What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 51

Xu Nian thought for a moment, then attempted to attach a few swift wind talismans to the white lotus cloud artifact. After waiting for about ten seconds and noticing that the speed didn’t increase again, she realized that these swift wind talismans could only affect the physical body. She had anticipated this, just wanting to experiment this time, so she wasn’t disappointed.

Later, she spent six hours practicing high-speed flying maneuvers in the Black box. By the end, she could perform complex aerial acrobatics, including a 720-degree rotation and drifting, while riding the white lotus artifact. She practiced this smooth combo uninterrupted for at least a hundred times, feeling like her courage was about to give out.

It wasn’t until her spiritual power was nearly depleted that Xu Nian unsteadily descended from the white lotus artifact. For the next few days, she probably wouldn’t think of riding such a small flying artifact again.

After regaining her composure, Xu Nian used spirit stones to build an upgraded spirit gathering formation to help restore her spiritual power. After putting in the effort during this period, setting up the spirit gathering formation had become second nature to her. Additionally, after transforming, the required spiritual energy for cultivation doubled. The original basic spirit gathering formation’s release of spiritual energy could no longer meet her cultivation needs, so she sought guidance from Ji Yuebai on the placement of the advanced spirit gathering formation.

Although the advanced spirit-gathering formation was much more complex, with the foundation laid by the previous basic formation, Xu Nian quickly understood and successfully replicated it under Ji Yuebai’s guidance.

Carefully removing her robe and neatly placing it aside, Xu Nian transformed into her snake form. As usual, she selected a suitable, warm spirit stone from the pile and placed it on top of her head. She then began her cultivation diligently.

In reality, with her current cultivation level and sensitivity to surrounding spiritual energy, she didn’t need to place a spirit stone above her head to feel the flow of spiritual power. However, the long-standing habit had turned into a unique ritual. Placing the spirit stone on her head seemed to act as a switch, instantly putting her into a focused state of meditation with remarkably high cultivation efficiency.

After replenishing the expended spiritual power and circulating it through many meridians, Xu Nian stretched lazily, feeling a bit tired. She emerged from the black box.

It was late at night, and the soft yet bright light of the night pearl in the cabin illuminated the entire room.

Turning her head, Xu Nian saw Ji Yuebai sitting beside the jade table, engrossed in reading an unknown ancient book. She seemed to have just bathed, and her slightly damp raven-black hair casually hung down to her waist. The warm light outlined her silhouette gently. Perhaps due to a relaxed posture, her snow-white sleeping robe had loosened, revealing the tempting shape of her neck obscured in the ambiguous light.

In any case, half-covered and half-revealed, it was the most enticing way to tease. Xu Nian, with hungry eyes, couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

However, when those clear, dark eyes swept over her, Xu Nian immediately switched to a pure and innocent smile. But paired with her enchanting face, it was hard for anyone to associate her with those adjectives.

As Xu Nian moved closer, she caught the scent of post-bath moisture mingled with a cowld, ethereal fragrance on the other person, exuding an extraordinarily refreshing and pleasant aroma. She inhaled deeply and said attentively, “Yuebai, why haven’t you gone to bed yet? Were you waiting for me?”

Ji Yuebai casually placed the book on the table, nodded gently, and though her voice was faint, the words she spoke were enough to tickle one’s heart, “Mm, waiting for you.”

Xu Nian had asked casually, but hearing this made her feel somewhat embarrassed. She resolved in her heart to be mindful of the time during her next cultivation session to avoid making the other person wait too long. Deciding to make up for her mistake, she took a soft towel and moved behind Ji Yuebai: “Let me dry your hair first.”

Ji Yuebai was about to refuse, as she could have used magic to dry her hair. However, the softness of the small hands wrapped in the towel gently touching her hair brought a tingling sensation that quietly spread. The words she hadn’t spoken yet were stuck in her throat.

She was clearly a snake demon, yet she had almost the same habits as a human. She enjoyed delicious food, luxurious rooms, soft beds, and had her unique sense of aesthetics… She was just like a naive, playful human girl. If it weren’t for the fact that she had never learned human speech or taken human form before staying by her side, Ji Yuebai might have even thought she was a demon possessed by a human spirit.

But how could that be possible? In the cultivation world, it was always humans possessing humans. Successful cases of demon beasts possessing the same species were rare. In the past, there were human cultivators who couldn’t find a suitable body and captured a transformed demon beast, attempting to possess it. The result was both the cultivator and the demon beast failing and dying together. This was mainly because the human soul and the demon beast’s body were not compatible. Even if the demon beast transformed into a human form, the shape of the soul in the body was fixed. Forcing an unsuitable soul into it had consequences worse than wearing ill-fitting shoes.

The voice in her ear was gentle and teasing, inexplicably making one’s ears go soft, “Yuebai, is the pressure okay? Is the hair-pulling too much?” Her fingers moved up and down the hair, lightly pressing and rubbing.

“It’s fine, don’t worry,” replied Ji Yuebai, leaning her neck back in rhythm with the motion, only to catch the other’s gaze.

In the soothing, enchanting atmosphere, she unconsciously looked up to see the other, only to find a focused expression and alluring eyes that seemed to ripple with the glimmering autumn water, reflections of the bright night pearls on the wall in her eyes.

Suddenly, Ji Yuebai felt as if her heart also skipped a beat with that gaze.

When Xu Nian stood up, Ji Yuebai had already gotten up and busied herself with something else.

She stretched lazily upon waking, still feeling the soreness in her back and waist from yesterday’s intense flight training. Reluctant to wash up, Xu Nian recognized that although the cleansing spell could rid her body of dirt, it fell short of the satisfaction and soulful experience a physical wash provided. To her, it was useful only in emergencies and it failed to provide the refreshing fulfillment of body and mind.

So, Xu Nian summoned her two helpers, Liu Liu and Yi Yi, directing them through her mind to assist her in washing, dressing, and styling her hair. She comforted herself, thinking that it was only right to use her energy where it mattered most: diligent cultivation. It was normal, then, to overlook daily chores.

Thus, she allowed herself to be a ‘lazy snake’ without any guilt.

As if hearing Xu Nian’s thoughts, Liu Liu and Yi Yi nodded in agreement beside her, as though saying: “No problem, Master, leave it all to us.”

Tomorrow she should reach the Fanyin Pavilion. Thinking that since she would be in someone else’s territory, it would be wise to keep a low profile, she chose to wear the same white dress but made some minor adjustments to her accessories to better match the overall style of the Tian Yuan sect disciples, so she wouldn’t stand out too much.

After getting ready, Xu Nian was about to open the cabin door to visit Mu Yanyu when the door swung open, and a pile of things surged into the room. Upon closer inspection, she realized these boxes seemed to be carefully wrapped gifts.

She was puzzled, scratching her head in confusion. Just then, Mu Yanyu arrived.

Seeing the boxes on the ground and then looking at Xu Nian, Mu Yanyu smiled and said, “Ah Nian, you’ve really cleared the clouds to see the moon. Everyone has realized you’re a good snake.”

Xu Nian, thoughtful, replied, “So this is…”

“These are gifts from the disciples you saved and those who had targeted you in the past. They sent them over during a break in their cultivation. They truly felt guilty and specifically chose these gifts as an apology.” Mu Yanyu explained.

Xu Nian was surprised, hardly believing she’d see the day when her reputation would improve. Her eyes widened in disbelief, “Are you serious? This isn’t some joke, right? After all, I’m known as a ferocious, evil, cunning, and deceitful demon.”

Mu Yanyu patted her shoulder, speaking earnestly, “Be confident. I heard and saw it myself. With our relationship, I wouldn’t lie to you.” She seemed even more excited than Xu Nian, eager to see, “Let’s see what kind of nice things my fellow disciples have sent you.”

The two of them, a human and a snake, exchanged glances and then together brought the pile of gifts into the room, rubbing their hands together, ready for the thrilling and exciting task of opening these mystery boxes.

Xu Nian was the first to open one, trembling: “Why would they send this to me?”

Mu Yanyu, halfway through unwrapping another gift, looked over in surprise, “It seems to be a Giant Strength Swamp Frog, as recorded in the Spirit Beast Manual. I heard its meat is delicious, a favorite of snake-type demons.”

Isn’t this just an oversized bullfrog?

As she finished speaking, a claw from the “bullfrog” had already climbed over the edge of the small box.

Xu Nian quickly covered the box again. No, she didn’t want to eat any frog-like creatures ever again in her life, never!

In the next instant, Mu Yanyu also unwrapped her package, her expression not faring much better than Xu Nian’s.

Xu Nian, curious, peeked over and saw a bunch of lively large mudfish, frantically trying to wriggle out of the spatially folded box before Mu Yanyu quickly shut it.

As a genuine rich heiress unaccustomed to manual labor, Mu Yanyu had never witnessed such a bizarre scene. She instantly set down the box and started to feel goosebumps all over her arms.

“Well then… my fellow disciples really put some thought into this. It’s quite something for them to consider your preferences and come up with these ‘surprise’ gifts on the flying boat,” she said.

Xu Nian looked at her somewhat resentfully: ‘Do you want this surprise?’

Hearing this, Mu Yanyu shook her head vigorously like a rattle-drum: “No, no, I am not fortunate enough to enjoy it.”

After this experience, both the human and the snake were exhausted. This was not the excitement of opening gifts but rather a series of shocks. However, looking at the boxes scattered on the floor, Xu Nian couldn’t help but hope. Surely, among so many disciples, there must be one who thought differently.

She gestured with her eyes to Mu Yanyu, urging her to keep unwrapping.

Pretending not to see, Mu Yanyu was ready to stand up: “Cough… I just remembered, I seem to have missed something in my calculations earlier, let me go back…” She was halfway up when Xu Nian grabbed the hem of her clothes and firmly pulled her back down.

Xu Nian gritted her teeth: “Didn’t we agree to share the blessings and face the hardships together?”

Mu Yanyu immediately retorted: “I remember you saying, remember each other in wealth, but you never mentioned sharing hardships”

Just as they were pushing the responsibility back and forth, someone knocked on the cabin door.

Xu Nian decisively blocked Mu Yanyu, who tried to use this chance to escape, and then opened the door.

She saw Xue Ling standing opposite, blinking her almond eyes seriously at her: “Xu Nian, I was too impulsive yesterday, let’s talk properly.”

Xu Nian was about to refuse when she felt Mu Yanyu poking her lower back. Turning around, she saw Mu Yanyu silently glancing towards Xue Ling and then at the pile of ‘surprise’ gifts on the floor, raising an eyebrow in mischief.

Xu Nian instantly understood her intent but felt a bit reluctant. However, Xue Ling outside had noticed their small movements.

“Wasn’t Ji Shishu out? Who’s that behind you?” she asked curiously, peeking in and meeting Mu Yanyu’s eyes.

In that moment, Mu Yanyu displayed a near-perfect, feigned smile, graciously and warmly introducing herself to Xue Ling across the door, subtly implying she was here to help.

She earnestly suggested that if Xue Ling helped too, Xu Nian would be immensely grateful.

The naïve young girl hadn’t yet realized what was about to happen. Her eyes full of expectation, she looked at Xu Nian: “Really?”

Mu Yanyu quickly tugged at Xu Nian’s clothes in secret.

With things having come this far, Xu Nian had no choice but to nod, saying uneasily: “Yes, we need you.”

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