What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 35

Ji Yuebai patted her head, “Is that so?”

Xu Nian nodded vigorously, somewhat excited, “I never thought she could still join a sect for cultivation at her age. If I had known earlier, I would have invited her to come with me.”

Looking at the happy little snake in her arms, Ji Yuebai took out a jade bottle and offered it to her: “I have some Qi-Nourishing pills here that help convert spiritual energy. They’re good for cultivating spiritual energy. You should take them to her.”

Gratefully, Xu Nian accepted the bottle with her tail and tucked it into her storage bag, “Then, I thank you on her behalf.”

Ji Yuebai then added, “You’ve made rapid progress in your cultivation these past few days. It’s important to stabilize your mind and solidify your foundation. This will also benefit your future transformation. Also, since Mu Yanyu has just joined, she’s at a crucial stage in her cultivation. Try not to disturb her too much.”

“Alright,” Xu Nian agreed, a little downhearted.

She had been looking forward to spending time with Mu Yanyu at Tian Yuan Sect, but Ji Yuebai’s advice made sense. Both she and Mu Yanyu were at critical stages in their cultivation journey, not a time for leisure and play.

Besides, now that Mu Yanyu had started on the path of cultivation, if she reached the Foundation Establishment stage, her lifespan would be extended to two hundred years. Considering she was already nineteen, she was years behind her peers in starting her cultivation. Reflecting on Ji Yuebai’s words, Xu Nian realized she shouldn’t let her own desires interfere with Mu Yanyu’s precious cultivation time.

When the agreed date arrived, Xu Nian, carrying a food box brought by a new servant, went to find Mu Yanyu.

Mu Yanyu, having not seen Xu Nian for a few days, had lost much of her previously pampered aura. She looked thinner, but her spirit seemed much better. Her eyes sparkled when she saw Xu Nian, perfectly fitting the description of bright and affectionate eyes.

“You’re here,” she said, walking briskly toward Xu Nian.

Xu Nian playfully jumped toward her, “You’ve been working hard, rich sister.”

Mu Yanyu excitedly took the food box from Xu Nian’s tail, “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Xu Nian feigned sorrow, “Just a few days apart, and you’ve already changed your heart.”

Mu Yanyu, picking up her chopsticks, spoke seriously, “Food is fundamental to life. Now that you’re Ji Yuebai’s exclusive pet, you need to maintain the professionalism of a pet.”

Xu Nian sighed inwardly – there goes her alternative source of wealth.

Mu Yanyu took a sip of an iced drink, her amber eyes gleaming with anticipation, “However, I have a good idea. Would you like to hear it?”

Curiosity piqued, Xu Nian moved closer, “What is it?”

Mu Yanyu’s smile brightened, “Since Ji Yuebai has already taken you as her pet and I can’t compete with her, I’ll settle for the next best thing. Let her pet support me. What do you think, Xu Nian?”

Hmm, it was a good idea, but…

Xu Nian teased, “You’re okay with being supported by a snake like me?”

Mu Yanyu pleaded pitifully: “My assets are the least valuable thing in the cultivation world now. I’m just a penniless nobody. It’s only natural if you look down on me.”

Xu Nian’s heart softened, “I didn’t say I disagreed.”

Mu Yanyu hugged her snake body, “Just as I thought, my chosen snake knows how to be considerate.”

Suddenly remembering something, Xu Nian pulled out the Qi-Nourishing pill Ji Yuebai had given her and handed them to Mu Yanyu, “These are from Ji Yuebai, for you. They’re suitable for your current stage and will aid in your cultivation.”

Mu Yanyu smiled as she accepted them, “Please thank her for me.”

Xu Nian then took out a bunch of spirit stones from her storage bag and pushed them towards Mu Yanyu, “This is my sponsorship fee for you.”

Mu Yanyu had been joking before, she couldn’t possibly let her provide for her, and was about to wave her hand in refusal.

But she saw the earnest look in Xu Nian’s round, black eyes, “You were my first real friend in my snake life, and you’ve always been sincere with me. This is the least I can do to repay you. Besides, as a new disciple, you’ll surely need spirit stones for various expenses. I’ll be focusing on my cultivation and won’t be able to visit you often.”

Hearing this, Mu Yanyu accepted the spirit stones, “Alright, now you truly are my patron.”

Xu Nian chuckled, “I see it as an investment. Once you reach the Immortalization stage, I’ll be set for life too.”

Mu Yanyu curiously asked, “Don’t you already have Ji Yuebai? She’s so powerful, I couldn’t catch up even if I tried.”

Xu Nian flicked her tail, sagely replying, “One can never have too many backers.”

Mu Yanyu nodded, “That’s true.”

At Qianji Peak, in the forging area.

Qianji Peak is the domain of artifact cultivators, primarily responsible for the research and creation of Tian Yuan Sect’s swords, weapons, mechanisms, ingenious devices, and puppets. It’s also dedicated to discovering and nurturing the next generation of exceptional artifact cultivators to carry on the tradition. The forging area functions as a modern research and development center combined with a production workshop.

While everyone was busily engaged, a Qi cultivation apprentice approached with a report, “Master, Ji Shishu has arrived.”

The one referred to as ‘Master,’ an Elder with white beard and of short stature in the Golden Core stage, waved his hand impatiently, “Tell her the new sword is being forged. She should wait patiently and stop hurrying us.”

These sword cultivators, always a hassle, never taking care of their swords and then rushing him when they needed repairs. With the month’s forging quota still far from being met, he was already irritated.

Seeing the apprentice return, Gong Lian’s frustration grew, “What now?”

The apprentice quickly clarified, “Ji Shishu said she’s not here to hurry the sword forging, but to request Master to craft a puppet.”

Why would a sword cultivator need a puppet? Gong Lian’s beard bristled in annoyance, about to refuse outright, but then he reconsidered and softened his tone, “Bring her here.”

Ji Yuebai lifted her sleeve and bowed respectfully to him, “Master Gong.”

Gong Lian waved a dismissive hand, his beard twitching slightly, “No, no, a simple blacksmith like me doesn’t deserve such courtesy from a sword cultivator like yourself.”

Seeing his reaction, Ji Yuebai didn’t dwell on formalities and went straight to the point, “I need your help, Master Gong, to craft two puppets driven by spiritual energy.” After a brief pause, she added, “They should be capable of being infused with spiritual power to move autonomously, preferably able to fight on their own.”

Gong Lian’s mouth twitched. Was this a wish-granting session?

He flatly refused, “That’s impossible.”

Unfazed, Ji Yuebai stated, “One hundred thousand spirit stones.”

Gong Lian, trying to outbid her, declared, “Three hundred thousand spirit stones, not a stone less.”

Without hesitation, Ji Yuebai agreed, “Deal.”

Damn, quoted too low.

Gong Lian internally chastised himself for not asking for more, but quickly thought of a way to make up for it.

“I’m running low on materials. I can’t make the type of puppet you want unless you bring me some specific items.”

Ji Yuebai inquired, “What materials?”

Gong Lian raised an eyebrow, “A pound of Ice Blade Spider Silk.”

The apprentice nearby was astounded. While the Ice Blade Spider wasn’t of a high rank, obtaining its silk was notoriously difficult. It had to be harvested while the spider was alive, a challenging feat given its volatile nature. Killing the spider was easy, but extracting the silk from a living one stumped many. A single strand of silk sold for thousands of spirit stones in the market, and here was his master asking for a whole pound.

The rumored Ji Shishu agreed without changing her expression, simply responding, “Okay.”

The apprentice then watched as Master Gong continued unabated, listing more items like “Ten pounds of Blazing Phoenix Flowers,” “Twenty pieces of Dragon Rock Beast Armor,” “Fifty Hunt Dragon Fruits”… By the end, the list seemed barely related to puppet making.

The apprentice, alarmed, tugged at the still rambling Gong Lian’s sleeve. Although Ji Shishu’s face was expressionless, her eyes already seemed to be hinting at murderous intent.

Gong Lian caught on and coughed to signify winding down, “Apart from the Ice Blade Spider Silk, which is essential, the rest you can manage as you see fit.”

The apprentice turned his head away in embarrassment.

His master might as well have said outright: Actually, I don’t need these; I just wanted to swindle you.

A few days later, Ji Yuebai returned, emptying a mountain of materials from her storage bag.

The apprentices looked at Ji Shishu with even more respect. In such a short time, she had managed to gather so many difficult-to-obtain materials. They had thought their master’s tough demands were impossible to fulfill.

Gong Lian was over the moon, scampering over to inspect. It was usually impossible to get these sword practitioners, who only wanted to cultivate, to risk their necks gathering materials. Now, he’d hit the jackpot; these were enough supplies to last him years.

He roughly checked the haul. Except for a few extremely tricky items, everything was there as requested, even exceeding his expectations. He nodded in satisfaction.

His view of Ji Yuebai became more favorable, “Tell me more about your ideas for the puppets. Let’s discuss in detail.”

After several exchanges, Gong Lian understood Ji Yuebai’s requirements and told her to return in a month to collect the puppets.

Ji Yuebai nodded, “Thank you for your effort, Master Gong.”

Gong Lian’s aged face creased into a smile, “No trouble at all. You’re welcome here anytime. The forging area is always open to you.”

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