The Dragon: Chapter 11

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Blessings Gu Fuyou walked to Zhenmao with the cub in her arms and gently placed it on the grass. Zhenmao extended its vivid red tongue to lick the cub from head to tail, then emitted two mournful cries. A tear fell from the corner of its eye as its pupils dilated, and it dropped its head to the ground, falling…

The Dragon: Chapter 10

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Against All odds Gu Fuyou slowly came back to her senses in a daze, her eyes meeting with Zhong Michu’s. Seeing Zhong Michu’s ever-changing expression, she realized what she had done. She released her bite, silently lay down, turned her back to Zhong Michu, and covered her face with her hands, feeling deeply ashamed and humiliated. Like someone trying to…

The Dragon: Chapter 9

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Unlucky Encounter Gu Fuyou saw a swaying dark shadow beneath the rippling waves and realized that the thing entangling her must be the tail of a sea spirit beast. Her hands were free, so she opened her storage bag, searching for a talisman that might be useful. Suddenly, a wave several meters high surged ahead of the spirit beast. This…

The Dragon: Chapter 8

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Sister With a flash of light, Zhong Michu appeared out of thin air. Upon seeing her, Gu Fuyou’s mouth twitched involuntarily. Zhong Michu stood barefoot, her jade-white toes pressing into the snowy ground. The sash of her robe was undone, and she held a snowy white ribbon, busily tying up her hair. The timing of the summon wasn’t good; she…

The Dragon: Chapter 7

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Dizang Gu Fuyou and her two companions had no intention of getting involved with Zuo Tianlang. They planned to quietly slip away, blending in with the crowd. Unfortunately, Si Miao’s three-legged crow was too conspicuous. With just a casual glance, Zuo Tianlang noticed the three of them. With a voice dripping with disdain, Zuo Tianlang remarked, “Oh, isn’t this the…