What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 37

Elated with her new magical artifact, happily coiled her snake body around Ji Yuebai’s arm, nuzzling against her affectionately.

However, Ji Yuebai was clueless about these affections and asked, “Are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

Xu Nian, unsure how to explain that she was just being affectionate, gazed back at her with a touch of grievance. But the next moment, she received a soothing stroke.

Ji Yuebai’s fingers gently traced over Xu Nian’s cool, smooth scales. Nearby, the puppet Liu Liu fanned her, while Yi Yi attentively fed Xu Nian carefully sliced fruits.

Xu Nian leaned back in comfort, relishing the easy life. She mused that if she could always live this carefree, whether she transformed or not seemed irrelevant. With no life-threatening danger, no work to do, delicious food readily available, and the company of the beautiful Ji Yuebai, she couldn’t find a reason to strive in her cultivation.

This thought prompted her to look up at Ji Yuebai, “Yuebai, what are you looking for in your cultivation?”

Ji Yuebai pondered for a moment, then replied calmly, “I have been in Tian Yuan Sect since my earliest memories. The sect required cultivation, so I cultivated to this point. If I have any aspiration, it might be the idea of transcending tribulation and ascending, which I’ve heard since childhood.”

Transcending tribulation and ascending – typical endings in cultivation novels. Xu Nian found this aspiration common; who wouldn’t desire immortality and ascension? But if Ji Yuebai ascended, she would undoubtedly be an untainted celestial maiden, above worldly concerns. And what would Xu Nian be then…?

Wait – if Ji Yuebai ascended, what would she do? Being pampered to the point of laziness, unable to cultivate, and without Ji Yuebai’s protection, she would be utterly helpless—calling out to a heaven that doesn’t respond and an earth that doesn’t listen.

Jolted by the thought, Xu Nian sat up with determination, proclaiming, “I want to ascend with you.”

If Ji Yuebai were to ascend to the higher realms, then Xu Nian resolved to cultivate diligently to follow her. That way, they could always be together.

This thought led her to another question, “If my transformation fails and I become a monster with a human body, snake tail, and nine heads, would you despise me for being ugly and kill me?”

Ji Yuebai, not understanding Xu Nian’s sudden melancholy, reassured her, “No matter what form you take, I won’t despise you, nor will I kill you for that.”

Reassured by Ji Yuebai’s affirmation, Xu Nian gradually eased her anxiety about transformation. She comforted herself that even if she grew eight additional heads, it would be a strengthening mutation of her original form. Even with a human body and snake tail, she could convince herself she was cosplaying a descendant of Nuwa. As long as she didn’t end up with a snake head and human legs, she should consider it a fortunate outcome.

In the following days,, Xu Nian returned to her rigorous training regimen. When Ji Yuebai cultivated, Xu Nian would also immerse herself in the black box for her own practice. And when Ji Yuebai rested, Xu Nian stayed by her side, resting together. Committed to over ten hours of cultivation each day, Xu Nian was determined to give her all.

Ji Yuebai’s talent was truly terrifying. Even with Xu Nian’s intensified efforts in the black box, setting up a spirit-gathering formation to amplify her training, she still couldn’t match the amount of spiritual energy Ji Yuebai absorbed with a simpler formation. Ji Yuebai’s power was subtly progressing towards the middle stage of the Golden Core, which also highlighted that Xu Nian, with her modest snake talents, had to push herself to the limit in her training to barely keep up with Ji Yuebai’s progress.

Two months had passed since the highly publicized duel on the life and death stage at Tian Yuan Sect. Initially, the disciples, especially those who had spearheaded the movement against Xu Nian, were filled with dread, fearing retaliation from the snake demon under Ji Shishu’s influence. They bought up all the antidote pills from the Xinglin Peak, stockpiling dozens each, knowing the danger of the eighth-rank snake demon’s venom. They feared a single bite without immediate treatment with multiple antidote pills could be fatal.

They were restless and cautious, watching their steps, scrutinizing even a piece of rope, taking turns keeping watch while sleeping. Despite their vigilance, they saw no sign of the snake demon within the sect. Concerned, some of them, while Ji Shishu was away, tried to sneak past her heavily guarded cave, only to discover, to their horror:

—While they were consumed with fear and unable to focus on their cultivation, the snake demon had somehow advanced its cultivation to the late stages of the eighth-rank, and was moving towards the ninth-rank and transformation at an astonishing pace.

Their own failures were upsetting, but the success of their opponent was utterly soul-crushing.

It was unbelievable – what kind of person raises what kind of pet. Even Ji Shishu’s pet snake was fiercely advancing in its cultivation.

What was even more infuriating was that despite their diligent efforts, they couldn’t surpass a mere snake in cultivation.

However, the development of events always has two sides. Although the progress of the serpent demon was a devastating blow to their fragile spirits, Ji Yuebai had recently become much more approachable. Before, one look from her could send chills down their spines, but now there was an unprecedented warmth about her, like the gentle breeze of a sunny spring day. Although her face still carried its usual indifference, there was a subtle change that was distinctly perceptible, though if asked to describe it, they couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was different.

What was even more shocking was that many new disciples, who had joined the sect after Ji Yuebai went out for her training, shyly covered their faces and told the older disciples that Ji Yuebai was gentle, beautiful, and powerful, which completely won them over.

The senior disciples choked on these words, as if they had a lump in their throat that couldn’t be swallowed. Gentle? Was this the same Ji Yuebai who, even at the Foundation Building stage, could emotionlessly behead Golden Core cultivators on the life-and-death stage, cut down demonic cultivators as if chopping vegetables, and whose mere sword qi made one tremble in a spar?

Were these new disciples blind?

It was not until one day, when they saw Ji Yuebai emerging from her cave dwelling with a smile still lingering on her lips, that the senior disciples froze: something was wrong; it seemed their eyes were deceiving them too.

During her cultivation breaks, Xu Nian was visited several times by Xue Ling. Unfortunately, each time Xue Ling came, Ji Yuebai wasn’t there. Unsure how to face the young girl and having coordinated their story with Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian chose to hide in the black box and cultivate each time Xue Ling came. Luckily, unable to find Xu Nian, Xue Ling would leave after a short while.

During her time off, Mu Yanyu visited Xu Nian and shared her carefully considered choice of cultivation path:

“I’m getting on in years, and my bones are set, making cultivation difficult. These old arms and legs of mine aren’t cut out for fighting and killing. You know, I’ve always been one for indulging in life’s pleasures.”

On the front of indulging in life’s pleasures, Xu Nian found common ground with her, immediately wrapping her tail around Mu Yanyu’s hand, “I’m the same way.”

Mu Yanyu felt reassured that Xu Nian, the snake she had taken a liking to, truly understood her. She began to outline her grand plan to Xu Nian, “After some research, I think alchemy and selling medicine seem like promising paths. Remember how the antidote pills sold like hotcakes recently? A regular pill that used to cost ten spirit stones a bottle suddenly shot up to over a hundred, and yet people were still desperate to buy them.'”

“I’ve never seen anything so profitable in my life.”

“Besides, every cultivator relies on pills, from Qi-Training Pills to Foundation Building Pills. If pills are in high demand, alchemists who make them must be even more sought after.”

Xu Nian curiously asked, “If that’s the case, wouldn’t there be a lot of competition to join Xinglin Peak?”

Mu Yanyu chuckled lightly, “Not really. Ji Yuebai gave a lecture there a few days ago, and those kids were so enamored by her that they all clamored to become powerful sword cultivators like her.”

Xu Nian was amazed internally: the allure of a central figure is indeed hard to resist.

“Not many choose the path of alchemy. When I went there, Xinglin Peak had just a few people. They were so excited to see me, three Golden Core Elders even vied to take me as their personal disciple.”

Before Xu Nian could express her astonishment, Mu Yanyu tossed over a storage bag, “Oh, and here, this is for you.”

Curiously opening the storage bag, Xu Nian was surprised to find it filled with even more spirit stones than before, “Where did you get so many spirit stones?”

Mu Yanyu grinned, ” This is your share of the profits. I used the spirit stones you gave me to buy up defective antidote pills from a senior at a bargain. I then combined about five defective pills into one bigger pill. They look a bit larger, but they’re still effective. I sold them for a hundred spirit stones for three bottles, and those who couldn’t get their hands on the regular antidote pills all came to me.”

Xu Nian couldn’t help but admire Mu Yanyu’s business acumen, which was truly different. Thinking this, she pushed the spirit stones back to her and took out more quality spirit stones from her storage bag, “Consider me an investor in your business. Go ahead and expand your operations. If you ever need more spirit stones, just let me know.”

Mu Yanyu grasped Xu Nian’s tail excitedly, her voice tinged with emotion: “A good horse often appears, but it’s rare to find a discerning eye to recognize it. Xu Nian, I won’t let you down.”

When Xu Nian met Mu Yanyu again after some time, she noticed a remarkable change. Mu Yanyu, who had once grown thinner due to rigorous cultivation, had returned to her original form. Perhaps it was the revival of her familiar trade in reselling that rejuvenated her, for she radiated a renewed vitality. Despite still donning the simple white disciple’s robe, the fabric now boasted intricate, costly embroidery at the cuffs and hem, clearly visible to the discerning eye. Mu Yanyu invited Xu Nian to try some newly refined spiritual cuisine and shared her latest venture with sparkling eyes: “Most cultivators seclude themselves in their caves, reluctant to venture out, yet they long for spiritual cuisine. They’re frustrated by the lack of servants, so I’m planning to recruit some disciples from the outer sect, equipping them with swift wind boots, and setting up a delivery service right to their doorsteps…”

Xu Nian was astounded. Mu Yanyu was pioneering a delivery service in the world of cultivation! Xu Nian, with great enthusiasm, pushed forward her share of the profits and declared, “I’m fully investing in this project!”

Mu Yanyu, puzzled, asked, “Investing in what?”

Xu Nian explained, “There’s a legendary investor from my hometown. Anything he invests in makes money, and I’m hoping to catch some of his good fortune.”

Mu Yanyu sighed in admiration, “To think the world of demons has such a prodigy. I only succeed about seventy percent of the time, hardly comparable to him. I wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to exchange ideas with him.”

Under Mu Yanyu’s relentless efforts, Xu Nian’s wealth saw an astonishing increase. From a modest savings of just over fifty thousand spirit stones, in a few short months, it ballooned to over three hundred thousand. So much so, Xu Nian occasionally rolled around in piles of spirit stones and even dreamt of counting them, falling into the sweet trouble of prosperity.

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