What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 80

Xu Nian, right in front of her, seemed not to have heard her words. Her beautiful eyes stared at Ji Yuebai with confusion, as if lost in thought.

She looked just like…

The first time she saw her.

Ji Yuebai, who had always faced even the most dangerous situations with indifference, now felt a trace of nervousness in her heart.

After several seconds of stunned silence, Xu Nian finally processed the barrage of information in her mind. Looking at the unguarded, coldly abstinent beauty lying beside her, she involuntarily swallowed, unable to suppress the excitement welling up inside her.

Oh, what a stroke of luck.

This was a golden opportunity handed down from the heavens.

What could be easier than having the target of her scheme lying right in her own bed?

Xu Nian felt overwhelmingly confident. She boldly wrapped her arm around Ji Yuebai, leaning down to plant a kiss on her soft, rosy lips.

“From now on, you’re mine,” she declared triumphantly, asserting her ownership.

The beautiful woman lying in her bed seemed stunned by the kiss. Her lips, which had just been kissed, pursed unnaturally, and her clear, cold eyes stared unblinkingly at Xu Nian, looking utterly incredulous.

Xu Nian, feeling a bit embarrassed under that gaze, felt a twinge of guilt and wondered if her actions were too abrupt and might have made the other person dislike her.

Just then, a flood of unfamiliar memories surged into her mind.

The original self she had embodied was the most favored Spirit Snake of the Qingxuan King Snake clan. During her travels for cultivation experience, she encountered Ji Yuebai, a once-in-a-thousand year genius swordsman of the cultivation world. Overwhelmed by attraction, she willingly concealed her demonic cultivator identity and lurked by Ji Yuebai’s side as a pleasing pet snake. Everything had been serene and peaceful, with Ji Yuebai caring for her despite knowing she was a demon snake.

However, the original self is ultimately the antagonist. She later took advantage of Ji Yuebai’s injury, abducting her back to the Qingxuan King Snake’s territory. She even restricted Ji Yuebai’s freedom, humiliating the proud genius by making her a servant to a demon snake like herself.

Snapping back to reality, Xu Nian was completely stunned.

She hadn’t expected such a backstory. How could she now deceive and win over Ji Yuebai? After such humiliation by the original character, Ji Yuebai would surely despise her now.

It seemed the original antagonist had left in a hurry, leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Thinking of this, Xu Nian felt overwhelmed.

She had just crossed over into this world, unaware of these circumstances, and had boldly kissed Ji Yuebai, no doubt making her even more disgusted with herself now.

She sneakily observed Ji Yuebai from the corner of her eye, noticing that her face seemed slightly unnatural, with a faint, unusual blush.

Ji Yuebai, aware that Xu Nian’s forced use of the illusionary inheritance might lead to delusion and madness and was prepared to face it together with Xu Nian. Despite the cultivation world seeing entering a delusional state as an incurable “terminal illness” with death as the only outcome, she refused to give up on Xu Nian.

Even so, when Xu Nian looked at her with those unfamiliar eyes, as if seeing her for the first time, she felt a momentary inability to accept it.

But in a blink of an eye, Xu Nian kissed her lips affectionately.

Such a natural, intimate action, and those words that seemed like a confession…

Ji Yuebai’s heart raced uncontrollably.

Such a scene seemed like something that would only happen in a dream.

Yet, the Xu Nian before her was clearly different from usual, her seductive eyes revealing caution, tentativeness, and eagerness to please.

It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head.

Ji Yuebai’s emotions, which had been difficult to contain moments ago, suddenly calmed down.

She might have fallen into another illusion, perceiving herself as someone Xu Nian felt compelled to please.

Seeing Ji Yuebai’s expression grow colder, Xu Nian felt a chill in her heart. Had her rash actions indeed caused the other to despise her?

But the faint blush that had appeared on Ji Yuebai’s face was surely a sign of shyness.

Xu Nian’s mind rapidly analyzed the situation, drawing on her years of experience in navigating complex situations. She deduced that a character like Ji Yuebai, who seemed like an unattainable flower with a cold exterior, was likely to be passionate and fervent on the inside, their intense desires hidden yet unexpressed.

Based on this assumption, Xu Nian concluded that Ji Yuebai’s lack of clear rejection was, in fact, an indication of affection.

Perhaps, despite Ji Yuebai’s aversion to the original character’s forceful imprisonment, deep down, after spending so much time together, she might have developed some feelings for her. But pride and face might be preventing her from openly acknowledging those feelings…

Yes, that must be it.

Anyway, Xu Nian was now in someone else’s skin, with the persona of a seductive demoness antagonist. If she didn’t win over this woman, her very existence was at stake.

With this in mind, Xu Nian let go of all concerns for propriety, decency, and shame. She transformed into a determined seductress, unfazed by Ji Yuebai’s cold demeanor or her reputation as a once-in-a-thousand years genius swordswoman.

Determined to win her over, Xu Nian briefly steeled herself, mentally stepping into the role of a protagonist from a romance novel she had read. Then, with an expression of utmost sincerity, she gently grasped Ji Yuebai’s slender, beautiful fingers and took a deep breath before speaking slowly:

“Yuebai, I’m sorry for forcibly bringing you to our Qingxuan King Snake territory and causing you discomfort. As a powerful sword cultivator like yourself, you should be accomplishing great feats in the vast world of cultivation. But the longer I spend with you, the more intense my love for you grows…”

As Xu Nian spoke, she noticed a flicker of shock in Ji Yuebai’s dark eyes, which encouraged her to infuse even more passion into her tone.

“I simply couldn’t restrain my desire to possess you, so I was momentarily blinded by emotion and committed such an unforgivable mistake.”

As she spoke, Xu Nian seemed to immerse herself in the role, holding Ji Yuebai’s hand and tenderly pressing her cheek against its back. She lowered her voice, infusing it with a hint of humble pleading: “So, Yuebai, I know I was wrong. Can you… forgive me?”

Xu Nian was aware that her overdone act was unlikely to easily earn her forgiveness.

But she was prepared for a long battle. After all, isn’t it a common trope for transmigrators to go through trials and tribulations, exhausting every effort, enduring both physical and emotional hardships, to finally win over their targets?

Especially since the woman before her was a cold and powerful genius swordswoman, it was only natural that she would be a tough nut to crack.

Seeing no immediate response from Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian was about to continue her act, pretending to wipe away tears and stand up.

Then she heard Ji Yuebai’s voice, clear and resonant like broken jade, “Alright, I forgive you.”

Wait, what did she just say?

She forgave her, just like that?

Xu Nian lifted her head in astonishment, staring at the cool, dignified woman before her, disbelief filling her seductive eyes.

Ji Yuebai observed Xu Nian’s dumbfounded expression and couldn’t help but inwardly smirk.

For some reason, within Xu Nian’s illusion, Ji Yuebai had transformed into a woman who seemed beyond reach, possibly becoming a target of deliberate adoration or affection, or maybe even an object of strategic praise and love.

The Xu Nian before her, clearly lost in her delusion and forgetting her true self, was holding her hand, softly calling her “Yuebai,” and earnestly expressing her “love.”

Even if it was a false affection, superficial words of love, Ji Yuebai still found her heart unwittingly stirred.

If she refused now, leaving Xu Nian hanging and lost in her delusion, Xu Nian might try everything to win her affection, even openly expressing her love without reservation.

Just the thought of it made Ji Yuebai’s heart flutter with suppressed joy.

Yet, ultimately, it was she who longed for something she couldn’t obtain.

Having tasted that bitterness herself, how could she bear to let Xu Nian experience the same?

Even if Xu Nian’s love wasn’t genuine, merely a compromise within the confines of her illusion.

Thus, Ji Yuebai, her dark eyes fixed on Xu Nian, repeated, “Xu Nian, I forgive you.”

She wanted to make Xu Nian happy, regardless of whether Xu Nian remembered her or not.

Xu Nian still couldn’t believe her ears, suspecting she might be hallucinating.

After all the unforgivable, heinous acts she had committed against Ji Yuebai, was she really being forgiven so easily?

Was winning over a cool, detached protagonist really this simple?

No, it couldn’t be that straightforward. Perhaps Ji Yuebai was purposefully saying this to test her sincerity.

So, Xu Nian, feigning vulnerability, threw herself into Ji Yuebai’s arms, “Yuebai, are you saying this because you’re disappointed in me? I truly love you. Do you doubt my feelings for you?”

Watching Xu Nian nuzzle into her embrace as usual, yet her soft voice openly declaring her love, Ji Yuebai, despite knowing it was false, momentarily lost herself in the illusion.

The person in her arms was as delicate and alluring as a fragrant, soft jade. Her fingers instinctively wrapped around Xu Nian’s slender waist as she responded almost reflexively, “I have never… doubted you.”

It was as if she had become the heartless person in Xu Nian’s accusations.

Hearing Ji Yuebai say this, Xu Nian grew even more uncertain in her heart.

She still found it hard to believe that her mission of winning someone over could be so simple. Just a little charm and an apology, and she was forgiven so easily. She couldn’t help but wonder if there was a trap waiting for her.

For example, Ji Yuebai might seem normal on the surface, but under Xu Nian’s imprisonment, she could have grown resentful. She might be patiently waiting, feigning compliance while secretly planning her revenge.

Thinking this way, things seemed much more plausible.

Nevertheless, Xu Nian continued to act as if she hadn’t noticed anything wrong. She wrapped her arms around Ji Yuebai’s supple waist, rested her chin on her shoulder, and asked in a soft voice, “Then… Yuebai, do you like me too?”

Ji Yuebai didn’t speak.

But Xu Nian felt the fingers encircling her waist suddenly tighten.

Ji Yuebai had imagined such scenarios countless times.

Perhaps Xu Nian would recognize her feelings, understand her restraint and self-control, and respond to her long-held affections.

But she had never expected it to happen under these circumstances.

There was Xu Nian, immersed in an illusory world, asking her if she liked her.

Ji Yuebai couldn’t deny her feelings. She looked down and held Xu Nian even tighter in her arms:

“I do.”

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