What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 57

Xu Nian was stunned as she watched.

She knew Ji Yuebai was strong, but she hadn’t realized just how strong.

Her earlier proclamation of a “swift defeat” had indeed come true. Thus, Xu Nian returned a smug smile to the female cultivator from earlier: “Our Tian Yuan Sect’s Ji Shishu is the strongest. If you disagree, prove it in battle.”

The female cultivator, overwhelmed with embarrassment and unable to even look up, didn’t dare to talk back to Xu Nian. Feeling rejuvenated and clear-headed, Xu Nian generously decided not to engage in a petty exchange with her.

Meanwhile, the new disciples around her recovered from their shock, expressing heartfelt admiration:

“Heavens, is this Ji Yuebai, the one who has repeatedly won the disciples’ competition in previous years?”

“So strong, truly too strong.”

“No wonder she stands out among her peers in the cultivation world; her power is simply against the heavens.”

“How did Song Lingxiao from the Wuji Sect lose? I didn’t quite understand with my limited ability. Can any kind senior brother or sister explain?” At this moment, a new disciple from Taiyi Sect curiously inquired.

Xu Nian also pricked up her ears, listening intently. Although her cultivation was comparable to a human cultivator at the Golden Core stage, she was not a sword cultivator and did not understand the intricacies of sword techniques and swordplay.

She shared the same curiosity as the new disciple: On the surface, Song Lingxiao’s display seemed more powerful and destructive, while Ji Yuebai’s sword movements looked not so sharp, even somewhat light and airy.

How did such a seemingly effortless sword strike lead to Song Lingxiao’s complete and willing defeat?

A kind-hearted mid-stage Golden Core cultivator nearby explained, “This actually reflects the realm of accomplishment in sword cultivation. After reaching the Golden Core stage, sword cultivators no longer focus solely on repetitive sword techniques but begin to understand their own sword mastery. Only when the sword play is in harmony with oneself can the sword technique unleash its fullest power.”

“Song Lingxiao’s approach to the sword is unyielding but internally violent, while Ji Yuebai’s sword technique, turning the intangible into tangible, freezes with just the intent alone. This represents a higher realm in sword mastery, known as “Jian Ning” or solidification of sword essence. In terms of sword cultivation proficiency, Ji Yuebai is an entire major realm above Song Lingxiao.”

“If we compare it to building a house, Song Lingxiao’s sword technique is like a drawn blueprint, merely a form without substance, while Ji Yuebai’s sword technique is already a sturdy and immovable mansion.”

“I see, thank you for clarifying, Shishu.” The young disciple from Taiyi Sect nodded, seemingly understanding.

Xu Nian understood. In modern terms, it was like a dimensional strike. No matter how powerful your methods are in a two-dimensional world, they can easily be erased by a single finger from the three-dimensional realm.

Such was the domineering nature of it.

The mid-stage Golden Core cultivator, speaking up to this point, had a tone tinged with envy, “According to the normal progress of a cultivator, to comprehend and integrate Jian Ning requires at least the cultivation level of mid or late Nascent Soul stage. It’s typically executed using the divided consciousness of the Nascent Soul to control and perform Jian Ning. However, Ji Yuebai can perform Jian Ning at the late Golden Core stage, which marks her as a rare genius in this world.”

Xu Nian listened intently, nodding in agreement and feeling a sense of reflected honor. Though the praise was for Ji Yuebai, she couldn’t help feeling immensely proud herself. Wasn’t this indirectly a compliment to her excellent judgment?

She watched Ji Yuebai excitedly in the arena.

As if telepathically connected, Ji Yuebai on the stage raised her eyes, her gaze landing in Xu Nian’s direction. Xu Nian smiled and waved her hands, mouthing, “Yuebai, you’re amazing.”

The woman on the stage, like a sculpture of ice and snow, slightly curved her lips. In an instant, it was as if the spring snow had begun to melt, bringing everything back to life.

“There really is such an ethereal and beautiful person in this world.”

“Shining like the bright moon, dazzling like the morning sun, truly captivating.”

The cultivators around her were utterly captivated, their souls enraptured. Xu Nian nodded in agreement, even wanting to uneducatedly chime in: “I think so too.”

Over the next few days, Xu Nian shuttled between the betting pool set up by Mu Yanyu and the viewing stands where Ji Yuebai competed. She focused on spreading her attention evenly, as earning spirit stones and supporting Ji Yuebai were equally important for her; one was her livelihood, and the other, her lifeline, both indispensable.

She occasionally acted as a dealer at the betting pool and also contributed to the atmosphere on the viewing stands. With her eye-catching appearance, she became a familiar face among many sect disciples.

However, her mysterious origin and unfamiliar face, coupled with her Golden Core stage cultivation and non-participation in the disciple competition, led people to speculate that she was a secretly nurtured genius of Tian Yuan Sect.

Some even thought to themselves, “As expected of one of the Eight Great Sects, Tian Yuan Sect truly has profound depths. They’ve nurtured such an excellent seedling so quietly.”

Her stint as a dealer was interpreted as a reflection of her genuine and spontaneous nature.

Unaware that she was seen as a secret weapon of Tian Yuan Sect by disciples of other sects, Xu Nian was dedicated to being an excellent atmosphere creator. She was just short of cheering and throwing flowers when Ji Yuebai appeared and providing water and wiping sweat in victory, always at the ready to serve.

On the stage, Xu Nian watched as Ji Yuebai effortlessly won match after match.

Some of her opponents conceded defeat straightforwardly, while others resisted with reluctance but to no avail.

Most of them couldn’t withstand even a single move from Ji Yuebai.

It was inevitable, given Ji Yuebai’s overwhelming strength among her peers.

Mingling in the stands, Xu Nian also heard various gossips circulating.

Some cultivators analyzed that Ji Yuebai, having won the disciple competition many times and being extremely young yet on the cusp of stepping into the Nascent Soul stage, shouldn’t be competing for such honors with her peers anymore.

Ji Yuebai’s reputation in the new generation of the cultivation world was well-known to everyone.

Even if the disciples didn’t want to know about her, they were often reminded by their masters who would admonish them, saying, “Look at Ji Yuebai of the Tian Yuan Sect…”

Some speculated that Tian Yuan Sect, whose influence had waned from its former glory, was relying on Ji Yuebai as its last shining star. They argued that the sect was using her to gain as much honor as possible before she advanced to the Nascent Soul stage because once Ji Yuebai made that advancement, Tian Yuan Sect might not be able to secure the top spot in the next disciple competition.

As the surrounding cultivators buzzed with their discussions, Xu Nian suddenly remembered something.

Ji Yuebai initially had no intention of participating in the disciple competition. She decided to enter last minute to help Xu Nian obtain a transformation fruit for her impending transformation tribulation.

However, Xu Nian successfully transformed without needing the fruit and had since pushed this matter to the back of her mind.

But Ji Yuebai had already reported her participation to the sect, and it was too late to withdraw from the competition, so she participated in this grand assembly of the Eight Great Sects’ disciples as a late-stage Golden Core cultivator.

Xu Nian suddenly realized that she might have wronged Ji Yuebai.

Making a powerhouse who should be dominating high-level battles stoop to fight in lower levels, and then being subjected to conspiracy theories behind her back.

She felt guilty.

She felt heavily burdened by her actions.

So much so that when Ji Yuebai’s gaze fell on her again, Xu Nian, overwhelmed with shame, lowered her head.

Therefore, she missed seeing Ji Yuebai’s expression turn cold on the stage.

If Ji Yuebai had previously shown some mercy, allowing her peers not to lose too disgracefully,

Her approach in the latter matches was merciless, like an autumn breeze sweeping away fallen leaves.

Some opponents, emboldened by the previous rounds, hoped to last at least one move against her, dreaming of boasting about it later. But before they could even make a move, the match was over. They were immobilized instantly, the excruciatingly cold sword intent penetrating their limbs, causing unbearable pain.

This directly resulted in a dramatic increase in the rate at which Ji Yuebai’s opponents conceded defeat.

Often, Xu Nian had just managed to squeeze onto the viewing stands and had yet to get a clear look at Ji Yuebai’s opponent when they would surrender at lightning speed.

After two days of competition, aside from the first day when Ji Yuebai’s sword was unsheathed a few times, the second day saw virtually no swordplay from her at all.

This left Xu Nian astonished. Could a competition be conducted in this manner?

However, the cultivators around her were already used to it. In each disciple competition, apart from a few stubborn ones who refused to accept the inevitable, the rest, upon facing the powerful Ji Yuebai, would quickly acknowledge their misfortune and surrender. This strategy not only preserved their self-esteem but also saved their energy for subsequent matches.

In the evening, Xu Nian intended to return with Ji Yuebai but was pulled aside by Mu Yanyu, who whispered conspiratorially, “Xu Nian, guess how much we’ve earned in spirit stones these two days?”

Over the past two days, aside from occasionally acting as a dealer and expelling a few troublemakers, Xu Nian had mostly left Liu Liu and Yi Yi to assist. This left Mu Yanyu really busy.

The first day of betting was manageable, primarily supported by Tian Yuan Sect disciples. However, on the second day, the introduction of the blackjack and the newly added game, along with Mu Yanyu’s well-researched odds and quick settlements, attracted disciples from many other sects. It was common to see a line of cultivators anxiously waiting to place bets at Mu Yanyu’s booth just before the competitions began.

Curiosity piqued, Xu Nian recalled their agreement to split the profits evenly. Seeing the joy in Mu Yanyu’s eyes, she knew the earnings were substantial. She made a tentative guess, “One hundred thousand spirit stones?”

Mu Yanyu’s eyes crinkled with a smile, “Too conservative, guess again.”

Startled, Xu Nian ventured, “Three hundred thousand?”

Mu Yanyu shook her head, still smiling.

Xu Nian took a bold guess, “Six hundred thousand?”

Mu Yanyu’s eyes curved into crescents, “Eight hundred and sixty thousand spirit stones.”

Xu Nian’s eyes widened in astonishment. She had always known gambling to be highly profitable, but she never expected it to be this lucrative. The thirty thousand spirit stones Mu Yanyu had previously shared with her took two months of hard work in the sect to earn. Yet now, in just two short days of betting, they had nearly made nine hundred thousand.

Mu Yanyu added, “The disciple competition lasts for five days. The first four days are official matches, and the last day is a showcase match between the sects, almost devoid of a competitive nature. So, I plan to run the betting pool for just two more days before wrapping it up. After deducting the costs for greasing palms at Fanyin Pavilion and buying the stall, we can conservatively estimate that each of us will get eight hundred thousand spirit stones.”

“There’s also an auction hosted jointly by the Eight Great Sects after the showcase matches, which is likely to have many valuable items. I’ve already got someone to get us the auction catalog. Take a look and see if there’s anything you like, so you can prepare some spirit stones to bid for them.”

Xu Nian, who had earned spirit stones thanks to Mu Yanyu’s efforts and had little understanding of the actual business operations, had no opinions to offer at this point. She nodded vigorously, agreeing with whatever Mu Yanyu suggested.

After all, Xu Nian remembered how she had risked her life in a secret realm to barely scrape together ten thousand spirit stones, even feeling proud of herself for having made a small fortune.

But under Mu Yanyu’s guidance, with barely any effort on her part, she earned more than eight hundred thousand spirit stones in just two days, and this was not even the final amount. There were two more days to potentially earn another eight hundred thousand. She and Mu Yanyu would each get a share of eight hundred thousand spirit stones.

This was an astronomical figure she wouldn’t have even dared to dream of before.

Now, Xu Nian looked at Mu Yanyu as if she were the God of Wealth of the cultivation world, her round eyes filled with admiration and reverence. In that moment, she even wanted to enshrine Mu Yanyu and offer incense, praying that she would forever be blessed with an abundance of spirit stones to spend.

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