What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 12

The girl with her hair tied up in twin buns and a round face was incredibly charming. She spoke sweetly, “Miss, my mistress would like to discuss something with you. Would you please come with me?”

Her train of thought interrupted, Xu Nian momentarily forgot her anger and followed the girl’s gesture. Wow, it was an impressively grand shop. The roof was covered with glazed tiles, mythical creatures adorned the eaves, and the elaborate carvings and decorations were stunning. The plaque read “Baibao Pavilion” in shining golden characters.

Xu Nian remembered this shop. After leaving the moneylender, she’d told Ji Yuebai that she wanted to visit this place after dinner. Naturally, the name reminded her of Du Shiniang’s treasure chest, leading her to think of shiny jewelry. The thought tickled her fancy, especially now that she was wealthy.

So, using ventriloquism, she whispered above Ji Yueba’s head, “I want to go, let’s take a look.”

Ji Yuebai initially wanted to refuse, but hearing Xu Nian’s wish, she nodded in agreement to the servant girl.

The maid led Ji Yuebai into the shop, they entered the shop, which was even more luxurious inside. Persian carpets covered the floor, an exquisite white fox specimen decorated the wall, and gorgeous enamel porcelain vases with blooming red plum blossoms stood on the counters. As they pushed through the beaded curtains, a pleasant tinkling sound filled the air.

A young lady in red was eagerly waiting, her beauty captivating as her gaze wandered. She had a melodious voice that wasn’t excessively sweet, “Luya, how did it go?”

Xu Nian couldn’t take her eyes off her, struck not only by her beauty but also by the jingling jewelry she wore. On her snow-white wrist was a translucent green bracelet, and colorful, expensive gems seemed worthless as they were strung with gold wires paired with beautiful jade hanging at her waist. With her movement, they reflected a dazzling and charming brilliance.

“Miss, I have brought the person,” Luya respectfully stepped aside.

Ji Yuebai looked up at this moment.

Mu Yanyu was also stunned when she saw her face, having only seen her ethereal aura from a distance before. Now, seeing her up close, she was even more indescribably beautiful. When those cool eyes looked at her, it made her feel a sense of inferiority.

However, she quickly brushed off the feeling.

Once Ji Yuebai was seated, Mu Yanyu personally poured her tea, smiling, “How may I address you, miss? My surname is Mu, and my name is Yanyu, as in the saying ‘a beauty named Yanyu found in books.'”

Apart from when she was with Xu Nian, Ji Yuebai was usually indifferent, responding simply, “Ji Yuebai.”

Mu Yanyu didn’t mind. She had an ulterior motive for inviting Ji Yuebai. She served herself some tea, took a small sip, and said, “Miss Ji, I noticed the lovely green snake hairpin you’re wearing from upstairs. It’s very lively and cute, and I’ve taken a liking to it. Would you consider parting with it?”

What, this beautiful lady has taken a liking to her? Oh, how flattering.

Xu Nian felt a mix of surprise and pride, soon followed by self-satisfaction. She knew it; she was a lovable, adorable little green snake. Just a casual stroll, and she had caught the fancy of this beautiful lady. She was so pleased, her tail almost lifted in pride.

Xu Nian even thought of boasting in Ji Yuebai’s ear, “You may not fancy me, but there are plenty who do. I, the snake, am quite in demand.”

Before Ji Yuebai could respond, Mu Yanyu clapped her hands. Two servants brought in a heavy wooden chest that thudded heavily as it was set down. Upon opening, a bright silver gleam dazzled Xu Nian’s eyes – a chest full of neatly stacked silver ingots.

Mu Yanyu’s amber eyes earnestly studied Ji Yuebai. “I know I’m asking you to part with something you love, but I’m very sincere. I’m not asking for it for free. What do you say? This silver is a fair trade, isn’t it?”

Xu Nian internally was almost breaking in agreement, thinking, “Yes, yes, you know value, lady. Not a loss at all. Let me go with her, I want to enjoy the good life.”

Ji Yuebai only took one glance before shifting her gaze away from the pile of silver: “I don’t need money.”

Mu Yanyu bit her lip, “I guessed as much. Someone like Miss Ji, ethereal as you are, probably doesn’t care for these mundane treasures.”

With a wave of her hand, the chest was closed and carried back as it was.

Xu Nian watched with both envy and resentment, “I like it, I like it a lot! Ji Yuebai, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it. Just let me go with her…”

However, Mu Yanyu wasn’t giving up. She studied Xu Nian, who was perched on the wooden hairpin, for quite some time with her almond-shaped eyes, her desire to possess it growing with every second.

She couldn’t help but express her admiration: “I truly adore the little green snake on this hairpin. My family’s shops are all over, and I’ve seen many exotic treasures from overseas, but I’ve never come across a green snake hairpin as unforgettable as this. Miss Ji, could you please let me try it on?”

Ji Yuebai’s lips tightened, and for some unknown reason, she felt a hint of displeasure.

Meanwhile, the green snake on the hairpin, using ventriloquism only Ji Yuebai could hear, egged her on, “The little lady fancies me, what’s the harm in letting her try me on?”

Ji Yuebai looked at Mu Yanyu, her lips parting slightly: “No.”

Mu Yanyu, who had been ready to accept it, was noticeably surprised by the refusal: “Ah, why not?”

After a moment of silence, Ji Yuebai said, “It bites.”

Xu Nian: “?”

Xu Nian was astonished, “I’m going to sue you for slander!”

Mu Yanyu couldn’t help but laugh, the jingling of her jewelry adding to the melody, and after a while, she said helplessly:

“At least make up a believable excuse. Never mind, since you cherish it so much, I won’t insist.”

After a pause, she added: “If you ever get tired of it, please contact me. I’d be willing to exchange any treasure in my collection for it.”

Ji Yuebai simply stated, “That day will never come.”

Thus, Xu Nian watched with wide eyes as opulence and grandeur slipped through her grasp, her heart aching with longing.

When they left Baibao Pavilion, Xu Nian lingered, looking back every few steps in places where others couldn’t see her.

Once they returned to their inn, Xu Nian flopped onto a luxurious couch, still shaking her head in regret, “What a pity earlier, a true connoisseur is hard to find.”

Turning, she met Ji Yuebai’s beautiful eyes, which held an inscrutable expression. Her voice, clear as broken jade, sent shivers down the spine, “Do you like her that much?”

Xu Nian paused, “Not really, I was more interested in the shiny jewels she wore.”

Ji Yuebai’s gaze softened considerably and was about to say something.

Then Xu Nian added, “But she is indeed beautiful, ‘Yanyu’ – a fitting name for her looks.”

Ji Yuebai’s fingers tightened unconsciously, her voice growing colder, “You, a mere snake, dare to harbor such thoughts about her.”

Xu Nian countered firmly, “I’m admiring her, understand? Just like when you see beautiful flowers or butterflies, you want to stop and appreciate their beauty. But, in all my years, the most beautiful creature I’ve ever encountered is still you. Seeing you every day is a feast for my eyes.”

Ji Yuebai coughed lightly and turned her face slightly away. If Xu Nian looked closely, she would notice the pearl-like earlobe of Ji Yuebai had taken on a faint blush.

After a moment, Ji Yuebai said, “You’ve helped me a lot these days. Take these to play with.”

Then, Xu Nian found herself overwhelmed as a shower of pretty jewels fell around her. These gems, multicolored and dazzling even without professional cutting, would be considered top-grade by modern standards.

Any resentments Xu Nian had were immediately forgotten as she joyously played with the heap of gorgeous gems on the luxurious couch. This one’s pretty, that one’s stunning—each was uniquely beautiful, captivating her completely. Xu Nian planned that once she transformed, she’d find a master craftsman to turn these stones into beautiful jewelry. She’d wear a different set every day, becoming the most dazzling demon in the world!

Seeing her so engrossed and happy, Ji Yuebai couldn’t help but feel contented as well.

Suddenly, Xu Nian seemed to remember something and asked, “Where did these beautiful gemstones come from?” She was trying to find out their source, thinking of stocking up on them when she had the time.

Translation notes:
              Baibao Pavilion (百宝阁)– Hundred Treasures Pavilion

      Du Shiniang – An ancient Chinese tale about an abandoned prostitute who ends with suicide upon the betrayal of her love.

      Yanyu – ‘Yan’(颜) can be associated with beauty or one’s appearance. ‘Yu’(玉) means ‘jade’, a common metaphor for someone beautiful. Yanyu can be interpreted as ‘beautiful and precious like jade’

Table of Contents
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