What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 22, 2024 4 Comments
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Chapter 73

Ji Yuebai took out a porcelain bottle containing a healing salve, her fingers spreading a milky, semi-transparent ointment. She gently held Xu Nian’s wrist, exposing a segment of her snowy white arm. However, the bruises and bloodstains on the middle of the arm were strikingly conspicuous. She paused for a moment, then carefully applied the ointment to the wound.

Xu Nian felt a cool sensation on her arm, accompanied by a faint scent of medicine. The pain eased the moment the ointment touched her skin. Until then, she had been so tense that she had subconsciously ignored the fact that her injuries had not fully healed. Now relaxed, she felt a general soreness throughout her body, and some of the unhealed wounds stung painfully.

The woman before her was gentle in her movements, her eyes and brows lowered in concentration as she carefully tended to Xu Nian’s wounds, treating her as if she were some rare and precious treasure.

Perhaps because Xu Nian was staring so intently, she caught her attention.

The woman raised her long eyelashes, and her clear eyes met Xu Nian’s. The lips that had just kissed her opened and closed: “Does it feel better now?”

Xu Nian’s heart skipped a beat. For some reason, she didn’t know how to face Ji Yuebai. Her gaze darted around, avoiding direct eye contact, eventually settling on the fingers holding her wrist.

Those fingers were slender, their joints distinct like bamboo, hardened slightly from years of wielding a sword. Holding Xu Nian’s wrist, they radiated a warmth far above her own body temperature. The slightly rough fingertips gently brushed against her arm, causing an indescribable itchiness and emptiness in her heart.

Xu Nian felt her cheeks heat up, her words stumbling: “Yes, much better.”

The other woman smiled faintly and then carefully used her spiritual energy to clear some of Xu Nian’s blocked meridians. A warm current spread slowly from her arm throughout her body, as if soaking in a warm hot spring. Xu Nian felt incredibly comfortable and content, unconsciously squinting her eyes and leaning back to relish the sensation.

Meanwhile, Ji Yuebai’s fingertips began to drift upwards. After applying the ointment and clearing the meridians in both arms, those fingers came to rest at the collar of Xu Nian’s robe. The warm fingertips touched Xu Nian’s unguarded neck and slid down slowly against her skin.

Xu Nian suddenly felt like a lamb under the meticulous planning of a butcher in Ji Yuebai’s hands, considering where to begin to preserve the meat’s tenderness.

She swallowed involuntarily. It wasn’t just anyone; it was Ji Yuebai.

The woman who would rather suffer herself than see Xu Nian hurt, the kindest person to her in this strange world.

How could she possibly want to devour her?

The more Xu Nian thought about it, the more at ease she felt, until those sword-trained fingers effortlessly untied her sash, skillfully peeling away her outer robe. She soon found herself wearing only minimal attire, consisting of a light underbodice and a thin underskirt. The sudden removal of most of her clothing left her somewhat unaccustomed to the slightly cool air. Her body instinctively curled up, and her arms wrapped around her chest, prominently outlining the distinct shape of her breasts. Even the delicate shivers stood out clearly, sketched out by the silky, thin fabric.

Ji Yuebai’s eyes darkened for a moment as she casually released a stream of spiritual energy, causing the curtain beside the bed to fall smoothly into place.

As the curtains closed around them, the room was enveloped in a soft dimness, illuminated only by the gentle, warm glow of night pearls shining through the sheer fabric. This subtle lighting caused Xu Nian’s snow-white clothes to stand out even more, creating a stark contrast that seemed to radiate a cool aura in the muted ambience.

Xu Nian’s heart pounded fiercely, and the atmosphere made her mind uncontrollably wander into fantasy. It was like scenes from certain unspeakable films, with the dim light and heart-racing developments.

As the curtains fell, the space seemed to grow warmer. The faint, crisp fragrance from Ji Yuebai’s body spread with the heat, filling Xu Nian’s breath with her pleasant scent, as if burying herself in Ji Yuebai’s embrace.

Her mouth grew dry, and her mind couldn’t help but recall the sweetness of their previous entwined lips.

Xu Nian never knew she harbored such deep desires, especially towards Ji Yuebai, who had been her master when she was a demon beast. She felt confused, her heart unable to find peace.

She rationalized this surge of desire and emptiness as the result of a long period of solitude. Twenty years as a human, plus sixty years reborn as a snake, made eighty years in total – equivalent to nearly a lifetime of celibacy in her previous human life. So, feeling a bit of impulse now seemed hardly excessive.

Besides, it’s often said that snake demons are lascivious, surely a trait of her demonic nature. It had to be.

However, when Ji Yuebai’s fingers touched the last thin layer of fabric on her body, Xu Nian’s body trembled uncontrollably, her skin burning where those fingertips traced, and she unintentionally let out a soft moan.

Xu Nian was too ashamed to look up at Ji Yuebai. She knew Ji Yuebai meant well, treating her wounds and using spiritual energy to clear her meridians, but her mind was filled with all sorts of indecent thoughts. She had been so composed when she first transformed, but once she became aware of these feelings, there was no turning back.

Ji Yuebai’s breathing quickened momentarily. She thought she was calm and controlled, but now, influenced by Xu Nian’s inadvertent gestures, she found herself entertaining thoughts she couldn’t voice.

After steadying her breath, Ji Yuebai continued to unfasten the clothing, her dark eyes briefly glancing at Xu Nian’s enticing form before quickly looking away, striving to maintain a calm tone: “The wounds on your left chest and lower abdomen were treated too hastily. f not handled properly, they might leave hidden ailments that could affect your future cultivation.”

Affect her cultivation?

Xu Nian naturally trusted Ji Yuebai’s judgment.

When Xu Nian awoke earlier, she hadn’t had the chance to properly treat her injuries. Hastily, she only consumed some pills to alleviate internal injuries and briefly managed her damaged dantian. She didn’t check the finer details and hidden injuries to save time, focusing only on recovering some strength to find Yuebai. Any bearable pain had been endured through gritted teeth.

Now, hearing that her injuries could affect her future cultivation, Xu Nian panicked. She intended to ascend with Ji Yuebai and couldn’t afford to be hindered by these injuries. Ji Yuebai was examining her wounds so earnestly; Xu Nian couldn’t allow herself to be distracted by improper thoughts. She vigorously shook her head, trying to rid her mind of any inappropriate ideas.

She clasped Ji Yuebai’s wrist, placing it devoutly over her chest: “Not just that, I also feel some discomfort in my chest. Ji Yuebai, could you check if this could affect my future advancement in cultivation?”

With her palm pressed against Xu Nian’s startling softness, Ji Yuebai felt heat spreading from her ears to her neck. Nevertheless, she listened to Xu Nian’s request and carefully extended a strand of spiritual energy to probe Xu Nian’s chest and heart.

Normally, other demon beasts wouldn’t allow such an examination, as Ji Yuebai could instantly destroy their heart with her spiritual energy. But Xu Nian, without any defense, openly allowed Ji Yuebai’s spiritual energy to wander around her heart, showing complete and unquestioning trust.

Ji Yuebai didn’t want to betray her trust.  She meticulously manipulated her spiritual energy for a thorough examination. Such a delicate task couldn’t afford any mistakes; a cultivator’s spiritual energy couldn’t directly merge with a demon beast’s body. Any carelessness could cause Xu Nian’s spiritual energy to become chaotic. By the end, Ji Yuebai’s forehead was dotted with fine beads of sweat due to her intense concentration.

Xu Nian watched her, holding her breath, not daring to make a sound. She could feel Ji Yuebai’s spiritual energy not only examining her heart but also gently healing and clearing a small congested area. Eventually, when her meridians were fully cleared and flooded with spiritual energy, Xu Nian felt an unprecedented lightness.

As Ji Yuebai withdrew her hand, the warmth on Xu Nian’s chest lingered, slowly fading with the removal of her fingers. Xu Nian wished she could keep Ji Yuebai’s hand there forever.

Being a transformed snake demon, Xu Nian, though a cold-blooded creature, inherently enjoyed warmth. Ji Yuebai, as a sword cultivator, radiated a strong, comforting warmth from her spiritual energy, which Xu Nian found very comforting.

She asked, “How is it? Did you find any problems?”

Ji Yuebai shook her head gently: “Aside from the initial blood clots and blockages, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems.”

Xu Nian, puzzled, touched her chest: “Strange, I distinctly felt something earlier.”

Could it be a difference between demon beasts and human cultivators that prevented her from noticing it sooner?

Ji Yuebai’s brow furrowed slightly as she asked Xu Nian about the specific symptoms and when she first noticed them.

Xu Nian hesitated: “It was earlier, and just now, when we were kissing… I felt my heart beating faster and some pain in my chest.”

Ji Yuebai’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly as she quickly came to an understanding.

She also realized the cause of Xu Nian’s chest pain. The accelerated heartbeat was aggravating the nearby wound, making the otherwise inconspicuous pain sharp and noticeable.

In a way, it was her fault…

Her gaze briefly swept over Xu Nian’s brightly colored lips and then looked away. She weighed her words carefully as she explained: “The pain was due to the blockage at the injury site. Now that it’s cleared, you shouldn’t feel it anymore.”

Xu Nian ran her fingers over her chest, looking gratefully at Ji Yuebai: “Thanks to you, I feel much more relaxed now.”

Ji Yuebai’s voice returned to its usual cool tone: “If you want to continue cultivating properly, don’t move recklessly. I’ll treat your other injuries as well.”

Obediently, Xu Nian nestled in Ji Yuebai’s embrace, resting her chin on Ji Yuebai’s shoulder and gently wrapping her arms around her waist. Her voice was soft and tender: “I’m ready. I won’t move.”

A sigh of resignation seemed to echo in her ears, but Ji Yuebai didn’t push her away. Instead, she placed her warm hand on Xu Nian’s injured dantian, silently using the warmth of her spiritual energy to aid Xu Nian’s recovery and repair.

The entire process was so comfortable that Xu Nian drifted off to sleep without realizing it.

In her dreams, she seemed to hear a voice as clear and cold as broken jade, softly saying something.

It sounded like she was being told to wear something, a nightgown, perhaps.

Half-asleep, Xu Nian thought to herself in amusement: Who has ever seen a snake wear a nightgown? With no hands or feet, what clothes could I wear?

Acting on her snake instincts, she coiled tightly around Ji Yuebai the moment she was touched, and sure enough, the voice by her ear ceased.

Satisfied, Xu Nian snuggled closer to Ji Yuebai, then relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

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