What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 81

Xu Nian was naturally skeptical of Ji Yuebai’s easily spoken claim of affection, finding it hard to believe without any proof. Fundamentally, she was skeptical that the mess left by the original character could be so easily resolved.

Yet, the way Ji Yuebai hugged her tightly, almost merging her into their own body, overwhelmed Xu Nian. The intoxicating fragrance emanating from Ji Yuebai enveloped her, sending her senses into a whirl.

Whether it was the warmth and intensity of Ji Yuebai’s hug or the crisp, refreshing scent that lingered at her nose, all of it made Xu Nian momentarily lost in a trance.

Xu Nian hugged Ji Yuebai tightly, pretending to be even more affectionate. She spoke with a voice full of emotion, “Yuebai, you like me too. I’m so happy. I’ll remember this day for my entire life.”

But ultimately, it turned out to be nothing more than a beautiful lie, too perfect to be real, which made the happiness feel like an illusion.

“Why can’t I just spend my life with Xu Nian like this?” Ji Yuebai suddenly thought, but immediately dismissed it as a foolish, self-deceptive thoughts.

Ji Yuebai slowly released the arms wrapped around Xu Nian, watching as she struggled to feign affection for her, and simply responded: “Okay.”

Xu Nian sensed a significant cooling in Ji Yuebai’s emotions and thought to herself: “Just as I thought, I was correct. Ji Yuebai is just humoring me, trying to gain my trust to break the spell that limits her freedom.”

But perhaps she had overacted earlier, leaving the unprepared Ji Yuebai unable to keep up with the act.

Regardless of whether it was genuine or not, if Ji Yuebai was willing to play along, Xu Nian saw an opportunity.

Her fingers traced her lips as she looked up at Ji Yuebai with a playful look, “Then, Yuebai, kiss me too.”

As expected, Ji Yuebai froze again.

Xu Nian had a plan. Since the mission required her to deceive Ji Yuebai both physically and emotionally, and didn’t specify the order, she decided to start with the easier task of physical deception, opening Ji Yuebai’s heart a bit before moving to the more challenging emotional deception.

Feeling quite like a cunning strategist, Xu Nian’s spirits lifted.

Seeing Ji Yuebai’s black eyes staring at her in confusion, she assumed Ji Yuebai was repulsed by the idea of intimacy with a snake demon like her. Recalling that Ji Yuebai in the script was a stubborn character, Xu Nian propped herself up on the bed and slowly leaned in, closing the distance until their noses almost touched, and she could see her own seductive, enticing reflection in Ji Yuebai’s clear, dark eyes.

Xu Nian, her voice seductive, provocatively challenged Ji Yuebai, “What’s the matter? Don’t you dare?”

Hiding her feelings until now, Ji Yuebai faced Xu Nian’s blatant flirtation and provocations. Despite her intentions for Xu Nian, she couldn’t resist such deliberate seduction. She didn’t want Xu Nian to indulge in this illusion only to wake up filled with regret.

“I just don’t want you to regret this,” Ji Yuebai’s voice unconsciously softened.

Xu Nian found it odd. How could such a beauty talk like this? It seemed like she was the one gaining the upper hand. Her tongue lightly brushed her lower lip: “Saying this makes me feel like your earlier confession of liking me was just a lie…”

Before Xu Nian could finish her rehearsed speech, her lips were suddenly sealed by a soft kiss.

As if penalizing her for her earlier comments, Ji Yuebai’s aggressive kiss and the forward movement of her knee forced Xu Nian’s legs to open as she knelt. Losing her balance, Xu Nian had no choice but to wrap her arms around Ji Yuebai’s neck for stability. Her natural flexibility, akin to that of a snake, made it hard for her to resist Ji Yuebai’s forceful advances, causing her to almost cling to Ji Yuebai’s body.

The sensation of hanging in mid-air made Xu Nian cling even tighter to Ji Yuebai’s strong and flexible body.

After all, as a sword cultivator, Ji Yuebai’s physical strength was much stronger than Xu Nian, a mere inexperienced snake. Xu Nian, dizzy from the kisses, couldn’t help but respond to Ji Yuebai. She wondered how someone with Ji Yuebai’s strength could be outwitted by the original host’s clumsy schemes and become her servant.

Perhaps Xu Nian’s distraction displeased Ji Yuebai, as her assault became even more intense. Through the thin fabric, Ji Yuebai’s calloused hands pulled Xu Nian’s lower back forward, allowing for a deeper exploration. The friction through the fabric caused an extraordinary shiver in Xu Nian’s body. The biting and forceful kisses made it hard for Xu Nian to think of anything else.

Xu Nian completely melted, her captivating eyes growing soft and misty with emotion. Now, she could do nothing but gently cling to Ji Yuebai, depending on Ji Yuebai’s strength to prevent herself from falling.

Perhaps out of pity, Ji Yuebai, panting, pulled away from her, her cool black eyes filled with restrained desire.

Her long fingers lifted Xu Nian’s chin, her thumb meticulously erasing the traces of their passion from Xu Nian’s red lips.

Xu Nian felt both satiated and empty, leaning limply against Ji Yuebai’s neck, considering whether to take the next step and deceive Ji Yuebai entirely.

But she still felt guilty. Ji Yuebai seemed like a pure, aloof sword cultivator, yet her kissing skills were superb, almost as if she had practiced countless times with someone unknown to Xu Nian. Her fingers unconsciously brushed her own lips, wondering who would end up deceiving whom in the end.

After a long internal struggle, Xu Nian bit her lip in resolve.

Having gone this far, she might as well go all the way.

With courage mustered, Xu Nian clumsily stripped off her layered outer garments and then boldly pinned Ji Yuebai down onto the bed. Her dark eyes, unwavering and intense, questioned Ji Yuebai: “Shall we?”

Ji Yuebai, pressed beneath Xu Nian, trembled slightly, her eyes widening in apparent disbelief at Xu Nian’s proposition. For a moment, she didn’t move.

Xu Nian thought that Ji Yuebai might have misunderstood her. She struggled to find the right words, as her knowledge of how to express such intimate matters in the language of the cultivation world was quite limited.

At that moment, a knock at the door interrupted them. “Lady Spirit Snake, it’s time for your consultation with Healer Qing Zhi,” announced the maid Qing Shi from outside.

Hearing this, Xu Nian felt a sense of relief. She dared not look into Ji Yuebai’s eyes again and quickly rolled off her, hurrying to tidy her dress. Worried that Qing Zhi waiting outside might notice something was wrong, she hastily picked up her clothes from the floor and threw them on in a rush.

In her panic, she was bound to make errors. Either the outer garment was worn inside out, or the robe meant to be worn on the outside was put on the middle layer. Her dress, in her anxiety, ended up a complete mess. Just as Xu Nian was about to pull them all off in frustration.

A pair of slender hands took over the task, swiftly and skillfully straightening and arranging the layers, then tenderly and carefully helping Xu Nian dress, one piece at a time.

Lowering her gaze to watch Ji Yuebai’s fingers carefully fixing her collar, Xu Nian’s mind suddenly flashed with a familiar image overlapping with the present. She felt like she had seen this caring Ji Yuebai before.

But in her memories, Ji Yuebai had never liked the original host. When the original host had happily expressed her feelings, Ji Yuebai’s cool black eyes were full of disgust.

When exactly was it? As Xu Nian tried to remember, a sharp pain suddenly shot through her head. Her vision darkened, and her body uncontrollably fell backward into a soft, comforting hug behind her.

Strange, why did she feel so at ease?

“The illusion of that fluttering moth is quite troublesome,” Qing Zhi, the healer, explained. “Illusion cultivation and our way of absorbing spiritual energy from nature are entirely different systems. My knowledge is limited, and even though the moth has ascended, it wouldn’t have left any means to undo its illusions.”

“The headaches she’s experiencing are a sign of the illusion deepening, blurring the lines with reality. I can only try to help Lady Spirit Snake suppress these symptoms. These are the medicines for the next ten days. If any other symptoms arise, have Qing Shi call me.”

“Thank you, I appreciate your help,” Xu Nian acknowledged gratefully as Qing Zhi prepared to leave.

When Xu Nian woke up, she found Qing Zhi, that incompetent doctor, hurriedly stuffing his strange assortment of potion-making tools into a storage bag. Upon noticing her awakening, he flashed her a sly smile and teased, “I was curious why the esteemed Lady Spirit Snake would bring such a beast as a servant. It turns out you two have quite an… intriguing relationship. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Could it be that this quack doctor have seen through her relationship with Ji Yuebai? How did he know? She glanced, full of confusion, towards Ji Yuebai who was standing nearby.

As usual, Ji Yuebai preserved her icy demeanor, her beautiful face betraying no emotion.

Xu Nian scrutinized Qing Zhi with suspicion, “What did you see?”

The healer clicked his tongue, “I just mentioned to your servant that it’s time for the Lady Spirit Snake to seek a mate. Our clan has many age-appropriate, highly skilled king snakes. She could help Lady Spirit Snake in choosing one. But who knew your servant would draw her sword so swiftly? Had I not dodged quickly, Lady Spirit Snake might have been offering me tributes next year.”

Xu Nian was secretly delighted at the thought, “Serves you right for being nosy.”

After she finished speaking, her gaze secretly drifted to Ji Yuebai, clad in white like snow. The sunlight filtering through the windows gently traced her figure, accentuating her serene eyebrows, slightly tight lips, and a touch of proud aloofness. Even her white robe appeared to glow with a sacred purity in the light.

Could Ji Yuebai have really drawn her sword in jealousy?

Sensing Xu Nian’s stare, Ji Yuebai spoke indifferently, “Sorry for the trouble.”

Her tone, however, betrayed no real apology.

Qing Zhi looked sympathetically at Xu Nian, his voice laced with mischief, “What a shame. Before you’ve even got to enjoy life, you’re stuck with a jealous lover.”

Worried that Ji Yuebai might get upset, Xu Nian hurriedly interjected, “Let’s go, let’s go. Leave quickly now that the check-up is done. Why so much needless talk?”

“As you wish. I won’t disturb you lovebirds any longer,” Qing Zhi quipped before making a swift exit.

Left alone with Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian looked at her shyly, realizing she had worried too much. Ji Yuebai did have feelings for her, but her pride made it hard for her to express them openly. Considering Ji Yuebai was a strong and proud sword cultivator, the fact that she didn’t get angry about being deceived by a snake demon like Xu Nian, and even admitted her feelings, was a big step for her.

Maybe, she had already won Ji Yuebai’s heart, and now she just had to complete the final act of deception. Thinking this, Xu Nian felt a surge of excitement.

Since Ji Yuebai had already taken so many steps forward, it was now her turn to make a move.

With a knowing smile, Xu Nian cast a flirtatious glance at Ji Yuebai, using what she believed to be her most enchanting gaze, and in a soft, coquettish voice, suggested, “Yuebai, shall we continue… what we started earlier~?”

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