What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 85

Although the bloodletting left Xu Nian in pain and weak, Elder Qing Lu did not deceive her. He imparted the Qingxuan King Snake clan’s secret cultivation techniques to Xu Nian in full detail and even nourished her with numerous pills to enhance her cultivation.

In just three short months, Xu Nian’s cultivation soared from the late ninth-rank to the mid-twelfth-rank, equivalent to the early phase of a human cultivator’s Nascent Soul. Xu Nian could tell that Elder Qing Lu had invested heavily in her, the pain in his face while feeding her expensive spiritual herbs and pills hardly seemed feigned.

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Xu Nian was well aware that they were only enhancing her cultivation to improve the quality of her blood, thereby strengthening the not fully transformed members of the Qingxuan King Snake clan.

As for the promise of advancing her to the fourteenth-rank, it was because the average Qingxuan King Snake demon possessed such power. They believed that Xu Nian, despite reaching the strength of a fourteenth-rank demon beast, posed no threat to them. The gap between the fourteenth and fifteenth-ranks for demons was like the chasm between the late Nascent Soul and Immortalization stages for cultivators—a seemingly small step but a vast difference in reality.

They were confident in controlling Xu Nian, ensuring she served the Qingxuan King Snake clan for life, thereby strengthening their clan and regaining their territory in the cultivation world.

On the other hand, Xu Nian’s monthly “blood donations” and resulting weakness naturally aroused Ji Yuebai’s suspicion, which Xu Nian deflected as side effects of a demon beast’s cultivation.

Although Ji Yuebai remained doubtful, Xu Nian’s rapid increase in cultivation seemed to confirm her explanations. Qing Zhi, the clan’s healer, who visited every ten days, reassured Ji Yuebai that it was a normal phenomenon and not to worry.

However, Ji Yuebai couldn’t help but worry seeing Xu Nian’s increasingly pale and sickly appearance.

Qing Zhi was aware of the real reason but had to remain silent under the clan leader’s authority. He silently added many Qi-Nourishing and blood-nourishing herbs to her prescriptions, hoping it would help somewhat.

As he packed up his medicine box and left the room, he sensed the silent woman who had been standing behind him following. Preparing to recite the excuse he had rehearsed, he was caught off guard when a cold sword suddenly pressed against his neck. The chilling aura emanating from the blade, a clear indication of a divine weapon, signaled that any movement might result in his throat being slit in an instant.

The woman’s voice, cold and stern, echoed from behind, “I hope you can give me a real explanation. What exactly is happening to Xu Nian?”

Although Qing Zhi was a demonic beast cultivator and a proud member of the powerful Qingxuan King Snake clan, he usually didn’t show his arrogance. Now, his tone changed, carrying a hint of threat: “This is Qingxuan King Snake territory. With your mere thirteenth-rank power, how would you face an assault from hundreds of our clan members if you killed me?”

Ji Yuebai remained unfazed, her voice chillingly sharp, “Don’t make me repeat myself. If I don’t kill you, there are other ways to make you suffer. The reinforcements you’re hoping for won’t arrive in time.”

Qingzhi was taken aback, finding her utterly unreasonable, “I’m a fourteenth-rank cultivator. Right now, I’m just pretending to be at your mercy, and right now, I’m just pretending to be under your control. After all, you’re the beloved servant of Spirit Snake, and I didn’t want to make things ugly. I thought I’d give you a way out, but you don’t seem to appreciate it…”

He tried to continue, but the surge in the woman’s killing intent stopped him short. Her sword grazed his neck, the freezing sword energy seeping through his blood, sending him into a chilling abyss.

“Damn it, sword cultivators and their strength,” Qing Zhi sighed inwardly, begrudging their might.

“Put down your sword, let’s talk properly,” he suggested wearily.

The woman behind him withdrew her sword, and Qing Zhi applied medicine to his neck wound, wincing: “How did the Spirit Snake even fancy a reckless woman like you as her servant?”

Seeing the sword in her hand humming threateningly again, Qing Zhi quickly raised his hand: “Wait, about your question earlier, I have something to say.”

“Actually, this is arranged by the clan leader. I know a bit about the inside story. It’s a secret of our Qingxuan King Snake clan, so I can’t share the details with you.”

“In short, Xu Nian is currently fulfilling her responsibilities as the Spirit Snake.”

Ji Yuebai’s gaze intensified, “The responsibility of a Spirit Snake?”

Qing Zhi, now truly afraid of her, unwillingly explained: “With great power comes great responsibility. Xu Nian is our Qingxuan King Snake who was lost and has now returned. Her esteemed position in the clan comes with unconditional protection from the clan and privileged access to cultivation resources. Naturally, there’s a price to pay – the blood of a Spirit Snake.”

Ji Yuebai’s aura dimmed, “Are you saying that Xu Nian has been forced to give blood for your Qingxuan King Snake clan’s use all this time?”

Qing Zhi felt somewhat guilty, “What do you mean forced? It’s about bearing the responsibilities that come with privileges. When Xu Nian first came to our clan, she was only at the ninth-rank. Even a rabbit demon in this Eastern Sea Secret Realm is at the ninth-rank. How could she protect herself if she didn’t join our Qingxuan King Snake clan? I admit you’re strong, but even so, can you protect her against a group of demonic beasts or an entire clan?”

“There are always loopholes in even the strictest defenses. How can you ensure her constant safety?”

His words seemed to sway her slightly, so he added, “Xu Nian has been hiding this from you, probably for a reason. I can see she cares about you. She likely doesn’t want to be a burden, always protected by you. She wants to grow stronger, to break free from her weakness.”

Ji Yuebai’s hand holding the sword lowered slightly, “Is that what she thinks?”

Qing Zhi nodded frantically, seizing the opportunity, “Exactly! Doesn’t her keeping this a secret from you precisely prove that?”

Then Ji Yuebai posed another question, “How would you rank your medical skills in the Eastern Sea Secret Realm?”

Caught off guard by her question, Qing Zhi’s pride swelled. He boasted, “I wouldn’t boast about other things, but in terms of medical skills among the demonic beasts of the Eastern Sea Secret Realm, I dare say I’m second to none. If someone else claims to be the best, they’re lying. You were lucky you didn’t kill me earlier. If the powerful demonic cultivators of the realm found out you killed me, they would definitely come after you.”

After saying this, he looked at her triumphantly, hoping to see a trace of fear in her expression.

To his dismay, she countered, “Then why hasn’t Xu Nian come out of her illusion, even after taking your medicine for four months?”

This was a slap in the face.

That damned sword cultivator!

The fluttering moth she mentioned was a great demonic cultivator who ascended a hundred years ago with weak physique but peerless illusion techniques. According to the rumors from a century ago, if you were caught in its illusion without letting it resolve naturally, death was certain. The only legacy it left was the culmination of its illusion techniques, and it was a stroke of luck that it didn’t include any malicious traps. Did she really think it would be so easy to break the illusion?

Inside, Qing Zhi was a turmoil of defensiveness, yet he dared not show it before this terrifying woman. His face flushed with an awkward yet courteous smile, “At least, Xu Nian’s memory has stabilized, right? It hasn’t deteriorated further.”

Qing Zhi was right.

Initially, the illusion Xu Nian was trapped in wasn’t fixed; it was changing. It began with a distorted perception of her surroundings, but after using the legacy’s power, her own memory became completely blurred. If the illusion had shifted again, it might not have been as simple as before.

Back in her room, Ji Yuebai gently tucked in the sleeping Xu Nian before turning to leave, but her fingers were caught by Xu Nian.

“Yuebai, where did you go?” Xu Nian’s voice, soft and sleepy, seemed like she had just woken up.

Ji Yuebai sat beside the bed, warming Xu Nian’s hands with her spiritual energy. Although snake demons are cold-blooded, Xu Nian’s fingers were unusually icy to the touch.

“I went to ask Qing Zhi for some nourishing medicines for you. I didn’t want to disturb you, so I spoke with him outside,” Ji Yuebai explained.

Had she discovered something? Xu Nian looked at Ji Yuebai guiltily, gripping her fingers back and defensively said, “I’m fine, really. It’s just that cultivation has been tiring. Look at me, in just a few months, I’ve already reached the twelfth-rank of a great demonic beast.”

“And the Elder said that in a few more months, I could advance to the fourteenth-rank. That’s equivalent to the late Nascent Soul stage in human cultivators. Then I’ll be almost invincible in the cultivation world, and I can protect you,” Xu Nian added with pride.

Ji Yuebai looked intently at Xu Nian, recognizing the same determination she had even when lost in the illusion. The memory of Xu Nian clinging to her in the grand competition of Fanyin Pavilion resurfaced.

Xu Nian, nestled in her arms, was mouthing silently, her lips forming words that Ji Yuebai remembered: “Protecting the master is a pet’s duty.”

She had wanted to protect her all along.

As they talked, Xu Nian suddenly paused, her thoughts drifting.

Wait, wasn’t she the villainess transmigrated into a book? Why should she protect the powerful, destined-to-ascend heroine?

Could it be that her role involved forcing love, clipping Ji Yuebai’s wings to keep her by her side, and then ‘protecting’ her in a twisted way?

The thought sent shivers down Xu Nian’s spine. Being killed as the villainess wouldn’t be unjustified then.

But then again,

However, if this were a comic of an unspeakable nature, the story might involve the villainess chaining the heroine to the bed. She’d use various methods to observe the proud heroine’s tough exterior crumbling, transforming into a mix of reluctant enjoyment and embarrassed pleas, despite the heroine’s resistance and disdain for the situation…

“Xu Nian.” Ji Yuebai suddenly called her name.

Just as Xu Nian’s mind was filled with thoughts best kept private, she was unexpectedly addressed by Ji Yuebai, jolting her back to reality. She promptly responded, “I’m here.”

Ji Yuebai’s fingers touched Xu Nian’s pale lips, her heart aching, “Shall we leave this place?”

Xu Nian blinked. After all her efforts, did Ji Yuebai finally want to elope with her and live their own world?

After a moment’s thought, she readily agreed: “Okay.”

But then, thinking about the mess with the Qingxuan King Snake clan, she frowned and gripped Ji Yuebai’s fingers back: “But you’ll have to wait a while. I want to advance to the fourteenth-rank first.”

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