand on his sword trembled slightly.

At this moment, the previously agitated disciples from Wuji Sect and Taiyi Sect quieted down, quietly lifting their heads to gaze at the woman renowned for her absolute strength, the repeated champion of many disciples’ competitions.

Though male cultivators often stubbornly claimed she was just another female cultivator, her terrifying ability to overpower all disciples was undeniable in everyone’s heart.

In the cultivation world, where strength reigned supreme, her mere appearance put a halt to the quarrel between Wuji Sect and Taiyi Sect.

Song Lingxiao had thought that with his greatly improved strength, Ji Yuebai would at least consider him a serious rival in this competition. However, a fleeting look of disappointment in her icy eyes shattered that illusion.

His spirit started to crumble. For three years, he had focused on her as his goal, never slacking even in his dreams, yet his efforts seemed so insignificant in her eyes.

In the midst of his turmoil, he overheard the murmurs of admiration from Taiyi Sect’s disciples nearby.

“Is that a new disciple of Tian Yuan Sect? She’s very beautiful.”

“She must be at least at the Golden Core stage. How could she be a new disciple?”

“But we never saw her in previous competitions.”

“Maybe she’s a new disciple secretly trained by Tian Yuan Sect, making her debut now.”

“Tsk, tsk, didn’t someone from Wuji Sect just say Tian Yuan Sect was in decline? Looks like they’ve been proven wrong.”

Although this was not exactly good news for Taiyi Sect, they couldn’t help but feel pleased at the blow to Wuji Sect, even viewing the perennially top-ranked Tian Yuan Sect more favorably at that moment.

Song Lingxiao was initially unwilling to accept this, but as he looked over, he couldn’t tear his gaze away. He had never imagined a woman cultivator could be so enchanting. Just a glance and a graceful silhouette were enough to make his heart flutter, let alone the fact that she was a Golden Core cultivator.

That fleeting glimpse was unforgettable, and his fellow disciples also couldn’t tear their eyes away, watching the Tian Yuan Sect group depart with fascination.

After a while, a newly initiated disciple from Wuji Sect commented as if awakening from a dream, “Truly worthy of being the foremost righteous sect. Not only is their strength extraordinary, but even their appearance is so beautiful.”

A senior disciple beside him gave him a light thump on the head, chiding, “Shut up, don’t boost others’ morale and undermine our own.” But after saying that, he smacked his lips, “But she really is beautiful.”

Suddenly, another voice exclaimed in annoyance, “Damn it, Taiyi Sect’s bunch of animals are seizing the opportunity to grab the sky bridge.”

Upon hearing this, everyone hurriedly moved to secure a place, creating a chaotic scene for a moment.

Xu Nian watched with great interest. She had originally thought that cultivators in the world of cultivation, at least on the surface like those from Tian Yuan Sect, conducted themselves with utmost propriety. She hadn’t expected such lively interactions behind the scenes.

Under the guidance of a Fanyin Pavilion disciple, they crossed the sky bridge into one of the subsidiary islands. The island featured shallow beaches and groves of trees, and deeper inland was a white, ring-shaped grand hall surrounded by flowers – the lodgings for the disciples participating in the upcoming days of competition.

Ji Yuebai chose the main hall, leading the Tian Yuan Sect disciples to settle in. Soon, the once quarreling disciples from Wuji Sect and Taiyi Sect arrived, taking up residence in the vacant halls on either side of Tian Yuan Sect’s location.

Before leaving, the female disciple guiding Tian Yuan Sect lingered with an affectionate gaze on Ji Yuebai: “There will be a welcome banquet tonight in the hall, featuring our Fanyin Pavilion’s special performances. Ji Shishu, please do grace us with your presence.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Nian’s mouth watered, imagining the sight of dancing beauties and a delicious seafood feast.

Back on the bridge, she had spotted several large fish but refrained from fishing due to Tian Yuan Sect’s public image. She had planned to secretly invite Mu Yanyu for fishing later, but now, hearing about the banquet, her eyes lit up.

She tugged at Ji Yuebai’s sleeve, her charming black eyes wide and pleading.

Ji Yuebai initially had no desire to attend such social gatherings, but seeing Xu Nian’s expression, she couldn’t bring herself to refuse and reluctantly nodded her agreement.

When the banquet began that evening, disciples from all Eight Great Sects participating in the competition had already settled in the hall, including the host disciples from Fanyin Pavilion.

Wherever there are people, conflicts and competitions arise, much like rivers and lakes that are never still. The sects, frequently in conflict, engaged in both overt and covert battles for resources outside of the banquet, and the rivalries within were equally intense.

However, when Ji Yuebai arrived with Xu Nian, the area immediately quieted for a moment, as everyone’s attention was involuntarily drawn to her. Whether it was the terrifying late-stage Golden Core pressure that made people shudder or her consecutive victories in the disciples’ competitions, her ethereal beauty seemed to be the least noteworthy aspect.

Yet, given her unapproachable demeanor, no one dared to engage her in conversation.

Xu Nian, on the other hand, felt quite at ease by her side. not only did she have an unobstructed view throughout the event, but she also ate without any reservations.

Despite many inexplicable glances directed her way, her appetite remained unaffected.

The song and dance performance of Fanyin Pavilion was a feast for the eyes. Unlike the mortal world, effects like flying or petals and mist could be easily created with talismans, enhancing both the atmosphere and the immersive experience.

Coupled with the supreme VIP seats that Xu Nian enjoyed thanks to Ji Yuebai, her experience was like that of an emperor.

The female cultivators on stage moved gracefully and seductively, their light gauzy garments fluttering and wrapping around their bodies with their dance. Their fair skin peeked through the sheer fabric, creating a captivating display with every move. The bells on their feet tinkled melodiously with their graceful dance steps.

Xu Nian was so captivated by the performance that she even forgot about the crab leg in her hand.

At that moment, a female cultivator clad in a semi-transparent garment spun gracefully, landing lightly in front of Xu Nian. Yet, her target wasn’t Xu Nian, but Ji Yuebai beside her. With a flourish of her water sleeves, she lightly graced her Daoist robe, her eyes sending subtle, enchanting glances.

Xu Nian could even smell the enticing floral scent emanating from the dancer. She stared, fingers reaching out to touch the gossamer veil, only for the dancer to dodge swiftly, leaving Xu Nian looking on with a sense of longing.

Xu Nian could only watch in frustration as the dancer teased Ji Yuebai with her water sleeves and then lightly returned to the stage. She glanced back and forth between the enticing dancer on stage and the icy, stoic Ji Yuebai, unsure whom to envy more.

After a moment, as if struck by a realization, Xu Nian mimicked the female cultivator’s actions and approached Ji Yuebai. She deliberately rolled up her sleeves, lightly brushing against her, even attempting a flirty look.

To her delight, she saw Ji Yuebai’s dark eyes momentarily tremble.

Overjoyed and believing she might have a natural talent for dancing, Xu Nian gracefully bent down and then turned around, aiming for a graceful effect.

But theory and practice were worlds apart, and her body couldn’t perfectly replicate the movements she envisioned. In her attempt to turn around, she accidentally brushed against Ji Yuebai’s thin lips.

Feeling confused and sensing that something was wrong, Xu Nian attempted to pull away but found herself being caught around the waist and drawn into Ji Yuebai’s embrace.

The banquet offered fruit wine with a sweet, fragrant aroma. Xu Nian hadn’t drunk any, but she tasted its sweetness on Ji Yuebai’s lips.

It was then she noticed, under the warm light, Ji Yuebai’s fair cheeks were tinged with a light blush.

She was startled, realizing why Ji Yuebai had seemed off earlier – she wasn’t good with alcohol.

Xu Nian gently wiggled Ji Yuebai’s fingers, “Yuebai, let go of me, people will see.”

Ji Yuebai released her, but her beautiful dark eyes remained fixed on Xu Nian’s lips.

Knowing she was at fault, Xu Nian quickly apologized, “It’s my fault. I was acting jealous and took advantage of you without reason.”

Ji Yuebai’s clear eyes seemed slightly drunk, “Jealous of what?”

Naturally, Xu Nian was jealous of the dancing woman who had been flirting with Ji Yuebai, ignoring her entirely. It was hard for Xu Nian, who had watched attentively from start to finish.

But she couldn’t say that outright. So, she phrased it differently, “I was jealous of the dancing woman flirting with you.”

Right after she spoke, Xu Nian felt the fingers around her waist tighten.

Ji Yuebai’s voice was low and cool, yet it made Xu Nian’s body go weak, “But I prefer watching you.”

Xu Nian coughed lightly, turning her head away with a hint of embarrassment.

She must have been drunk to speak so straightforwardly.

After having her fill, Xu Nian left the banquet with Ji Yuebai, walking side by side on the beach to aid digestion.

The cool night breeze blew away the heat of the banquet, making their walk under the starlit shallow beach exceedingly pleasant.

Xu Nian took a snow-white cloak from her storage bag and, standing on tiptoes, gently draped it over Ji Yuebai’s shoulders, “Yuebai, you’ve had some wine; don’t catch a cold.”

Feeling the warmth of her breath softly brushing against her neck, Ji Yuebai watched attentively as Xu Nian tied the cloak’s fastenings into a neat bow.

It seemed Ji Yuebai was also affected, lowering her gaze quietly to watch her.

A warm feeling rose in her heart, and in that moment, she seemed to understand the mortal ideal of a couple sharing life’s simple joys.

Suddenly, a figure in red, followed by an attendant, hurried over, calling out loudly, “Xu Nian, I’ve finally found you. Why did you run off here?”

It was Mu Yanyu, who had arranged to meet Xu Nian at Fanyin Pavilion to gather information.

Xu Nian, having been preoccupied with the feast and performances, had completely forgotten about this plan. Seeing Mu Yanyu now, she felt guilty but didn’t admit to forgetting, instead replying, “I was just about to look for you. You’re always so busy, elusive as a dragon.”

As Mu Yanyu approached, she noticed Ji Yuebai, who had been obscured by Xu Nian. Smiling at Ji Yuebai, she said, “I’ll borrow Xu Nian for a bit and return her later, if that’s okay?”

Xu Nian also nodded towards Ji Yuebai, saying, “I promised Yanyu I’d help her.”

Ji Yuebai looked deeply into Xu Nian’s eyes and simply said, “Okay, come back soon.”

Xu Nian smiled in response and added a few words of concern about taking care of herself.

Then, she turned and left with Mu Yanyu, both of them laughing and chatting cheerfully as they walked away.

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