What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 90

Xu Nian’s face flushed with warmth, having initially planned to use this maneuver to avoid taking her medicine. Yet, as things stood, she had completely forgotten her original goal.

But Ji Yuebai said she was sweet.

Heh, heh heh heh.

It seemed time to accelerate their two-person world.

The following day, Xu Nian thoroughly searched through Elder Qing Lu’s storage bag. To her amazement, she uncovered a vast collection of spirit stones, resembling a small mountain, along with an array of rare treasures originating from the Eastern Sea Secret Realm. Among these treasures, many were new to her. However, she recognized one particular item: a mystical spirit fruit known as the Transformation Fruit. Although she couldn’t remember exactly how she came to know about it, one thing was clear to her — this fruit was incredibly valuable.

In Elder Qing Lu’s bag, there was a substantial stash of these prized Transformation Fruits, casually stored in a burlap sack. A rough estimate suggested there were at least a thousand of them. Elder Qing Lu was truly wealthy beyond measure. Now, all these treasures belonged to Xu Nian.

Elder Qing Huang’s storage bag, as the head of the family, was even more extravagant than Elder Qing Lu’s. Apart from the mountains of spirit stones in which Xu Nian’s original body could swim, there were tens of thousands of medicinal herbs that could aid in her cultivation. These were leftovers from his previous attempt to break through the sixteenth stage. In addition, Xu Nian found many storage bags belonging to human cultivators, some stained with blood, others torn and tattered. They hinted at the desperate struggles their owners had faced in their attempts to escape, only to ultimately fall prey to the beasts of the secret realm.

Regardless of who their previous owners were, they were now Xu Nian’s spoils of war.

Perhaps due to her transmigration, Xu Nian wasn’t very clear on the common knowledge of cultivation or the appraisal of treasures. She thought about waiting to return and consult a professional for appraisal and auction, surely fetching a handsome price.

Suddenly, an image of a striking figure in red emerged in her mind, amber eyes clear and penetrating.

Xu Nian paused.

Who was that?

No matter how hard she tried, she could only recall a vague face.

Unable to remember, Xu Nian didn’t dwell on it further.

It must have been someone the original owner knew.

Following the previous cultivation method, Xu Nian gathered the materials and entered seclusion for seven days, successfully advancing to the fourteenth-rank.

Her body underwent some changes, the most obvious being that her original form grew larger. Compared to the fourteenth-rank Qingxuan King Snake that had rushed to the council hall, she was even more imposing. Perhaps because she was a “Spirit Snake,” her size was larger than those warriors. It was a good thing that she had been naturally curious about mysterious snakes before her transmigration and not afraid of them; otherwise, she might have frightened herself to death with just one look down.

As Xu Nian advanced in her cultivation journey, her body underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming more powerful. The scales on her skin, already tough, now provided even greater defense. Additionally, where she once might have needed a flight talisman to soar through the skies, she could now fly freely, manipulating the spiritual energy within her own body. Her summoning skills, too, took a significant leap forward with her increased rank, bolstered by her pact with the Qing Yan. However, due to being in the territory of the Qingxuan King Snake and to avoid revealing any weaknesses to the Elders, she hadn’t yet practiced this in combat.

Besides her progression brought with it a more tangible and unavoidable challenge.

Previously, Xu Nian’s appearance was a mix between a young girl and a mature woman. Now, with her advancement, her appearance hadn’t drastically changed, but she experienced certain subtle transformations that left her feeling shy and uneasy.

Her face, for instance, lost its youthful naivety; her eyebrows and eyes shed their former greenness. The demonic mark on her forehead became even more radiant and alluring, casting a bewitching and soul-stirring spell. If she already looked somewhat untrustworthy before, now at first glance, she unmistakably resembled a seductive demoness.

The only change that delighted Xu Nian was that she had grown much taller. However, along with this, her already slender and graceful figure underwent a second development. Her slender waist, already slim enough to be encircled with a single hand, now seemed even more delicate as a water snake, as if it could easily be broken. The pretty dresses from her original storage bag, which once fit perfectly, now felt tight. Those that were snug before now seemed to accentuate her figure provocatively, causing her to blush at her reflection.

Xu Nian couldn’t help but speculate, wondering if her transformation was like an upgrade, designed to lower the difficulty of her seduction mission.

But the challenge wasn’t in her lack of effort but rather in the demeanor of her target, Ji Yuebai, who was notoriously aloof and indifferent.

Contemplating her situation, Xu Nian realized that since she had undergone an ‘upgrade,’ it was like swapping an old rifle for a cannon. It was definitely worth a try, she concluded. Mustering courage within herself, she slightly loosened her collar in front of the mirror, revealing her fair and graceful neck. After a moment’s thought, she teasingly let a strand of her long hair cascade down her chest, creating an alluring mix of boldness and shyness.

Once satisfied, she gently pushed open the door to the inner chamber.

Seven days earlier, Xu Nian had informed Ji Yuebai of her intention to retreat and cultivate. Ji Yuebai, ever considerate, had taken up the role of her protector, guarding the entrance.

As she opened the door, Ji Yuebai, who had been meditating on a mat, opened her eyes. Her dark pupils, sharp and penetrating, instantly focused on Xu Nian with an impressive aura.

Stepping halfway out, Xu Nian felt a twinge of embarrassment under her serious and stern gaze. Ji Yuebai, unaware of Xu Nian’s intent to seduce, spoke first, “Congratulations on advancing to the fourteenth level.”

Her voice, serious yet imbued with a cool detachment, complemented by her ethereal presence in black hair and white clothes, sent a shiver down Xu Nian’s spine.

Xu Nian was alarmed to find that, in addition to the obvious external changes from her advancement, there seemed to be hidden, unknown transformations within her body as well. For instance, merely hearing Ji Yuebai’s voice caused her legs to feel weak and filled her with an inexplicable emptiness.

Meeting her concerned black eyes, Xu Nian quickly averted her gaze, feeling flustered. “It’s thanks to you guarding me these past days that I could concentrate on breaking through.”

Her voice was soft and sweet, as if dipped in honey.

It was at this moment that Ji Yuebai seemed to sense something wrong. She stood and approached her.

Her cool, crisp fragrance invaded Xu Nian’s space, and her slender fingers carefully reached out to Xu Nian’s forehead. “Xu Nian, are you alright?” she asked.

Her scent was cold, her voice was cold, even the touch of her fingertips on Xu Nian’s forehead felt refreshingly cool.

However, Ji Yuebai’s touch only intensified the unbearable heat surging through Xu Nian’s body.

Xu Nian instinctively stepped back, creating a slight distance between herself and Ji Yuebai. Her breathing became uncontrollably rapid. “I… I’m fine,” she stammered.

Strangely enough, under normal circumstances, Xu Nian could boldly and shamelessly flirt with Ji Yuebai under the guise of her mission. But now, as her body seemed to betray her with a genuine longing for Ji Yuebai, she found herself subconsciously retreating and shying away.

Feeling Ji Yuebai’s gaze on her, Xu Nian’s body grew even hotter, and her long legs beneath her dress began to rub together restlessly.

Xu Nian struggled to steady her breathing, explaining in a faltering voice, “It might just be… symptoms from advancing too quickly. I’m still not used to this immense surge of spiritual energy.”

In her haste to defend herself, her breathing became unsteady again, and she didn’t immediately notice her collar slipping further down. It wasn’t until her garment began to fall open, revealing enticing glimpses of skin, that she realized.

Xu Nian quickly crossed her hands over her chest to prevent the dress from slipping further, but this action inadvertently caused her shoulders to slide more out of her dress. Her pale, delicate shoulders arched gracefully, leading the eye towards the elegant curve of her neck. As she tensed up, her front became even more provocatively displayed.

Raven-black hair cascaded over her creamy skin, creating a contrast that was seductive to the extreme. Despite her alluring appearance, her expression was one of a frightened little animal. Her slightly parted red lips looked full and tempting, a startling contrast to her vulnerable demeanor.

Xu Nian lowered her head, inexplicably unable to meet Ji Yuebai’s eyes. Despite Ji Yuebai not having uttered a word, Xu Nian felt an incomprehensible nervousness, her fingers trembling.

Ji Yuebai’s cool, slightly calloused fingertips gently rested on Xu Nian’s shoulder.

The slightest contact rippled out like waves, expanding from the point of touch and spreading throughout her body, causing Xu Nian to visibly shiver.

Realizing the strange changes in her body, Xu Nian dared not look at Ji Yuebai. This amplification of bodily sensations made her increasingly crave Ji Yuebai’s touch. She yearned for Ji Yuebai to do something, anything, to satisfy the deep cravings within her, yet she also feared the unknown pleasures it might bring.

Ji Yuebai carefully and attentively picked up the fallen garment, draping it back over Xu Nian’s shoulders. In doing so, Ji Yuebai’s arms almost encircled Xu Nian, but she meticulously adjusted Xu Nian’s collar and straightened the dress, much like one would care for a child.

This behavior from Ji Yuebai only stirred a stronger desire for possession in Xu Nian’s heart. The initial shame brought on by her bodily changes receded in the face of Ji Yuebai’s restraint and modesty. Instead, her longing grew wildly, wreaking havoc in her body and mind.

Even if Ji Yuebai was naturally indifferent, how would Xu Nian know the true nature of their sweetness without tasting it herself?

With a bold move, she wrapped her arms around Ji Yuebai’s neck and leaned in to kiss her thin lips, transitioning from gentle pecks to greedy, voracious ones.

Although Ji Yuebai was momentarily taken aback, her arms quickly encircled Xu Nian’s waist, smoothly reciprocating her movements. Ji Yuebai’s agile tongue ventured in, sweetly and enticingly entwining, and without realizing it, she held Xu Nian even tighter.

Feeling no resistance from Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian’s hand stealthily slid down, attempting to undo her sash. However, before she could succeed, Ji Yuebai caught her in the act, firmly grasping her slender wrist, rendering her immobile.

The hand placed on Xu Nian’s lower back then pushed her forward slightly, an unquestionable strength in the gesture that left Xu Nian with no avenue for escape. Ji Yuebai bit her lip as if in punishment, reversing the momentum and dominating the kiss.

By the time Xu Nian was kissed into a dazed and softened state, she found herself tucked into bed, covered snugly with a blanket. Ji Yuebai, still as cold and detached as ever, stood up, preparing to leave her side.

Xu Nian reached out, grabbing Ji Yuebai’s sleeve, her eyes rippling uncontrollably with emotion. She gazed at Ji Yuebai’s lips, flushed from their kissing, and cooed softly, subtly expressing her desire to spend the night together: “Ji Yuebai, stay with me… please~”

Seemingly bewitched by Xu Nian, Ji Yuebai gave her a look and then leaned down.

Xu Nian’s heart pounded wildly, and she nervously closed her eyes, her fingers that held onto Ji Yuebai’s sleeve also loosening.

She felt a cool breath against her, followed by her hand being gently placed under the blanket, and the corner of the blanket neatly tucked in.

“I’m sorry,” she heard Ji Yuebai say.

By the time Xu Nian wanted to grasp Ji Yuebai again for clarity, Ji Yuebai had already left the room, leaving only a faint, cold fragrance behind.

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