What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 12, 2024 6 Comments
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Chapter 55

In the dream, the red silk curtains of the bedchamber were warm, and the scent of soft jade and fragrance lingered.

Ji Yuebai woke up restlessly, instinctively reaching out beside her, only to find the cold absence of someone. A sudden, indescribable sense of loss surged in her heart.

Since her youth, she had been dedicated to the path of immortality, following the teachings of Tian Yuan Sect. Alone with her sword, she sought to master the supreme essence of swordplay, aspiring to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

She had always felt unbounded satisfaction in her pursuit, never experiencing such a profound sense of emptiness as now.

As her consciousness gradually returned, the details of the dream vividly resurfaced before her eyes. The lingering sensation of that smooth, cool touch still seemed to persist at her fingertips.

Was it a dream or reality? It was becoming hard to distinguish. In the dream, Xu Nian was entirely consumed by her, her enticing gaze filled with her image, and her soft cries intertwined with tender kisses, whispering: “Yuebai.”

Ji Yuebai placed her hand over her heart, feeling an inexplicable flutter there.

Above, the stars blanketed the sky, their dim light piercing through the thick drapes, casting a gentle chill. From outside the chamber, uneven footsteps grew nearer.

They were back.

Mu Yanyu grumbled, “It was supposed to be a trick for Miss Xue, how did you end up getting drunk too?”

Xue Ling, visibly annoyed, countered, “You two spoiled my fun, and now you’re hogging my wine. Where’s the justice in that?”

Stumbling between them, Xu Nian felt as if she was walking on clouds.

She had to admit, the wine from Fanyin Pavilion was sweet and lingering, with a surprisingly strong aftereffect. She had indulged in a few extra sips, nearly revealing her true form as a snake. If not for Xue Ling and Mu Yanyu, she might have ended up being caught and turned into snake wine.

Her head spinning and vision blurry, Xu Nian heard Xue Ling’s complaint and tried to defend Mu Yanyu: “Xue Ling, you’re still young, you shouldn’t go to such places. It’s not good for you.”

Xue Ling stamped her foot in frustration, “You two are far worse, always causing trouble.”

Mu Yanyu retorted with a click of her tongue, “Didn’t Xu Nian and I take you to the tavern to apologize and have a drink? Wasn’t the dancing girl spicy enough?”

Remembering the provocative dance in transparent robes, Xue Ling’s cheeks flushed as she defiantly said, “Not enough.”

Xu Nian, invigorated by the memory, added with a hint of reminiscence, “Not just spicy, but also passionate. It was almost too much to handle.”

Mu Yanyu subtly pulled her aside.

Xu Nian, still lost in the vibrant world of her memories, said dreamily, “Fine wine, beautiful women, truly the greatest pleasures of a snake’s life.”

Xue Ling then gently pulled at her clothes.

Xu Nian, with an arm around Mu Yanyu and the other around Xue Ling’s shoulder, grandly proclaimed, “After tonight’s drink, we’re as united as if sharing the same dress. There’s nothing we can’t face together openly…”

Mid-sentence, Xu Nian suddenly felt an eerie silence enveloping her, as if the air around her had turned chillingly cold.

Gradually, she lifted her head, following this ominous feeling.

There, atop the white jade stairs, stood a figure like a breeze under the bright moon, her white Daoist robe bathed in a faint silver glow by the moonlight. Simply standing there, she resembled a beautiful painting, an ethereal beauty that blurred the lines of her exquisite features. In the cold autumn wind and moonlight, her frost-like, snowy eyes swept over Xu Nian’s face.

Xu Nian shivered involuntarily. Perhaps it was the intuition born from their long companionship; she keenly sensed that the other’s mood was not exactly pleasant.

She quietly withdrew her left hand from Mu Yanyu’s waist and gently lifted her right hand off Xue Ling’s shoulder. Speaking loud enough for everyone present to hear, she said, “Thank you for tonight. If it weren’t for you two, I might have collapsed drunk on the street.”

As she spoke, she turned her back to Ji Yuebai and winked at Mu Yanyu. Understanding immediately, Mu Yanyu replied, “What are friends for? I’d do anything for you.”

Handing the slightly inebriated Xu Nian over to Ji Yuebai, Mu Yanyu explained, “She drank a bit too much tonight and might be a little overexcited. She’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.”

Ji Yuebai, with her usual cold and clear voice, took the limp Xu Nian into her arms, “Thank you.”

Mu Yanyu, not daring to accept the thanks, quickly waved her hand, “I was the one who asked for her help, sorry for the trouble.”

After a brief exchange, she left with Xue Ling.

In truth, Xu Nian hadn’t drunk that much, just half a jar in the heat of the moment. Although she felt light and her body seemed to float beyond her control, her mind was still clear.

Now, she lay obediently in Ji Yuebai’s arms, inhaling her cold, crisp scent, too nervous to make a sound. Honestly, she felt somewhat guilty.

But as to why exactly she felt guilty, Xu Nian couldn’t quite pinpoint. Just a glance from Ji Yuebai’s icy, snow-like black eyes filled her with remorse.

Was she wrong to have left Ji Yuebai alone to have fun? Hadn’t she promised to stay by her side, yet always had her own little schemes?

Xu Nian faintly felt that Ji Yuebai, born like a bright, cold moon, inherently lofty and detached, didn’t really need someone like her to be part of her life.

She often thought that her abrupt entry into Ji Yuebai’s world, as a filthy demon clinging presumptuously to her, was nothing but an unwelcome disturbance.

In her previous life, there was a phrase that perfectly described her relationship with Ji Yuebai.

Without Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian was like a fish out of water. If it hadn’t been for Ji Yuebai’s continuous protection, her life as a demon would probably have been incredibly difficult, probably a living hell.

On the other hand, Ji Yuebai without her was like a fish without a bicycle; not only would it have no impact on her, but it would also mean fewer unnecessary troubles.

Xu Nian felt Ji Yuebai gently smooth her hair with her fingers. Although her voice was cold, it carried a deep tenderness: “You’re tired, go back and sleep.”

The kinder Ji Yuebai was to her, the guiltier Xu Nian felt, finding herself unable to reciprocate adequately. All she could offer were humble, insignificant gestures of affection.

She softly wrapped her arms around Ji Yuebai’s waist, murmuring an agreement. The next moment, she was lifted off the ground, Ji Yuebai cradling her horizontally. The sensation of weightlessness made Xu Nian cling tightly to her, afraid of falling.

Xu Nian, in a soft voice, protested, “Yuebai, put me down. What if other disciples see us?” Ji Yuebai, however, remained silent, holding her waist even tighter, as if fearing she might run away.

As they ascended the steps, Xu Nian grew increasingly nervous, her mind racing with thoughts of being discovered.

— Shocking! The prodigious cultivator Ji Yuebai falls under the spell of a dirty snake demon.

— The snake demon tarnishes the reputation of the righteous path; it must be executed to uphold justice!

— Kill the wretched creature, extract its demon core for alchemy.

Although she had settled down in Tian Yuan Sect under Ji Yuebai’s protection, such nightmares often haunted her, jolting her awake in confusion.

Her fears seemed to materialize the next second.

Several disciples emerged from the nearby banquet hall, heading in their direction.

Xu Nian struggled to free herself from Ji Yuebai’s embrace, but was firmly held in place.

“You can barely walk; no need to get down,” Ji Yuebai said in her usual detached tone.

Xu Nian wished she could bang her head against something. She was drunk, but not to the point of helplessness. If she had known she’d end up trapped in her own act, she wouldn’t have feigned drunkenness for sympathy.

She secretly hoped Ji Yuebai would use the illusion technique she once used while flying on a sword.

Instead, the disciples from Tian Yuan Sect bowed respectfully, addressing Ji Yuebai as “Shishu.”

Xu Nian clung to Ji Yuebai’s neck, burying her face in her shoulder.

The lights outside the hall were dim, and the sounds of music and laughter from the banquet could be faintly heard.

The disciples caught a glimpse of the graceful figure in Ji Yuebai’s arms, the mere outline of her body causing their hearts to flutter.

The Fanyin Pavilion territory was not economically developed, with most of the land being salty soil and unsuitable for cultivation. Lacking other resources, it was known for its beautiful women. Many poor families sent their daughters to Fanyin Pavilion in hopes of a better future. If they were fortunate enough to have spiritual roots, they became cultivators; if not, they served in the outer sect, performing songs and dances to earn a living.

As a result of the grand competition among disciples, many elite members from various sects visited Fanyin Pavilion, leading numerous beautiful outer sect disciples to entertain thoughts of attaching themselves to someone of higher status.

This was a matter of mutual consent, and the higher-ups of Fanyin Pavilion turned a blind eye to it.

However, it was unexpected that even an ethereal figure like Ji Shishu, known for her otherworldly beauty, couldn’t resist the charm of these beauties.

Ji Shishu was already incomparably beautiful, and it was hard to imagine what kind of beauty could catch her eye. Just her silhouette alone stirred wild fantasies.

Watching Ji Shishu leave, one of the disciples suddenly remembered something, shivering with realization.

Then, shaking his head vigorously, he dismissed the thought.

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

How could Ji Shishu, pure as the clear breeze and bright moon, lay hands on a snake demon.

Ji Yuebai herself couldn’t quite understand her feelings at the moment. She even harbored a hidden desire to be seen by others, to be noticed at this very moment.

Finally, upon entering the sleeping chamber, Xu Nian, as if rescued, lifted her head from Ji Yuebai’s shoulder, taking deep breaths of fresh air. The tension and slight lack of oxygen had flushed her fair cheeks with an unusual rosy hue, making her already moist lips appear even more enticing.

She took Ji Yuebai’s hand, pressing it against her cheek, her voice a playful whine: “You scared me just now, feel how hot my face is.”

Ji Yuebai’s fingers touched her soft cheek, which wasn’t hot at all but rather felt like cool, smooth jade.

Ji Yuebai’s gaze fell on Xu Nian’s lips, which moved enticingly as she spoke. The absurd dream she had earlier unbiddenly resurfaced in her mind.

Ji Yuebai’s fingers gently traced Xu Nian’s delicate features, moving a stray hair behind her ear, which shone like pearls and jade. Xu Nian’s drunken eyes slightly narrowed, looking up at her with a seductive, unwitting allure.

For a moment, Ji Yuebai wanted to give in to her desires, as she had in her dream, to mark her face with signs of her own passion, to see her lost in delirium, arching and begging for mercy, with only broken cries of her own name from her bright red lips…

A gentle breeze blew, and the curtains fluttered.

Xu Nian felt a strange tension in her body and, feigning the effects of alcohol, slowly looked up, her gaze falling quietly on Ji Yuebai’s face.

But she met Ji Yuebai’s deep and ambiguous eyes.

This inexplicably made Xu Nian’s heart skip a beat.

It was the first time she had seen such an expression on Ji Yuebai’s face.

Somewhat apprehensively yet eager to please, she rubbed her lips against Ji Yuebai’s fingers, whispering softly, “Yuebai, if there’s anything I’m doing wrong, please tell me. I’ll change.”

The strange sensation brushing against her fingertips stirred forbidden desires within her.

Ji Yuebai’s dark eyes lingered on Xu Nian’s lips and neck, wondering if she should tell her, she wanted her.

She didn’t know when it started.

She was almost going mad with desire.

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